Ravaging Times

chapter 40

A deadly strike.

Has the fated ending

reached its ending?

Both are finished.

chapter 40 Human And Not Human

[?]: Their weapons broke!

[Huang Gai]: Su… such frightening power! And…
[HG]: their weapons never left their hands… Are they monsters?

{sfx: pa!}

{sfx: pa!}


It’s not over yet!


[HG]: They… they’re still going? These two are definitely monsters!

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Does it hurt, Lü Bu?

[Lü Bu]: The pain is not important…

compared to the rush!
(“exhilaration, though most important”)

[LB]: Remember it well.

[LYH]: This is a priceless halberd, you little she-devil!

[LYH]: I’ll give it up for that sword of yours.


So it really wasn’t a dream!
It was real…

A blood-red reality!

[LYH]: Lü Bu now blocks the exit, and all of you are injured. Trade me a weapon if you want to live.

[Sun Shu]: You saved me from the Luoyang canals, right…?

[SS]: You also killed the fifteen officers at the North Gate Tower.

[SS]: Am I right? Leader of the Handicapped Warriors!
[HG]: What? He… he…

It’s definitely you!


[LYH]: I hate your guts for wanting me dead. Why would I save you?


[LYH]: Unless… I want to get close to you to exploit the influence of your clan?

[LYH]: That’s simply your speculation.

[LYH]: I don’t have that ability.

[SS]: Hey, kid!

[SS]: If you live…

[SS]: I’ll agree to it.
[HG]: Shu-zi… what’re you agreeing to?
(“-zi” suffix here is an affectionate reference to someone)

[LYH]: Give it a rest. That vase-selling kid saved you; he’s the leader of the Handicapped Warriors!

[SS]: He… he… h-he… he…

[SS]: You… You lie! How could it be him?
[SS]: You saved me for sure! It’s you!

[LB]: She’s right.

[LB]: Only you had the skill.

[LYH]: Only idiots
[LYH]: would be fooled by me over and over again.

[LB]: Too bad people who fool me will end up dead.

[LYH]: Guess what?

[LYH]: You’ll be fooled once more.

Is… is that true?

Frightening psychological warfare!

[LB]: It’s time for you to go, trickster, because…

[LB]: Xu Lin has been waiting for you below!




{clang~ clang~ clang~}


Frightening! This is the might of Lü Bu!

Strange, I suddenly realized what pain is.

comes from the fear within us.

Perhaps when compared to this monster,

I’m suddenly more like a human.

And to be like a human is to know pain!

So much so… that death seems inviting!
(“…hurt don’t wish life”)

[?]: What will be the outcome?

[Yuan Shao]: Countless warriors died by Lü Bu’s halberd, let alone that young man.

[YS]: Wars are ruthless like that. So many young people with lofty goals lived like shooting stars.
[YS]: Gone in a flash.


Don’t die…


If you die, my effort…

will be wasted!


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