Ravaging Times

chapter 319

[?]: Everyone’s rushing; what a mess.
(“looks hurried, unusually chaotic”)

[Liu Ye]: The Yuan army has come to Yan Ford. We have no choice but to conduct this evacuation.
(“because of Yuan army coming down on Yan Ford, we ask everybody to retreat, out of my hands”)

[?]: With Imperial Uncle’s armored personnel “protecting” us, we’ll have to obey.
(“…heavy military…”)

[LY]: This Yuan army is fierce. My Lord is concerned about collateral damage…
(“this current Yuan army is powerful, my Lord worries that blades and swords have no feelings”)

chapter 319 Start At The Bottom
(or “start with the lowest”, as in lowest rank/status)

[?]: Sir! The three cities on the west side have been breached too!
(“report! left three cities…”)

{Cao Cao‘s idea-man, Liu Ye}
(in earlier chapters I translated this as “wise man”)
[LY]: We should not let our Imperial clan be devoured in this war.

{Imperial Liu clan member, Liu Dao}
[Liu Dao]: This is not our war, Liu Ye.
(reworded; “…this is your war”; second person PLURAL possessive)

[LY]: Clan brother, it sounds like Liu Bei had tried to persuade you.
(or “lobbying”, but too modern, maybe?)

[LD]: Let’s just say I’m clear about the current situation.
(“I don’t dare to say, except I see clearly…”)

[LD]: Not all of us Imperial clansmen see things your way, brother.
(“from same clan, but… little bro…”)

[LY]: Oh, so you didn’t report Yuan army’s presence in Yan Ford to central command?

[LD]: Central command? You know full well whether that refers to Cao Cao’s faction or the court of great Han.
(“faction” or “organization”)

[?]: Sir! The enemy has passed the hills!
[?]: They’re heading this way!

[?]: Gentlemen, please hurry!
(referring to people of various status, so is this term encompassing enough?)

[LD]: The outcome is clear, brother. How could Cao Cao be a match against duke Yuan…
(“the big picture is set…”)

[?]: Why don’t you send best regards to this old friend of yours?
(not sure)
[?]: Sir!

[LY]: Brother, the war has just begun…

[LY]: Didn’t Advisor Guo just finish off Yan Liang?

[LY]: This time…

{sfx: pa}

[Guo Jia]: Whoa!

[?]: It… it’s Guo Jia!

[?]: They’ve been routed!

This time…

[?]: Is that Liu Ye?

[GJ]: This time I need you to block Wen Chou.

[LY]: Advisor Guo, can’t you see I’m also fleeing southward with a “tail” in tow?
(my first reaction was to translate the last part as “with a tail between my legs”, which reflects his fear, but it just sounds wrong for some reason; if you think it’s fine then use that)

[GJ]: That’s a rather long “tail”.

[?]: Not bad. Valuable indeed.

[LY]: Even though the guilty colluded with the enemy, please put in a good word on account of being from the same clan as me.

[GJ]: Everyone here are heroes of this country. They’ll receive nothing but praise for a joint effort to take down Wen Chou.
(“this place is full of country’s heroes, at the same time kill Wen Chou, will only be much talked about for millennia”)

[LY]: Ha,

[LY]: I doubt the Advisor is interested in these small fries.

[?]: After them!

[Wen Chou]: Guo Jia is right ahead of us!

[?]: That man’s cunning! Beware of his tricks!
[?]: Maintain formation! Proceed with caution!

[?]: General Wen, Guo Jia has passed the valley!

[WC]: Pang Ji, Ze Ling, keep up!

[?]: Sir! The enemy has abandoned their supplies and is retreating!

Maintain formation;

victory is ours!
(“win this battle for sure”)

[WC]: Ignore the supplies. Keep up!

[?]: Wait… this… this is…

[?]: Wait, General Wen!

[?]: Pang Ji and Ze Ling’s troops, they…

{crowd noise}

[?]: Look! Valuables!
[?]: It’s a chestful of gold!

{Ze Ling}
[?]: Greed is forbidden, you hear? That’s General Wen’s order!
(“…cannot have greedy intention…”)
{Pang Ji}

[?]: Maintain formation! Stay focused!
(“maintain team shape, don’t become chaotic”)
[?]: Do you hear me?

Jewelry and gold…? Where did they get such valuable supplies?

This army has turned into a mess!
(“…entirely to chaos”)

[?]: General, look ahead!
(“…in front”)

[?]: Supply transport, turn back!
(back to where??)

[LY]: It’s human nature to be tempted by precious goods, Advisor Guo. How rare is it for someone other than our Lord to provide the fund.
(“more precious things incite greed…”)

[GJ]: You’re right. Wen Chou may have imposed strict military discipline,

[GJ]: but we’ll just start at the bottom if the higher ranks aren’t greedy.
[GJ]: I’ve noticed that even though Wen Chou is invincible, the men behind him are flawed.

[GJ]: The generosity of you all has sent Wen Chou’s army into disarray.
(plural “your”; “for our lord you all have generously opened your wallets/bags, causing Wen Chou to become chaotic”)

[GJ]: That’s a redeeming act, not a crime of colluding with the enemy, isn’t it?

[?]: The enemy is coming back!
[?]: Maintain formation! Stay focused!
(“…don’t become chaotic”)

{flag reads: Guo}

[?]: General, the enemy has regrouped and is heading back for us!
(“…kill their way back here”)

[?]: Our rear flank can’t keep up because they’ve been blocked!


[WC]: Plow through them! Regroup once we’re out of here!
(“kill (our way) out of here… reestablish formation on the outside”)

{sfx: cha}

[?]: This path is off limits.
(“this road is not cleared” or “blocked”)

[Zhang Liao]: Can you,

[ZL]: get through?
(“able to go pass it?”)


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