Ravaging Times

chapter 358


[?]: Please reconsider, First Master!

[?]: Huff…

[?]: Please reconsider!

chapter 358 Rouse The Tiger to Eat The Wolf
(“destroy wolf”; translation corrected by reader TMD)

[Pang Ji]: First Master… please reconsider, what you’re doing…
{Yuan Shang‘s advisor, Pang Ji}

{Yuan Shao‘s eldest son Yuan Tan}
[Yuan Tan]: How would I be free of this rage if I don’t kill you!
(“(if) not kill you, how to eliminate my heart’s anger/hate”)

[PJ]: First Master… I was only following orders…

[YT]: Yuan Shang, who do you take me for?
(“…what do you think I am”, you could say “who do you think I am”, but doesn’t sound as forceful when shouted)

[YT]: Who do you take me for?
(“…what do you think I am”)

{sfx: cha~}

After Yuan Shao’s death, his eldest son Yuan Tan and third son Yuan Shang both claimed to be the successor.

Back when Yuan Shao was still alive, however, he has already made Yuan Tan be adopted into his deceased younger clan brother’s family. So even if Yuan Tan is the eldest, he is not suitable according to the rites.

For fear of having no leadership over the massive clan, the third son Yuan Shang gained the support of the majority and officially ruled the many provinces of the north. While Yuan Tan proclaimed himself General of Chariots and Cavalry and led the remaining clan members in revolt.
(“…with him contend-with”)

In order to show off his might, Yuan Tan ordered the many provinces to send troops southward to attack Cao Cao, and he demanded that Yuan Shang join the military efforts. But in response, Yuan Shang only sent a small troop led by his subordinate Pang Ji.
(“…increase troops and join”)

In a fit of anger, Yuan Tan executed Pang Ji.

And that action has made the two brothers irreconcilable.
(“…be like water and fire”)

(province? county? region?)

[?]: Good news, the two brothers have broke ties!

{flag reads: Cao}
[?]: Though there’s a huge difference in their strengths.
(“…look at strength, two persons difference really far (apart)”)

[?]: The power of the successor is quite astonishing.

[?]: Hedong has Guo Yuan, Bingzhou has Gao Gan; even the southern Xiongnu Khanates –
(the Huns?)

{Cheng Yu}
[Cheng Yu]: they all submit to the third son Yuan Shang.

{Cao Hong}
[Cao Hong]: Not only the southern Xiongnu, even Ma Teng of Guanzhong has formed an alliance with him.

[?]: Yuan Fang‘s influence must’ve been completely eliminated for Yuan Shang’s faction to grow so powerful so quickly…

[?]: The brothers Yuan Tan and Yuan Shang have never seen eye-to-eye.

[Guo Jia]: Looks like as long as we weaken Yuan Shang’s strength, then…

[CH]: Yes. It’s cost-effective for us if they fight each other.

[?]: Besides, they’ll only join forces if we march on Jizhou.

[?]: You seem to have prepared for this, Feng Xiao.
(“feng xiao’s these words…”)

[CY]: I’ve just received news that Jiang Qi’s troop has been eliminated. And with that path opened comes Ma Teng.

[?]: However, the faster-paced army may be Guo Yuan to the north.

[CY]: Jia Xu warned us to be wary of that man’s military skills. We better heed his advice.

[CH]: We’ll use the same trick. Lure the enemy deep into our territory, then cut off his retreat route.

[?]: But how do we lure him in?

[Xu Ding]: The county of Jiang is near Hedong. It’s a key military position. Our troops have just been transferred out of there.
{Xu Chu‘s older brother, Xu Ding}

[XD]: And the remaining defense force is not ours.

[CH]: Even so, they’re a significant asset to someone.
[CY]: Xu Ding, I sense an ulterior motive to your scheme.

[GJ]: Xu Ding spoke my mind.

[GJ]: With Yuan Shao’s death, the other warlords are of no threat to us.

[GJ]: Everyone, it’s time for us to do a little house cleaning.

[GJ]: Cao Hong, you will lead the vanguards to face Guo Yuan, but you’ll be on a constant retreat.
(“…only can retreat, no can advance”)

[GJ]: Steadily pull back; lure them to the county of Jiang.

[GJ]: Cheng Yu will maneuver his troop to lure Ma Teng’s army to south of that county.

[GJ]: You must let the “Cao army” of Jiang be annihilated.

[GJ]: This way we’ll take care of “internal troubles” before we proceed to cut down the invader.
(“…lure enemy deep in, then proceed to cut them”)

[GJ]: For stability’s sake we had no choice but to use his strength during the battle of Guandu.

[GJ]: But a wolf will always be a wolf. There’s no telling what calamity awaits the owner that raises one…

[GJ]: And to kill a wolf, you must first declaw him.
(“…minions/lackeys”, but obviously this needs a literal translation, “claws (and) fangs”)

{county of Jiang}
[?]: Cao Hong retreated! It’s up to us here!

[?]: Goddamnit. Guo Yuan to the north and Ma Teng to the south!

{Jia Kui}
[?]: Boss, we’ve been surrounded!

Surrounded… not exactly.
(this is slightly distorted translation, but not too misleading)

All of us here are private armies of the Sima clan and its allies…

This is our military base…

This is not Cao Cao‘s method… But it looks to be a scheme to forfeit one of their own.

[JK]: Everyone,

[JK]: lay down your weapons and surrender. Save your lives.
(“…do not resist…”)

Young Master… after Yuan Fang’s demise,

Guo Jia is starting to exterminate bugs.
(the Chinese fandom has quickly latched on to the term “debug” for this wording)

Jia Kui disarmed himself and opened the gates.
(“…removed military gear…”)

Guo Yuan accepted the surrendered army and continued to write letters.


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