Ravaging Times

chapter 125

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

{Henei . house of Sima}

[Sima Yi]: Hasn’t it been three years since Sun Jian’s death?

[SMY]: Ay… Another Loyalist clan has dissolved.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Young Master probably means… many investors have lost, right?

[SMY]: Right, at a ravaging time like this…

chapter 125 The Meaning of Propagation

[SMY]: A businessman really must be prudent.

[SMY]: Helping Cao Cao sure is a good investment.
[LYH]: Don’t forget that Tian guy.

[SMY]: Lao Da’s INVESTMENT is good too.
[LYH]: Why does Young Master even speak of a man who value money over loyalty?

[SMY]: Right now, those who value money and those who value loyalty are the same.
[SMY]: People are forgetful. Who would remember the misdeeds their benevolent Lord did before?

[SMY]: It’s all decided by fate.

[LYH]: Some say Heaven is dead, and some say one cannot oppose the Will of Heaven.
[LYH]: Very deep…

[LYH]: But I say, where is Justice?

[LYH]: Hell, why that look…

[SMY]: It can be very deep, or very shallow,
[SMY]: but my view has always been very simple.

[SMY]: Propagation.
[SMY]: That’s all we need to do in life.

[LMY]: Wh… what?

[SMY]: You’re old enough now, ever thought about propagation?
[LYH]: Wh… what’re you trying to say?

[SMY]: She looks nice, so should be a good investment…
[LYH]: You, you want me to…!

[Sun Shu]: You… really isn’t his…
[Sima brats]: This side is getting heavier.

[Sima #4]: The blond-hair-green-eyes is making a move, sister Meng is losing.
[Sima #6]: Sister Meng’s lifelong happiness is at stake; Advisor, think of something!

[Meng]: I told you already, I’m not a woman.

[SS]: Enough! Don’t treat me like a fool!
[M]: What’s THAT supposed to mean?

[Sima #4]: Mommy! Don’t hide it anymore!
[Sima #6]: So what if the wedding didn’t take place, daddy still loves you!

[SS]: Great! He already has two sons!

[Sima #4]: No, there’re a few more.
[SS]: Mo… more!

[M]: Ms. Sun…
[SS]: Wh… what?

[M]: I know how you feel.

[M]: Revenge is important,

[M]: but… don’t throw away your happiness!

[Sima #4]: Mommy, don’t give up! At least think of the one in your belly!

[M]: …

[LYH]: Ah! Why did you come here?

[SS]: I… I didn’t do this.
[LYH]: Don’t worry, these things happen everyday.

[SS]: You mean…

[SS]: the Sima clan hasn’t made a decision?

[LYH]: You must understand, Ms. Sun, we have our principles…

[SS]: I know, it’s about profit.

[LYH]: The Sima clan wants to have some leverage in the eastern regions…

[SS]: I can promise you anything you want.

[SMY]: But as for the issue of credibility…

[SMY]: I hope Ms. Sun will agree to one condition.
[SS]: This is…

[LYH]: The Advisor for the Handicapped Warriors.

[SMY]: I don’t know about any other agreement between Lao Da and you…

[SMY]: But, safety is a concern.

[LYH]: Ms. Sun,

[LYH]: Our clan will have to keep you.

[Shan Wu Ling]: They’ll definitely accept.

[SWL]: The Sima clan will definitely be interested in this.

[Tian]: You mean, give them the Sun daughter?

[Lao Da]: First, they can’t refuse Lord Cao; second, the wartorn eastern region is in need of materials, so it’s a good investment opportunity.
[LD]: The Sima clan knows how to do business, I think… they will soon turn the eastern region into a prosperous place.

[SWL]: When that day comes, Lord Cao can use the old indictment against them…

[T]: And allow us to swallow everything they have.

[SWL]: Speaking of which,

[SWL]: we’re just like the Sima clan.

[LD]: Don’t worry, that messed up clan of misers cannot compare to milady’s talents…

[T]: Niece, wasn’t Wang Jian favored by the First Emperor, even while he grew ever more greedier?

[T]: Our Lord always gladly uses talents and riches. You should be careful.

[SWL]: But why should I fear my prey?

[SWL]: The Sima clan is so close I can almost taste it.
(“…already near my lips”)

{the banner reads: traitor}

{outside of Shouchun city}

[Sun Ce]: Three years ago, my father died at the hands of a traitor.
[SC]: Where was Justice?

[SC]: Two years ago, my clan’s influence declined.
[SC]: Where was Principle?

[SC]: Last year, my clan kept getting eaten up by various lords.
[SC]: Where was Righteousness?

[SC]: Today I submit to Yuan Shu, for I must rebuild my clan.

[SC]: I even have to sacrifice my sister’s happiness.

[SC]: I drift between self-interest and righteousness; Heaven, why’re you silent?
[SC]: Or is it that…

{sfx: peng~}

[SC]: you’re already dead?

[Zhou Yu]: Heaven is not dead,

[ZY]: Heaven is just training a magnificent clan.

[ZY]: Oath-brother, this is the meaning of Propagation!

Around year 195 AD, Sun Ce entered the Southern scene to serve Yuan Shu.


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