Ravaging Times

volume 59

[Couplet Summary]
The chaotic scene is back on track; aim the bow at the Heavenly Wolf
(“…pull-back [the string of] bow [to] shoot sky wolf”)

Zhao Zi Long seizes Guiyang by force; Pang Shi Yuan schemes to take Jing Province

During the Three Kingdoms period, Pang Tong liked to critique people’s character to nurture their standing amongst their peers. However, he would often exaggerate the positive. He explained that praising a good role model can improve the public morals. This age-old attempt to civilize humanity, to separate mankind from wild animals, has been changing in today’s society. Perhaps Pang Tong was pretentious, but without such notion, what will happen to the world when people are inherently evil (selfish/vicious/malevolent)?

[emperor]: Why are people still buying this crappy comic?
[?]: Because the readers are phonies~
(in a way this is true- we wouldn’t pay money for anything if we can get away with not paying; many of us still buy because “it’s the right thing to do”, or because it’s the “legal” thing to do; fewer people truly want to have a physical copy for the sake of owning it)

[Next On Ravages]
I want to love, but it’s not in my fate.
I want to hate, but I’m out of emotions.
(not sure)
I want to kill, but there’s no basis for it.
I want to stake my claim, but there’s no justification.

Who knew it is myself that I want to kill.

Volume 60: The Eighth Genius


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