Ravaging Times

chapter 52

Who can tell me?
What the hell happened?

[?]: They headed north?

[?]: Thank you.

chapter 52 An Indomitable Man
(based on the phrase propping up heaven, like Atlas shouldering the Earth)

[Liaoyuan Huo]: An army did this.

Men of the Clear Wind Triad…

[LYH]: Thank you!

[LYH]: Thank you all!

Xiao Meng!
Wang Gang!


[?]: All… all pricey valuables and medicine!

[Zi Wang]: This road only leads to two places. Changan, or the Beiping Commandery.
(I did a cursory search on what is referred to as “right of Beiping”, it seems that it’s not saying “to the right of Beiping” because in the Warring States context “to the left of Beiping” would be a different state to the state of Yan; the direction is referring to Yan’s wish to conquer/suppress the ethnic minorities to the north and east of its capital region, hence the name “right/east, north, peace/suppressed”)

[ZW]: Right now both are considered rebel territories. Anyone associated with them will be branded as traitors, deserving of death!

[?]: Talk! Whose side are you on?

[Xiao Meng]: They say the Guandong Alliance only fights the rebels of Changan. What does Beiping have to do with the rebels?

[?]: That’s lord Yuan Shao’s decree.
[?]: Quit feigning innocence.

[ZW]: That means… you’re the supply line for Gongsun Zan!

[M]: Gongsun Zan?

[?]: The evidence is clear. Nothing you say can save you now. Just confess!

[M]: W-we’re not… we’re just…
No! I can’t tell them!

[?]: Then you must be collecting funds and provisions for Dong Zhuo!

[ZW]: Still won’t talk, eh? Pretty tough.

[?]: As tough as that guy talks.

{Huff~ Huff~}

[M]: Wang Gang! Get out of here!
[M]: I’m telling you to go, now!

If I leave…
no one will know where you’ve gone…

[ZW]: Interesting guy,
[ZW]: you make our trip more fun.

[ZW]: That’s mine, you hear? Not letting go.

[ZW]: The cargo’s confiscated. Not letting that go either.

[Wang Gang]: I disagree.

[M]: Wang Gang! Can’t you see they’re toying with you?
[M]: Leave! That’s an order!

My mission isn’t over yet!
I can’t lose the confidence of the Sima clan.

[WG]: Let them go!
(“leave person”; I don’t know if he would say “him” or “her”; the generic “person” sounds weird, and “people” doesn’t work for me, because I think only Xiao Meng is still alive besides Wang Gang)
[WG]: And the cargo!
(“leave cargo”)

[ZW]: Another fifty says he won’t fall.
(liang, but I’m not sure if the silver/gold’s unit is by the weight)

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Zi Wang, I owe you fifty.
(“…[you] owe me fifty…”; I think it’s a typo in the book, since in context he’s betting the other side, while Zi Wang is winning)

[M]: No! No!

{sfx: sha~}


[WG]: Let them go!
[WG]: And the cargo!

[?]: Damn it, now I owe you a hundred fifty. Again?

[ZW]: Bet you ten thousand that he falls.



Liaoyuan Huo, this is the final clue from the Clean Wind Triad.

And may I impose on you…
(“I still have one [more] imposing request”)
to look after my pup?
(“…dog/puppy son”)

[Gongsun Yue]: AH! Big brother!
{Administrator of Beiping Commandery, Gongsun Zan}
[Gongsun Zan]: Gongsun Yue!

[GSZ]: Stop! Save my brother!
[?]: It’s too late for him, my Lord! Don’t stop!

[GSZ]: Yuan Shao! You treacherous scoundrel!

[Yuan Shao]: Treacherous? Nowhere near as you.

{Commander-in-Chief of the Guandong Alliance, Yuan Shao}
[YS]: We committed our forces to destroy Dong Zhuo, except that your heart wasn’t in it. This outcome is your own doing!

After the campaign against Dong Zhuo failed, the Guandong Alliance fell apart and began a power struggle against each other.
Yuan Fang’s strategy during the battle of Tiger Cage Pass was to use Lü Bu to eliminate the other warlords. Despite the plan’s failure to destroy them, Yuan Shao still benefited from their reduction in military strength.

The strategy continued as Yuan Shao enticed Gongsun Zan to join him in attacking Han Fu and dividing the Province of Ji. The greedy Gongsun Zan immediately agreed.

In year 191, Gongsun Zan marched on Ji Province. Yuan Shao, under the guise of coming to Han Fu’s aid, suddenly invaded the capital city of Ji and seized everything from Han Fu.
None of the other warlords offered to help the latter when the seizure was happening.

After hearing the news, Gongsun Zan immediately headed there to claim his share of the victory. Unfortunately he was ambushed by Yuan Fang’s troop en route and suffered heavy casualties.
(too crowded in this panel, breaking it to join with the next sentence)
Yuan Fang’s special forces blocked his escape route and forced Gongsun Zan to take a detour around Mount Taihang to return to the Beiping Commandery.

The longer route quickly depleted his rations. Yuan Fang was able to push Gongsun Zan to the brink of death without suffering any loss.

Once he looked past his greediness, Gongsun Zan realized he has long been part of Yuan Shao’s goal. But it was already too late.

[GSZ]: Damn it, more over here.
[GSZ]: Halt!

[?]: They don’t look like a merchant caravan.

[ZW]: Intercept enemy troops by lord Yuan Shao’s orders.
{Yuan Shao’s subordinate, Zi Wang}
[ZW]: Leave none alive in case of traps.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: They headed north.

[LYH]: Thank you, Wang Gang!

Wang Shuang! You, too, must grow up to be an indomitable man like your father!

I’ve heard Guo Ang say that after birth, the kid would stop crying and fall sleep whenever he was given the chain mace to hold. Many years later he was said to become General of Tiger’s Might in the Wei Kingdom. He could take on many times the number of enemies than there was today, and he would still win.


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