Ravaging Times

chapter 39

chapter 39 The World As the Witness

[?]: His head is not among these.
{tombstone reads: Grave of Xu Lin, Military Adviser of Han}

[Liaoyuan Huo]: I saw him on Advisor Xu’s ship.

[LYH]: At about forty years of age, he’s near eight feet tall, with a thunderous voice and a face covered in scars.
(rephrased; Han dynasty “chi” unit might be ~24 cm, which is ~0.79 feet)

[Lü Bu]: Then it looks like this guy isn’t the one-eyed assassin either.

[LB]: Thirty men already…

[LB]: Oh brother Xu Lin! How should I avenge your death…

[LB]: It’s the seventh day, the day your soul could return to the body.

[LB]: If you did not die in peace, please help me find the killer!

{wind sfx}

{wind sfx}
[LB]: Have you returned?

{wind sfx}

[LB]: I await your sign…


It’s him?

[LYH]: Yes. It’s me.

[LYH]: Because Advisor Xu Lin knows that only I can find the killer for him.

Brother Xu, is this what you’re telling me?

He’s very calm. Maybe I was too suspicious.

[LB]: Then, Zhao Huo,

[LB]: I’ll leave everything to you!

Your composure won my trust…
(“…exchanged for…”)


and my folly!

[LB]: The real killer is you!

[LYH]: It’s because you’re an idiot!

Yes. What an idiot I was!

The pain of losing a friend impaired my judgment,
so that you could play me over and over again!

These people are formidable.

[LYH]: One move shy of success, Lü Bu!

[LB]: Right. Just shy of this one strike to kill you!


[Guo Ang]: I’m still here!
(“don’t forget there’s still me”)

[GA]: Hurry!

Handicapped Warriors, an undefeated assassin group.

If I have to kill one of them,
I must kill all of the other members.

[Zhang Lei]: Huo! It’s all up to you now!

[LB]: Scram!

[LYH]: It’s always the same no matter how strong the enemy is!

[LYH]: It’s only because…

the last part of the job

has always been left to me.

You know why?

Because no one has ever doubted my skills,

nor my instinct to survive!

Everything’s going smoothly,

except for that familiar look in those eyes…
(“except, I again see this eye-expression”)

Back when you held Yuan Tai’s hands in that scene…
your glare chilled me to the bone.

As you grab hold of my throat,

it has appeared again.

But since everything’s been going smoothly,
what’s there to be afraid of?

[LYH]: Lü Bu, my rescue mission has been completed!

[LB]: And my mission to avenge Xu Lin is also near completion!

{clank~ clank~ clank~ clank~}

{clank~ clank~ clank~ clank~}

{clank~ clank~}


It feels as if in this moment…

everything between Heaven and Earth

has fallen away except for you and me.
(“only left us two people”)

[LB]: Those fated to die will die.

[LYH]: Those fated to live will live.

[LB]: Right! Xu Lin used to love saying that!

Is it about me?
Or you?


No fear nor regret in the face of life or death.


Let the world be the witness!


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