Ravaging Times

chapter 376

[?]: I say the Imperial Uncle won’t be able to do much in Jingzhou, what with its limited strength.

[?]: You’re right. Cao Cao has sworn to kill Liu Bei, whose presence in Jingzhou would only bring calamity upon us.
[?]: Brother Deng, do you mean to betray the Imperial Uncle and dishonor our Lord?

[?]: Not so. The Imperial Uncle could always try his luck in Yizhou.
(“…not kept in Jingzhou, also could go to Yizhou…”)

[?]: It’s because of you people that the Imperial Uncle had some choice words to say!
(not sure)

chapter 376 The Leap Over River Tan
(“horse leap…”)

[?]: Right, he lamented at the last banquet that the days and months pass like a stream, and old age will come. His thighs are growing fat again

[?]: Sigh. A hero of our time has fallen to this state, all because you people would not assist him.

[?]: Assist in what? Fighting Cao will only bring about our end.

[?]: Phtoo! And you call yourselves Loyalists. Have you forgotten how miserable His Majesty is right now?

[?]: Miserable how? Without Cao Cao Imperial Han would’ve been broken to pieces!
[?]: No, brother Cui, Cao Cao is using His Majesty to rule over the lords. It’s a loss of decorum to let him control the world!

[?]: All right all right, our trip today was meant to settle the disputes between the two factions.

[?]: Speaking of which, sightseer, why don’t you mediate the debate when you were the one who called us together?

[?]: Apologies.

[?]: Brother Zhou is right. We’re all duty-bound in the face of a chaotic world.
[?]: Even though our beliefs are different, we all want peace for Jingzhou.

[?]: Let us drop our dogmatism in honor of this beautiful scenery…

[?]: Drink to the sight and resolve our resentments.

{group running sfx}

[?]: My Lord, they still won’t break off the chase!

[?]: My Lord, second master won’t be able to reach us now!

[Liu Bei]: Cai Mao.

[?]: Boss, we’ve forced Liu Bei to flee toward the planned spot.

[Cai Mao]: Excellent.

[?]: General Cai, why’re you pursuing my Lord nonstop? What’s your intention?

[CM]: Nonsense! Who’s pursuing your Lord?

[CM]: I was only ordering my men…

[CM]: to kill a criminal!

[CM]: Listen up. Kill each and every criminal!
(“…evil criminal one none keep”)


[?]: My Lord, Cai Mao’s really going to do it!

[LB]: Stay calm. Follow the plan-

[LB]: Split.

[?]: Whoa… why… why would he do that!
[?]: Is he crazy?

[?]: Liu Bei is fleeing alone!

You think a fast horse would help you…? Haha!

Don’t forget what’s ahead!

[CM]: Split up. One team go after the soldiers, and the other go after Liu Bei!

[CM]: Leave none alive. No witnesses!

[CM]: Haha, Liu Bei, you’ve been had!
[CM]: Look ahead of you!

{horse neigh}

{horse neigh}

[CM]: You’re a bane to our country and our people, Liu Bei- so the Heavens want you dead!

The Heavens shall end the traitor at the Tan river!

[LB]: The Heaven

[LB]: is watching.


[?]: He ju… jumped off!

[CM]: The lack of battle experience has made his thighs flabby again.

[CM]: Even if he could ride as well as Lü Bu, old age still wouldn’t be so kind to him.

[CM]: The heaven drowns the traitor under the torrent.

[CM]: You’ve rendered a great service to the world, Dilu.

[?]: He’s floating to the surface!


[LB]: The Heaven, ends Jingzhou’s traitor!

{horse neigh}

{crowd noise}

How could he control this horse without extensive training!

Fattening thighs… All lies!

Liu Bei…

[CM]: Hurry, shoot him!
[?]: No sir, we can’t!

The reputable men of Jingzhou…

How could they be here?

[?]: I saw it! I saw it!

[?]: He wants to do the deed at the Tan river!

[?]: Irrefutable evidence!

[?]: Cai Mao wants to kill Liu Bei!

[?]: Hurry! Our boat is fast. Let’s go inform our Lord!

[CM]: Wait, listen to me!

[?]: We wasted our trust on you, Cai Mao!

[?]: How dare you causing this incident!

[?]: Wait!

[?]: You misunderstood!

[Liaoyuan Huo]: You all return to Xinye first.

[LYH]: I’ll escort our Lord.
[?]: Yessir.

[?]: This guy’s… too strong!
[?]: We’re no match for him!

[?]: The plan succeeded when Liu Bei died. Let’s get out of here!

[?]: Retreat!

[?]: Sir, we’ve spread the rumor in the city of Xiangyang.
[?]: Cai Mao has nowhere to run.


The strategy worked, Mister Zhuge.

The man you sent…

Xu Shu, has made his first move…

a success.

Liu Bei returned to Xinye and prepared his next move.

Cai Mao returned to Xiangyang and also prepared his next move.


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