Ravaging Times

chapter 172

Master Kong says, at thirty, a man stands firm; at forty, he has no doubts.
However, this sage could not have foreseen the maturity of this time period.

{Jingxian, rear support force for Liu Yao}
[?]: It’s almost dark. We’ll make it even if we go tomorrow. No hurry.
[?]: Yessir.

[?]: Yeah, no rush. Our joint forces will win for sure. Why should we send reinforcement so eagerly?
[?]: Young people are always trying to prove themselves. What can you do…

[Taishi Ci]: My Lord sent me to request mobilization,

chapter 172 Sighing At the Door

[TSC]: how dare you disobey (his) order?

[?]: Mo… mobilization takes time; surely you must wait!

[?]: We’re doing our best, Taishi Ci, don’t push it!
[?]: This is the rear base anyway, how could they get in here?

[TSC]: Jingxian and Moling are our last defenses. We cannot be remiss even if we’re winning.

[TSC]: Xue Li of Moling must’ve already sent their forces; how can we fall behind?

[Li Yuan]: Yes, it’s a matter of life and death. You all should learn from Taishi Ci.
[?]: General Li!

{Jingxian’s defense General Li Yuan}
[LY]: I’m old and weak, can’t be as watchful of my men. Please forgive me, Taishi Ci.

[LY]: But mobilization does take time, a compromise is in order.

[TSC]: I’ll give you four hours.

[LY]: Hear that? Go.
[?]: Yes… yessir!

[TSC]: Ok, I’ll go home and eat first.

[LY]: Yeah, there’s still time. Might as well go see your family.

[TSC]: My elder, please forgive this arrogant youth.
(“old person” can’t be used this way in English, the respectful meaning is lost; he’s referring to himself as the youth)

[LY]: Sure, sure.

[?]: Stinking brat thinks he’s all that!
[?]: Are we really sending troops, my Lord?

[LY]: Hell no!
(“bullshit, send what troop”)

[LY]: The coalition is full of soldiers and generals. When does it need us? Why should we bother wasting our resources and energy?
[LY]: I bet that sneaky Xue Li is just waiting at Moling too.

[LY]: Arrogant youth,

[LY]: don’t you know that this old man is no pushover.
(“ate more salt than you have ate rice”)

[LY]: Shut the inner gates. Don’t let him come back.

[?]: But… isn’t that…
[LY]: So what? We’ll be the ones laughing when the good news arrives tomorrow.

{sfx: pong~}

[TSC]: Old man…

age must have gotten to you.
(“you ate too much salt, the salt got into your brain”)

[?]: There’s already report from the frontline?

[?]: Sir! Sun Ce‘s army launched their attack from Shenting Peak…

[?]: Niuzhu’s joint forces have been broken to pieces!

[?]: My Lord retreated to the rear camp, waiting for you to send reinforcements.
[?]: If you get there we will surely push them back.

Can we… still make it?

[?]: Move… move out immediately!

[?]: The rations supply isn’t ready yet, General Li!
[LY]: Forget that. The troops go first, rations will follow.

[?]: Sir!

[?]: The city of Moling has been surrounded! Lord Xue Li requests aid!

[?]: General Li, the rations depot…

[?]: has been set on fire in two places.

[?]: What should we do, General Li…

{blood spit sfx}

[?]: General Li!

[?]: What?

[Zhou Yu]: I look like that Young Sir from Yanzhou?
[ZY]: Then I think I know who you mean.

[?]: Yes, at first I thought he came back for my Young Master again.
[?]: I heard that this young man is already the head of his family business. And recently he has gained quite a few business partners from here.

[ZY]: About your Young Master, wasn’t he a talent in his teen years? No wonder he gets these visits.
(simplified; you can look up Taishi Ci’s early achievements)

[?]: But my Young Master is stubborn; he refuses to “pick a better place to settle”.
[?]: So he can only sigh at the door of opportunities, while his peers get to show off their Might…

[TSC]: With all the fighting out there the streets are unsafe; why is the door still open?
(word-play on “door”?)
[?]: Ah.

[TSC]: Servant! Prepare a meal!

[ZY]: Right, he’s “hungry”.

[TSC]: You again?

[?]: Ha, even Young Master is mistaken…

[ZY]: The Sima clan couldn’t keep you.
(“…doesn’t have the means to keep you”)

[ZY]: (but) I can.
(“I have”)

{sfx: pong~}

[Zhou Tai]: A wise decision.

[?]: You… you people… are…

[?]: The rations depot has been set on fire. Any other task for us?
[ZY]: You guys will represent the Sun clan and go protect the rich merchants in this city.

[?]: Yessir.

[ZY]: Taishi Ci, the Sun clan doesn’t care about lineage.
(family status, origin, connection, etc.)

[ZY]: We welcome anyone who is capable.
(“capable (people) will reach there”)


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