Ravaging Times

volume 54

Back Cover Couplet
The ember stills burns at Red Cliff; but the rain already falls over Huarong

Previously on Ravages
Zhou Gong Jin reigns supreme over water; the army of the Southeast burns Wulin

Ravages Afterword
I rarely watched movies in recent years due to the heavy workload.
Last time I took my son to watch an animation, I slept through the whole thing while he had a blast.
Before then I mostly watched comedies.
However, the one I got the biggest laugh out of was actually from a very old documentary series called “River Monsters” (猎奇记录片???). There was an extremely gruesome religious self-mutilation scene in it, and because it was so horrific it caused a lot of screaming from the female audience in the theater.
While they covered their eyes, I burst out laughing for some reason. Soon some others joined in, probably feeling the same absurdity of it all.
In that moment, everyone turned a serious subject into a joke. We laughed until we cried.
Some things look serious on one side but stupid from another angle.
The friction between religions is probably like that.
How Chen Mou watches a movie

Next on Ravages
The battle between the most brilliant minds of their time
The Greatest

When the potential territory for Liu Bei is in sight, how would Kong Ming make his triumphant return?
And when the plan of usurpation is in motion, how would Zhong Da remain untouchable?
Volume 55
The Dragon and the Phoenix


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