Ravaging Times

chapter 25

chapter 25 Yuan Fang’s Path

Camellias was blooming that year.
(“…mountain tea…”)

Unadorned but with substance. Just like her.
(not sure if it’s actually partly quoting from Su Shi’s poem “和子由柳湖久涸,忽有水,开元寺山茶旧无花”)

I will forever remember her smile…

It’s like a painting…

I love Cha Hua.
(is her name conveniently the same as the name of the flower?)
So I filled my garden with camellias for her.


[?]: Fang-er is stubborn. No one can change his mind once it’s made up.
(“er” suffix is a diminutive to affectionately refer to someone)
[?]: It’s also futile to try, considering his skill in debate.

[?]: For the sake of the clan, he has no choice but to agree.
[?]: Right! Sun Jian has claimed most of the territories south of the river. In time, he would be strong enough to take the nine commanderies of Jing…

[?]: If we let others form ties with him before we do, it’ll be harder for us to dominate the country.
[?]: But Fang-er and Xiao Cha of the Kong family are childhood sweethearts. An annulment would…

[?]: Ben Chu, what do you think?
(“ben chu” is Yuan Shao’s courtesy name)

[Yuan Shao]: I think the Kong family is only a rich landowner. Their benefit to us is trivial, and so will their resistance.
[YS]: What needs to be done must be done. Permanent. Leave no room for mind-changing.
(“…prevent night long dream more”)

[?]: It’s in the Yuan clan’s best interest.
[?]: Yes! For its benefit.

{sfx: shoo~}
[?]: Ah!

Why say that camellias can survive winters and are everlasting…

when mine cannot weather the storm?

[Yuan Fang]: Xiao Cha died, but I’ll never believe that she died of illness!

[YS]: I don’t know what you mean.

[YF]: You think I don’t know? I heard everything in the garden last year!

[YS]: Leave us.
[?]: But… my Lord…

[YF]: Uncle! Do you admit it?

[YF]: Don’t think I won’t kill you just because you’re the head of the clan!

[YS]: You’re old enough now. How come you still don’t understand?

[YF]: Of course I understand! You want me to marry Sun Jian’s daughter for the benefit of the clan!
[YF]: You knew I would refuse, so you killed Xiao Cha to make me forget her!

[YF]: You have so many sons. Why don’t you send them?
[YF]: Why me?

[YF]: Why sacrifice me?

[YS]: When did your father pass away?

[YF]: My father…

[YS]: Twenty-two years ago…

[YS]: And you’re only twenty years old now.


[YS]: Clever like you, haven’t you figured out that your mother and I…

{sfx: hoo~}


[YS]: I braved the world and commanded respect. Regrettably, I sired a few useless sons.

[YS]: But twenty years ago, an outstanding woman bore me a son that is destined for greater things.

[YS]: Regrettably, I could not legitimize his mother’s status due to tradition…
[YS]: However, I’ve always regarded that child as my successor.
(“…most qualified/suited successor”)

[YS]: That’s why
[YS]: in order to allow him to succeed me, I’ll do whatever it takes to give him the best.

[YS]: The best upbringing.

[YS]: The best education from Master Water Mirror.
[YS]: And later

[YS]: the most beneficial marriage that shall make him world-renowned!
[YS]: Once everything comes to fruition, he’ll have the means and legitimacy to compete with his pathetic siblings!

[YS]: Why am I doing this?

[YS]: You can disregard this marriage!

[YS]: But,
[YS]: you mustn’t misunderstand a father’s love for his son.

[YS]: I want you to hate me.

[YS]: Anger is the best fuel for ambition.

{sfx: pong~}
[YS]: Because then you’ll sacrifice everything to take what’s mine!

Without an ambition to rule the world, the Yuan clan will be drowned in the tides of war!

Of course I understand!
But… I’m not a pawn in your game!

[YF]: I have my own path!

[YF]: I may hate you! But…

if you die before I claim everything… I’ll be left with nothing!
[?]: That’s Yuan Fang! Don’t let him go rescue Yuan Shao! Kill him!
You have to be alive to watch me take everything from you!

That’s my plan for revenge!

{City of Kings}

[?]: Formations! Go!

{infantry movement sfx}

{infantry movement sfx}

[Lü Bu]: Who knew the Sima clan had so many schemes.

[Zhang Lei]: There are plenty more. Wanna hear?
[Guo Ang]: Sister Meng, get ready to attack while Lei’s distracting them.

[Xiao Meng]: Wait…

[?]: Where’re you going? Come back!
[XM]: You think a surprise attack against Lü Bu would help us escape?


[XM]: I’m only a mercenary.
[XM]: I don’t want to die senselessly.

[XM]: I’m yours, General Lü, if you take me.


[?]: Young Master, isn’t she your woman?

[XM]: I thought you felt something for me?

[Dong Huang]: She’s mine, Lü Bu! Don’t you dare!

[XM]: Spare me and I’ll go with you.

[XM]: I… will do anything for you.

[ZL]: Damn it! Xiao Meng…!




[LB]: You think you can get away?

[?]: Ah!

[LB]: Use me as a hostage to escape Luoyang?

[LB]: Hidden needle.

[LB]: The Handicapped Warriors are truly amazing!
{sfx: hoo~}

[ZL]: Crap!

[LB]: Who do you take me for?

[LB]: You slut!

{sfx: pong~}
[?]: Xiao Meng!

{sfx: pong~}

[XM]: Lei… this plan won’t work…

[?]: That was a close one, Young Master!
[?]: Had that been you…

[LB]: Didn’t you say you want her, Young Master?

[LB]: I can make arrangements.

[DH]: Nope! I don’t want her! I’ll die!

[LB]: Then I’ll take her.

This guy… is incomprehensible!

The way he has been able to anticipate everything, who knows how far he has seen through it all!
(not sure)

{army movement sfx}

[?]: Stop! Stop!

{flag reads: Yuan}
[?]: Stop!

[?]: You don’t have to come!

[Wen Chou]: Didn’t I tell you to guard our Lord?

[?]: My… my Lord!

[Yuan Shao]: Wen Chou, I’ve underestimated your skills…

[WC]: The one guarding the City of Kings must be someone even stronger!

[WC]: But today I’m at my best.

[WC]: No one in Hebei is worthy of me anymore,
[WC]: so even if there are ten Lü Bu today… I’ll devour them all!


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