Ravaging Times

chapter 280


[?]: The fire spreads too fast;
[?]: Watermen, hurry up!

[?]: Hurry, the palace is on fire!

[?]: The palace is on fire!

Chapter 280 Extermination

{fire sfx: foom~}

[?]: Look, the west wing collapsed too!

[?]: We can’t put out this fire, General Chen!
[?]: There are so many pockets of fire, it… it must’ve been started by the enemy!

[?]: General Chen!
{Yuan Shu‘s general, Chen Jian}

[?]: If His Majesty investigates…
[?]: Do you still want to save it?

[?]: Yuan Shu died in battle!

[?]: The west city has revolted. The mob kills without discrimination!
[?]: Run! Run for it!

[?]: His Majesty is away; he’s fine! This is rumor mongering by the enemy!
[?]: Go home, all of you. The reinforcement will arrive soon to calm the situation!

[?]: A little fire burned straight to the roof.

[?]: If I’m not mistaken, something must have been done to the wood used to build the palace.

[?]: So, don’t be cheap or (you’ll) be sorry.
(“…imported the wrong product”)

[?]: And it’s even more unexpected that you, the wood merchant, were sent by Cao Cao.

[Lei Bo]: Things go wrong the moment His Majesty leaves.
{Yuan Shu’s subordinate, Lei Bo}

[?]: Yuan Shu is a rebel. His defeat is fated.

[LB]: I only came here to save a brother from a hot place.
(“…deep water hot fire”)

[Jia Kui]: Speaking of which, didn’t you already make a slight remark when Yuan Shu crowned himself the Emperor?
(not sure if “brother” here is a self third-person reference, or a second-person reference; let’s try “you” for now)

[LB]: Merchant Jia, do you intend to force me to revolt by making me look dishonorable?

[JK]: No, just to return to the right path.

[?]: General Lei!

[?]: General Chen Jian suddenly withdrew from the scene, opened the gates, and escaped with the civilians!

[?]: Wh…

[LB]: You started that fire and fabricated the rumor!

[LB]: The mob was incited by you as well!

{sfx: pa}

[JK]: Yes, I burned that rebel’s nest.

[JK]: But the truth needn’t be fabricated.

[JK]: Things were crystal clear to the mob.
(“…eyes were clear/light as snow”)

[LB]: Sima clan’s bug!

[JK]: While you…

[JK]: your future shines bright.
(Mr. Chen is playing with words here, about light/shine)

[Liu Bei]: You who have lived under oppression,
(“…commoners”; plural)
[LB]: have you had enough?

[LB]: Let out your fury; let Yuan Shu taste misery!




[Ji Ling]: Sim… simpletons…

[JL]: Open…

[JL]: open your eyes…


[?]: Shield wielders, lead the way!


[?]: Your Majesty, the main army has been defeated!

[?]: Our arrows are running out; we can’t hold on much longer!

[?]: Retreat, Your Majesty!

Tw…twenty thousand motley crowd, and yet…

No, now it looks like their number grows ever more; almost fifty, or sixty thousand!

Could… could it be…

that the people around here are all against me?

[Zhang Fei]: Yuan Shu!

[?]: This place is gone, Your Majesty, please head back!

[?]: Retreat to Shouchun and wait for another chance!

[?]: Full retreat back to Shouchun!
[?]: Hurry! The enemy force is expanding!

You simple-minded people…
what are you thinking?

[?]: Your Majesty, the road ahead is a dead end!
(“the road ahead is not open for passing”)

[?]: A fire broke out in Shouchun. The people have been incited to create riots in the city!

[?]: General Chen Jian opened the gates while Lei Bo led a mutiny, and they refuse our reinforcement!

[?]: The Cao army has entered the city through a minor path!

[?]: Shou… Shouchun has been breached!

[?]: Your Majesty, this path is no good!
(“the road ahead is not open for passing”)

[?]: Don’t go the wrong way!
(metaphor for his choices)

[?]: Your Majesty!

Yuan Shao’s reinforcements withdrew on that day, leaving the Zhongjia army without support.

When Yuan Shu reached Jiangting in June, only a few hundred men remained with him.
some wikipedia note on Chen Jian and Lei Bo, but not sure about “historical” accuracy


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