Ravaging Times

chapter 229

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

Gradually he has gone beyond our reach.

[Zhang Fei]: Liu Biao awaits us. Why are you stopping, big brother?
[Guan Yu]: And that is not the direction to Jingzhou.

[Liu Bei]: I already sent Zi Long to deliver my message.
/* Zi Long = Zhao Yun’s courtesy name */

chapter 229 In Big Steps
/* “big step forward”, now I think this title should be linked with chapter 221 title, where that was supposed to be “small step”, and this one “big step” */

[LB]: Jingzhou… will have to wait.

[ZF]: Are you stopping because you don’t want to look embarrassing?
/* simplified */

[LB]: Would I care about saving face?

[LB]: I’m thinking about earlier at the riverside when Xiahou Dun said,
[LB]: the Imperial clan is full of internal strife, and if I take a stand,
/* not sure */

[LB]: Cao Cao will fully support my (unification?) efforts.

[GY]: Big brother, you mean…

[LB]: He has given me a hint.

[LB]: Head forward to take this opportunity.

[ZF]: To Xuxian?

[LB]: An easy gain awaits us there.

[LB]: Let’s go.

{sfx: ta~}

[LB]: Brothers, we can visit Liu Biao after we finish this!

[ZF]: What the hell are you talking about? Wait!


Zi Long was right.
He is coming!

[?]: Who goes there? Halt!

[ZF]: This… this army is…

{sfx: long~}

{Xu Huang}
[Xu Huang]: State your name!

Liu Bei!

Liu Bei!

[XH]: Oh.

{unsheath sfx: zing~}

{sword clash sfx: ping~}

A… amazing!

[GY]: Not bad!
{sfx: pa}

These two are…

{sfx: pa}

{sfx: pa}

[Cao Cao]: Look who’s here.

[CC]: Who invited you, Liu Bei?

[LB]: Imperial Uncle Liu Bei welcomes lord Cao Cao!

Wel… welcome Cao Cao?

[general]: Good for you.

[CC]: Liu Bei, looks like my men still hate your guts.

[LB]: You spare those who surrender, don’t you, lord Cao?
/* distorted */

[CC]: I said no such thing.

[LB]: Even Zhang Xiu – the man who killed your son – is pardoned. What’s so unforgivable about Liu Bei?

[CC]: Oh, how did you know Zhang Xiu surrendered?

[LB]: You came here, which means the border crisis has been resolved, hasn’t it?

[ZF]: Zh… Zhang Xiu surrendered!
[GY]: No wonder Cao Cao could bring his army here.

[CC]: Fine. What are you after, Imperial Uncle?

[LB]: Liu Bei wishes to serve you in restoring Imperial Han!
[LB]: Please help me, lord Cao!

[?]: Uh…

[Cao Hong]: He’s Liu Bei alright. Such an unpredictable man.

{Cao Cao’s younger cousin, Cao Hong}
[CH]: He’s so well-known but weak as heck; it boggles the mind.

[CC]: Xun Yu said that we have become Imperial Han’s top enemy after putting down Liu Chong’s rebellion.

[CC]: His reputation is like a godsend to us right now.

[CC]: Liu Bei is not a peculiar man, I say he’s a saint.
[CH]: Saint?

[CH]: Hoo, you’re right.
[CC]: Haha.

[CC]: Even those two legendary warriors will follow this powerless man to the bitter end. That’s testimonial for his charm.
/* “his charm is infinite” */

[CC]: Use it well and we’ll have the Imperial clan within our grasp.
[CH]: Yessir.

[CH]: Imperial Uncle.
[LB]: Here.

[CH]: We are going to eliminate Lü Bu to calm His Majesty’s anxiety. Hope you can help us, Imperial Uncle.

[LB]: Certainly.
/* “yes” */

[general]: Destination… Xiapi!
[general]: Move!

[LB]: Let’s go back to Xuzhou.

{sfx: ta}

[GY]: What are you staring at?

[GY]: Don’t you get it?

[GY]: His Majesty has lost his support. Now is the big chance.

[GY]: Gaining His Majesty’s favor will elevate big brother’s reputation.
/* “raise his reputation to its peak” */

[GY]: He’ll be able to command the Imperial clan in no time!

{sfx: ta}

[ZF]: You’re right!

[ZF]: He has progressed so much!
/* “improved very quickly” */

It’s getting hard for us to keep up.

Pursuing nonstop – while Imperial Uncle’s figure diminishes.

On the horseback – the Force of Ten-thousand tears up.
/* Guan Yu */


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