Ravaging Times

Fan Summary


1 no previous recap, since it’s the first volume (though perhaps segments of chapter 2 can be considered as an overview of the situation)

2 The Guandong alliance has stepped up to fight the capital’s occupier (Dong Zhuo), while handicapped warriors have finished off his seasoned strategist (Xu Lin)

3 The situations in the capital and the empire have shifted, as warlords and assassins (including Diao Chan) infiltrated the center and competed in a battle of wits

4 With the help of geniuses (and Sima Yi), the main secret of the scripture puzzle has been unraveled, while the true form of the war god (Lu Bu) has appeared

5 Dong Zhuo’s army has bested the Guandong coalition forces (including Yuan Shao), while Lu Bu has repelled the Handicapped Warriors (Zhang Lei and Guo Ang)

6 The imperial seat has been transferred to Chang’an, as Lu Bu fought (Liaoyuan Huo) in the burning ruins of Luoyang

7 The alliance has begun to collapse and many heroes (and Hua Xiong) have met their fates in Hulao, while new talents (Cao Cao and Liu Bei) have started to rise and shine

8 Along the way, the imperial uncle (Liu Bei) has come to rescue Gongsun Zan (and Zhao Yun), while the marquis of Wen (Lu Bu) has unleashed another assassination plot

9 Lu Bu’s schemes have set the stage for the takeover, while Dong Zhuo’s other counselor (Li Ru) has prepared to counter the anticipated threat

10 Lu Bu has climbed one more bloody step into ascendancy, while yet another adviser (Jia Xu) has mobilized troops to strike Chang’an in vengeance

11 Jia Xu’s coup has overturned Lu Bu’s powerful position, while his colleague (Guo Jia) has decided to offer his drastic proposals to Cao Cao

12 For his first campaign, Guo Jia has encountered a worthy adversary, while a warrior (Xu Chu) has found a window of opportunity to avenge his father (Xu Lin)

13 Liu Bei’s (and Lu Bu’s) forces have intervened in the nick of time, while a skillful assassin (Dian Wei) has broken through the defenses by himself

14 To defeat Guo Jia, the phoenix (Sima Yi) has summoned a deity (Chisongzi) in the south hill, as the dragon (Zhuge Liang) assisted Zhao Yun’s ambush in the west hill

15 Cao Cao has been routed in Puyang, while Lu Bu has begun beating down the remaining generals (such as Xu Chu and Dian Wei) standing in his way

16 With the assistance of Sima Yi (and Liu Da), the long-cultivated scheme of ‘Zhang Liang’ (Xun Yu) has come to fruition, as Lu Bu’s gains were reversed

17 With the backing of the Sima and Shan clans, Sun Ce has risen up to revive his clan and retake Jiangdong, while Yuan Shu has set his sights on replacing the Han

18 The star (officer) of the house of Sun has been killed with few companions left, while the (unnamed) adviser of Yuan Shu has passed away without achieving fame

19 The tiger (Sun Ce) has broken free with Jiangdong in mind, while the flame (Liaoyuan Huo) has departed due to the loss of a beloved comrade (Xiao Meng)

20 Cao Cao has successfully secured the young emperor of Han (Liu Xie), while Lu Bu has settled in Xuzhou expecting to seize it from Liu Bei

21 Zhou Yu’s schemes have manipulated the threats to the Sun clan (Liu Biao and Yuan Shu), as Sun Ce began to conquer key areas of Jiangdong

22 Enemies have been routed and demoralized in Shenting, while Sun Ce’s growing might and prestige have won over many (including Taishi Ci)

23 In the struggle for Xuzhou, Zhang Fei has planned to lure his targets with a banquet, while Lu Bu has joined in the feast to drive away his target (Liu Bei)

24 The fledgling phoenix (Pang Tong) has skillfully pulled off a chain of ruses, as Cao Cao’s forces endured strike after strike from numerous foes

25 As Pang Tong’s schemes develop, Cao Cao has managed to survive albeit weakened, while a hidden piece (Xu Ding) has moved to exact revenge on the Sima clan

26 With the help of allies (such as Shan Wuling), Sima Yi has escaped the near-extermination of his family, while Liaoyuan Huo has returned to assist his remaining comrades

27 Pang Tong’s plot has collapsed along with his favored leader (Liu Chong), while the fight against Yuan Shu has recalled tales of Xiang Yu (Lu Bu) and Liu Bang (Liu Bei)

28 To secure Xuzhou, Lu Bu has unleashed his killing move, as Liu Bei’s forces suffered a severe blow and rejoined (Cao Cao) for the coming battle

