Ravaging Times

chapter 153

It is ironic when one finally learns the way when it is too late.
(“learns the way, but it’s already at dusk”)


[soldier 1]: Halt!

[soldier 1]: Hal…
[soldier 1]: Crap!

[soldier 2]: They’re here again! A lot more this time!

chapter 153 The Second Irony

[general]: I repeat, kill anyone who dares to storm the Imperial Palace!

[?]: Changan is no longer an orderly capital. Starving people would even dare to loot the Imperial Palace…
[?]: Is this still the Imperial Palace if the Emperor has already left?

[?]: Hahaha, this Palace must be the most “peasant-friendly” one in history.
[?]: Our Lords won’t compromise while we’re surrounded by ambitious warlords.

[?]: How can you joke around when we’re in such danger?

[?]: The common people dare to take a huge risk for survival, yet our future is uncertain…

[?]: What are you getting at?

[Duan Wei]: He sure knows how to enjoy himself. No wonder everyone wants to be the Emperor.
{“General who Gathers Peacefully” (?), Duan Wei}

[DW]: Wu Xi! Have you planned for your future?

{Guo Si‘s General, Wu Xi}
[Wu Xi]: Hmph! Are you here to visit… or to steal things?

{vase shatter sfx}
[?]: Ahh, it broke! It broke!

[DW]: Bro, does this world still belong to the Liu clan?

[WX]: It’s nighttime, but we still have to open our eyes!

Does this world… still belong to the Liu clan?

It has started during the greatest Age of this land;

it rises, and it falls.

Darkness will come inevitably…

{sfx: pa~}

And anything can happen in the dark.

The former Emperor’s remaining vassals
are finally laid to rest here.

[general]: Our men on the mountain…

[Yang Feng]: Damn! So close.

[YF]: What the hell are you all doing?

[YF]: Any historians here? Write this down: Li and Guo even dare to murder court officials in front of His Majesty!

[Guo Si]: His Majesty is young, so his mistakes are the fault of treacherous officials, who must be exterminated!

[GS]: The two of us are devoted to His Majesty; we are only performing a Loyalist’s duty, and Heaven is our witness.

[GS]: Changan is still the capital. If Your Majesty still regard yourself as the son of Heaven…

[GS]: you should not worry your loyal subjects.

[GS]: Please return.

[?]: Please return to Changan, Your Majesty!


[YF]: Don’t listen to their nonsense, Your Majesty. They would not dare to harm you.

True, I am their “Imperial Seal”.
That is the meaning of my life.

I, can live a long life, and enjoy a lifetime of luxury.

Why should I walk on this muddy road?

[Xu Huang]: Stand up!

[XH]: Why let your dogs toy with the world when you have more clout?

[XH]: Why leave the world to fend for itself when you have power you can use?

[XH]: Dogs will run the world if the son of Heaven doesn’t bother to rule!

I used to rely on Dong Zhuo, but it led me to this state.

Many years later, I finally understand…

To govern the world one must personally take a step forward.
The Son of Heaven is the head, the leader, not the tail!

[Liu Xie]: Li Jue, Guo Si,

{crowd gasp}

[LX]: I want to tour the country!

[LX]: Follow me… if you are a Loyalist!

{sfx: pa!}

A man will show his true color sooner or later. What is this now?
Does it even matter?

[YF]: I am loyal to you, and I’ve been waiting for you to say this.

[YF]: You all should follow!

[?]: Yang Feng, release His Majesty.

[GS]: He’s using the Emperor as a shield, don’t shoot!

[Li Jue]: Guo Si,

[LJ]: a man must have determination, and you have never had it.

[LJ]: Men of differing views cannot cooperate, no wonder we never worked well together.

[LJ]: The Emperor will grow up eventually. We need not waste our time to raise a son of the Liu clan.

[GS]: You!?

[LJ]: The Liu clan had to conquer the world too.

[LJ]: That’s my sincerest confession to you!

[LJ]: So let me…

[LJ]: brighten the sky above our world!

The First Emperor of Han used his skills to benefit the people, and that was his Mandate of Heaven.

As descendants of the throne, they naturally assumed this Mandate.

It is then by fate that the world is ruined!


[GS]: Please turn back as soon as possible, Your Majesty!

Maybe it is too late…

His Majesty,

is finally acting like a Son of Heaven!

Imperial Han has endured generations of weak rule. Now when an Emperor begins to learn the way…

why does it happen at dusk?

How ironic!

Though the irony is… the golden sunlight will shine on the Conqueror.


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