Ravaging Times

chapter 285

The Analects say, riches and honors acquired through unrighteousness, are to me as a floating cloud.

[?]: The world tends to unite after a long period of division; and tends to divide after a long period of union.

[?]: In this war torn era, those with skills will control the emperor to rule over the lords, while those with the resources will swallow the small states by force.

[?]: The helpless people can only watch themselves suffer through years of fighting.

[?]: All this caused by an attempt to better their image… What a riot it is…
(riot is slang for something really funny; nice wordplay by me, no? haha)

chapter 285 A Dream Like Floating Clouds

[Yuan Shu]: …to speak of restoring Imperial Han.
(“The biggest joke that is to restore Imperial Han.”)

[YS]: I, the Emperor, proclaimed myself as such… so I can lead the people out of this absurd predicament…

[YS]: Except… who in this age of deceit and pretentiousness dares to take the lead in leaving the “tyrannic Han”?
(or “cruel Han”)
[YS]: None, not a single one. In the end we only see intentions changed, sieges waged, and trusts betrayed.

[YS]: Cough! Cough, cough!

[YS]: Foolish masses, don’t any of you understand that the fate of the world is already set?

[YS]: Han is no longer anything but an empty name. And the current emperor struggles to survive as he aids the wicked…

[YS]: Restoring Imperial Han is merely a slogan for world domination, and to eliminate oppositions!

[YS]: Emperor Zhou did it, Xiang Yu did it, and so did Gao-zu of Han

[YS]: And later Yuan Shao, Cao Cao, and all of them will too…

[YS]: Han is dead! Long dead!
[YS]: No hope whatsoever!
(“…light of dawn…”)

[YS]: Do you understand, you foolish masses?

[YS]: Do you understand? Cough cough!

[YS]: Cough… Cough cough!

[YS]: Cough… What is Loyalty and Righteousness?
[YS]: What is the Righteousness in holding power? Cough cough cough!

[?]: Your Majesty!

{vomit sfx}

[YS]: Huff!

[YS]: Huff!
[YS]: Huff!

What… did I do wrong?

[YS]: Huff!

Ruler in Heaven…

Justice shouldn’t be this way!
(“the way of heaven…”)

People on earth…

you shouldn’t live this way!
(it can also be “we”, but considering his tone in this context, I doubt he would group himself together with “the people”)

Heaven and earth…

you have given your sign and are only waiting for the Hegemon to appear.

But in this vast world between heaven and earth,

I am not a dandy (from a wealthy family);
(he probably means “not a good-for-nothing”, since he is from a wealthy family)

I, too, have a kind and righteous heart.

I am just an honest man,

working honestly.

Why did my actions bring shame to Yuan clan’s centuries of Loyalty and Righteousness?

I see no wrong in my actions, so what is there to be anxious about, or fear?

{sfx: pa~}

Where shall I go in this vast world between heaven and earth?

I will debate you in person!
(probably referring to “the ruler in Heaven”)

When will reality appear?

This world of evil is full of inhuman beings.
(wordplay on “not human”, which could also mean “animals/inhumane-people”)

[?]: Sir! The mass desertion has begun!
(“…from the village”)

[?]: The order says to kill any who deserts!
[?]: Second Master, should we dispatch a troop to kill the criminals?

[Guan Yu]: They’re not armed. It’s not a counter-siege.

[GY]: See what the higher-ups want to do.
(a simple little wordplay)

Their pace is fast. These two do not look like newly wounded men…


[?]: Second Master, the higher-ups want us to withdraw.

[?]: Withdraw? Second Master, could Yuan Shu have really died?

[GY]: You’re right. There was no mutiny in the village. Something else must be at play with regards to Yuan Shu’s death.

[GY]: Yuan Shu advocated for Yuan Shao to become the emperor. The goal is reached…

[GY]: I think they’re afraid that Yuan Shu might suddenly change his mind…

[GY]: Those who delivered the food, delivered the poison as well!

[GY]: There is only one family’s assassins…
(“Assassins of this world who have this kind of ability…”)

[GY]: with this kind of ability!
(“only this family”)

[Sima Yi]: Notify Chen Deng that Liu Bei‘s army will station in Xuzhou temporarily, awaiting orders.
[?]: Yessir.

[SMY]: Then notify Sun Quan that after Yuan Shu’s death, his exiled subordinates will flock southward to Liu Xun.

[SMY]: Lujiang’s food supply will not last long against this influx. This is the perfect time to attack Liu Xun.

[?]: Yessir.

[SMY]: Guan Yu has withdrawn. Let’s leave as well.
[Jia]: Yessir.

[?]: Halt! Which clan are you?

[?]: Is your Young Master here?

[?]: No such figure here!

[?]: State your purpose!

[?]: Is Guan Yu distant enough?
(“has Guan Yu gone far away”)
[?]: Yes.

[SMY]: Oh no.

[?]: Which one is it?

{sfx: ta~}

{sfx: cha~}

[J]: Whoa.

That one!

[?]: Target, long-haired one!

[?]: Don’t let them come up here!


{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Surround them!


Handicapped Warriors…

are no longer anything but a name!

[?]: Our Young Master has left already!

[?]: We’re all servants here!

[?]: That’s fine! I’m just looking for the servant who killed Yuan Shu.

[SMY]: Yuan Shu has been eliminated, which can be used to vindicate the Yuan clan.
(maybe not “vindicated”, but…)

[?]: Nothing gets by you, does it, Young Mister Sima.

[?]: No wonder my Young Master sympathizes with you before even meeting you.

[?]: My Young Master said, Cao Cao is not the only person who is a match for him!

[?]: The Eight Geniuses should be eliminated whenever possible.

[?]: But you! Must be killed!

Startled, Zhong Da remembers the first of the Eight Geniuses.


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