Ravaging Times

chapter 203

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

I woke up the next morning in a good mood.

But I’m still a bit disheartened,

for I have remembered a friend that I have not seen in a long time.

Suddenly the house became quiet.

Very quiet.

chapter 203 Hidden Room of Blood and Tears

[Sima Lang]: Finished.

[SML]: We’re finished.

[SML]: Open the door.

[SML]: Please, take my head,

[SML]: go save yourselves…

[SML]: This family is already finished.

[SML]: Sima family is finished…

[Huang]: The enemy is coming.

[H]: What do you guys plan to do?

[servant]: The final answer is, I’ll keep Young Master down,

[servant]: while you two block the exit with your lives.


[Zhang Lei]: No pain.

[ZL]: None at all.

[ZL]: My legs have long since stopped hurting.

[ZL]: Now we can talk.

[ZL]: Two of your biggest enemies are still alive.

[ZL]: You wouldn’t want to die just yet, right?

[ZL]: Don’t move.

[ZL]: I… can take you with me. But you don’t want that.

[ZL]: Haha, not yet.

[ZL]: So then, kneel.

[ZL]: Kneel to the dead.

[ZL]: You’re a smart man.

[ZL]: Ha… keh.

[ZL]: Keh keh keh!

[follower 1]: You distract him, I’ll move in.
[follower 2]: No, just wait.

[follower 2]: He won’t last with all that blood loss.

[follower 2]: Our leader is stalling too.

[ZL]: Let… those inside go, keh… keh!

[ZL]: Sima Lang has nothing… to do with this.
[ZL]: You… let him go, I… I’ll let you live.

[Xu Ding]: A brilliant move.

[ZL]: I always put on a good show.

[ZL]: Come out…

[ZL]: Young Master, hurry!

[ZL]: I have caught the leader!

[ZL]: Young Master, did you hear me?

[ZL]: Come out now! There’s no time!

[ZL]: Come out! What’re you waiting for?

[ZL]: Old man Huang, get him out!

[XD]: My men have already entered.

[XD]: With Sima Lang in my control, I wonder what you can do to me?

[ZL]: Master, get your butt out here!

[ZL]: Keh… keh… keh!

Young Master!

{sfx: sha~}

{sfx: pong~}

Stinking brat!

{sfx: pong~}

{sfx: pa~}

[XD]: What show can you put on now?

[ZL]: Keh…

Keh keh keh…

[ZL]: Master… wait…
[ZL]: don’t move…

[ZL]: Wait a little longer, keh keh.

[ZL]: Wuh…

[follower]: Scary…

[ZL]: Boss, I’ll kneel to you…

[ZL]: It’s my fault. Please let Young Master go…

[ZL]: I beg you.

[ZL]: Please… keh…

[ZL]: My hands… you can cut them off… I beg you.

[ZL]: Do… whatever… you want with me…

[XD]: If you beg, show some sincerity in that bow.

[XD]: I’ll make your death hurt less.

{sfx: ka~}

[XD]: Sima Lang, look…

{sfx: ka~}

{sfx: ka~}

[XD]: Zhang Lei’s last show.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Kneel.

The one without pain lives in agony.


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