29 The one-eyed general (Xiahou Dun) has swallowed his arrow-stricken organ, while Sima Yi has earned some trust among his sworn enemies who have spared him

30 As a result of treacherous advice, Lu Bu has been trapped in the flooded city of Xiapi, while Cao Cao’s forces have surrounded the area in anticipation

31 The war god (Lu Bu) has struggled with all his might to smash through the encirclement, as his subordinates and loved ones departed little by little

32 After failing to break the siege, Lu Bu and his loyal companions have prepared for the last stand, as traitors assisted Cao Cao and Liu Bei in the final assault

33 Under the old White Gate Tower, Lu Bu and Chen Gong (and Xiao Meng) have bid the world farewell, while Sima Yi and Liaoyuan Huo have bitterly parted ways

34 Other than Liu Da’s flashbacks and the return of the Taiping sect, Sun Ce has defeated Yan Baihu, while Sun Quan has brokered sweet deals in Huiji

35 Zhao Yun has blocked the Yuan vanguard’s path to safeguard his beloved’s grave, while Zhang Liao has snuck in to retrieve his brethren’s remains

36 As the Cao and Yuan showdown looms, the Zhongjia emperor (Yuan Shu) has died miserably, while the little conqueror (Sun Ce) has attacked Jiangxia

37 Sun Ce has decisively breached Huang Zu’s defenses in Jiangxia, while Cao Cao has managed to eliminate Dong Cheng’s group and match Yuan Fang’s schemes

38 Cao Cao’s elites have overwhelmed Liu Bei at Xuzhou, as Sun Ce took advantage of the situation to open a new front for a surprise visit

39 With the suppression of Yu Ji’s Taiping sect, Sun Ce has shocked the world by attacking Cao Cao, while the warrior saint (Guan Yu) had stood his moral ground

40 Guo Jia and Guan Yu (and Liu Bei) have halted Yan Liang’s advance in Baima, while Sun Ce has departed after a hundred days of agony

41 Zhang Liao has cut off Wen Chou’s march at Yan ford, while using injured survivors Yuan Fang’s marvelous formation has scored an upset win over Guo Jia

42 Jia Xu’s military oath has deceived Liu Bei (and Liu Pi) in Runan, while Yuan Fang has hatched another treacherous scam

43 With Yuan Fang’s nefarious scheme in place, the flames of Gushi have trapped Cao Cao, while Wuchao’s supplies have engulfed Yuan Shao and his sons

44 With one against a hundred in Guandu, the methods of Sunzi (Cao Cao) have outmatched Feng Hou (Yuan Fang), while Yangwu depots have been sabotaged

45 The first genius (Yuan Fang) of Water Mirror (Sima Hui) has passed away, while with the help of insiders (Sima Yi and Yang Xiu) the Yuan clan has been diminished

46 Guo Jia has launched a northward campaign to deal with rival heirs of the Yuan clan, while Sima Yi has taken the next steps for his ultimate payback

47 The filial king of strategic decisions (Guo Jia) has breathed his last, as Cao Cao’s forces made preparations for the attack on the southlands

48 The crouching dragon (Zhuge Liang) has unveiled his Longzhong plan, as Liu Bei solidified his position in Jingzhou by meddling in the intrigues to succeed Liu Biao

49 The Cao army has marched south and has entered Jingzhou, while Zhao Yun has confronted enemy forces (such as Liu Da) to rescue Liu Bei’s family

50 Zhao Yun riding alone has secured the infant son of Liu Bei, as formidable troops and officers (such as Xiahou En and Zhang Liao) stood in his way

51 As a prelude to Chibi, Zhang Fei has delayed Cao Cao’s forces at Changban by himself, while Zhuge Liang has held his own in the coalition’s debate

52 With the showdown drawing near, Zhang Liao has finished off Taishi Ci, while Sima Yi and Wen Ping (and Zuo Ci) have anticipated the coalition’s fire attack

53 Cao Cao’s forces have repelled Huang Gai with a wall of ships and have ambushed Lu Meng and Lu Xun, while Sima Yi has given away Zhuge Liang’s ploys

54 Zhou Yu has regained the Long River with another fire attack, while Jiang Qin has secured victory at Red Cliff by infiltrating and burning Wulin rations

55 With the decisive defeat of Cao Cao’s forces, Guo Jia’s final strategy has been initiated, as Zhuge Liang activated his long-prepared plan at Huarong

56 Amidst the snow and flood with rescue on the way, Guan Yu has captured Cao Cao in the hills, while Sima Yi and Zhuge Liang conferred after their first win-win battle

…more to come…


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