Ravaging Times

chapter 387

Some say, people with the same desires are hostile towards one another.
(quoting from “Strategies of the Warring States”, section “Strategies of the Zhongshan state”)

[?]: Come here, Zhong-er, hurry!

[?]: Stay close, the Cao army is coming!
(“don’t lose your way…”)

[?]: Hurry, Zhong-er!

chapter 387 Blood Cannot Be Wasted


[?]: Maintain formation, stay calm! stay calm!

[?]: What happened to the second division?
[?]: All… all gone!

[?]: Oh no, there, over there!

{horses gallop sfx}

[?]: Black coat riders, the… the Tiger and Leopard Cavalry!

{Cao Chun}
[Cao Chun]: Middle flank, attack!

[?]: Liu Bei is at the front. We’ll take down the ones here, then our main army will catch up to the rest.

[Xun You]: That Imperial Uncle is impressive. Not even this kind of disastrous odds could drive away his followers.

[XY]: If so, announce to the world that Liu Bei used civilians as human shield in battle.

[XY]: His indifference is proof of his inhumanity.
(not sure)

[XY]: To make a benevolent man, Liu Bei…

[XY]: you should know the cost.
(“…suffering…”; not sure)

Some also say, people who share the same problems are close to one another.
(quoting from “Strategies of the Warring States”, section “Strategies of the Zhongshan state”)

[?]: Be careful, everyone!

[?]: Here he comes!

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: A chance!

[Liaoyuan Huo]: No.

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Amazing, and more so each year.

[Liu Da]: I remember that beggar boy I took in back then.

[LD]: Who knew he’d be bargaining with his savior today.

[LYH]: One condition. I’ll let you live if you let them go.

[LD]: One question. Who once swore allegiance to the Sima clan?

[LD]: Who is your true benefactor?

[LD]: Who?

[LYH]: They say it is better to value benevolence than to passively follow one’s teacher.
(quoting from The Analects)

[LYH]: I understand this principle.

[LD]: Looks like… you learned benevolence and righteousness from Liu Bei. My pupil has found his life’s path.

[LD]: Too bad the principle is on my side.

[LYH]: Fine. I’ll spare your life if you let them go.

[LD]: Ha.

[LD]: Hahaha! My boy, you learned everything from me.

[LD]: How could a teacher not know what his pupil is thinking!

[LD]: But an assassin is cold-blooded. He never answers to threats!

[LYH]: Oh yeah?

[LYH]: Don’t forget,

{sfx: cha}

[LYH]: I’m more cold-blooded than you.


Just like back then.


he did learn from me.
(“I did teach him”)

But he’s even more ruthless!

He’s at a higher level than me!

That year…

I used a bun to buy a boy.

What he holds now is no longer about food.
(not sure)

Peasant clothing covers the jewel that is him…
(not sure, quoting from “Lao-zi”, chapter 70)

He… is shining.

My stinky coins are dim compared to his glow.

[LD]: Haha, excellent calculation!

[LD]: See that, boys? He picks the important one when he can’t take both.

[LD]: The ultimate assassin loses his humanity to indifference!

[LD]: You all must learn from him!

Yes, he glows and warms.
Unlike his old self, he warms up and ignites.
(“huo” in Liaoyuan Huo’s name means “fire”)

Sacrifice oneself for the just cause. Perhaps as birds of a feather flock together, a spark could set the plains ablaze.
(first part quoting from Meng-zi, [6A:10]; last part is wordplay on Liaoyuan Huo’s name)

[Lady Mi]: Cough.

[Lady Mi]: Zi Long…
The more I defend myself, the inferior I appear…

[Mi]: I don’t blame you…

[Mi]: and our Lord regards you as a brother…

The more kindness and righteousness I see, more inferior still…
[Mi]: The bundle of flesh you embrace…
(“…piece of meat…”)

[Mi]: is no longer a pawn… nor an order…

[Mi]: Our Lord only knows that… even if others think you are…

[LYH]: I know.

[LYH]: Men of the same belief are worth traveling with,

[LYH]: despite the treacherous road ahead.

[LYH]: Blood… cannot be wasted.

[LYH]: Eat as much as we bleed.

[LYH]: Even if I suffer…

[LYH]: to have learned the Way in the morning, I can die content in the evening.

[LYH]: Zhao Yun swears to protect the Liu family!

I think… the old era should be over soon.


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