Ravaging Times

chapter 149

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

It is a realization.

[?]: They’re too fast to catch up to!
[?]: The General says give it up!

A realization that transcends morality.

[soldier]: The dagger was poisoned, General Gan, you need immediate treatment!

The more you want to accomplish the more you are afraid of losing everything!

chapter 149 The Rising and Extinguishing of the Flame

[captain]: Their reinforcement is coming!

Sometimes heroes are cowards.
“hero” and “bear” are off by one hanzi, and “bear” has a connotation
of being incompetent, coward-like */

Sometimes contradictions are the Truth.

{headband reads: exact revenge}
[Gan Ning]: I… haven’t gotten everything yet…

[?]: Retreat!
[?]: Retreat!

On that day the reinforcements finally arrived to save “Sun Ce”.

He found his “young master” amidst the corpses on the ground.

It is a body that is incomplete.


[general]: It’s done.

[Liao Lan]: Go ahead,
[LL]: cry for a fool!

But this is only a spark.

No one knows… that it will soon scorch the plain!

[genius]: The story has only just begun.

/* “city of Wan” */

[genius]: Each beginning rests in a well-calculated plan.

[official]: You mean… Yuan Shao and Cao Cao all have some plans?

[genius]: How can Yuan Shao not know about Yuan Shu’s ambition? Don’t forget, First of the Geniuses serves him.

[genius]: If I were him, I would take this opportunity and focus my attention on the north, hoping to eliminate a potential threat.
[official]: Then… what does Advisor think Cao Cao’s two Geniuses will be planning?

[genius]: If I were them, I would move to Changan and use the Emperor to rule over the lords, even to disgrace Yuan Shu.

[genius]: Each side takes what is needed, Sirs…

[genius]: welcome to the thought process of the Eight Geniuses.
/* “welcome to the thinking realm of the Eight Geniuses” */

[genius]: Go ahead…

[genius]: cry for the impending chaos.

Cry for Loyalist Sun Jian’s helplessness.
/* not sure how to translate the last term, more like “choicelessness, no alternative” */

[LL]: What?

[LL]: The one in the coffin… isn’t Sun Ce?

[LL]: Have you lost your minds from all that crying?

[Zhu Zhi]: That’s why I would like General Liao to write a letter for my young master,
[ZZ]: tell lord Yuan Shu everything you’ve seen and heard.

[LL]: What the hell are you people doing?

[ZZ]: What we’re doing? How can you not know?

[LL]: This is suicidal revolt is stupid!

[?]: Yuan Shu always treats people “sincerely”…

[Sun Ce]: And I will reciprocate.

[LL]: I didn’t expect a small descendant of the Sun clan to have such a spirit.

[SC]: It’s just that… each man has his own realization.

[SC]: My father’s era is over.

[SC]: Sun clan’s loyalty and Imperial Han will now…

[SC]: go their separate ways!

{sfx: pong~}

{sfx: pong~}

[Huang Gai]: The Sun clan can raise its head again.

{sfx: pong~}

{sfx: ka}

[SC]: Bro.

[SC]: This is all your doing.

{sfx: ta~}

[SC]: What’s your prediction?

[genius]: The tiger broke free and will take the East.
/* “The fierce tiger breaks the cage, it will be benefited in the East.” */

[SC]: Liao Lan,

[SC]: please begin the letter with that sentence.

[genius]: Suddenly… I’m reminded of Lü Bu.

[SC]: Zhou Yu…

Lü Bu’s era… has long since ended!

[Clear Wind Triad member 1]: Still nothing! Anything down there?
[member 2]: None!

[member 3]: Ang, the rain has made the water flow more rapidly. Maybe it’s already downstream…

[Guo Ang]: Keep looking, we’re not going back empty handed!

[Liaoyuan Huo]: The water flows east; the Eastern region will thrive.

[LYH]: The distribution of power is shifting. Go home and tell Young Master to prepare for it.

[LYH]: And please tell Ms. Sun…

[LYH]: The Fire… burns no more!
“Liaoyuan Huo has been extinguished”; “Huo” means fire, so he’s talking about himself;
this phrase has, again, multi-leveled meanings. The two I see:
1) his spirit is drained, due to the loss of a valued comrade
2) “Liaoyuan Huo is no more”, or that he’s going to stop being Liaoyuan Huo


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