Ravaging Times

chapter 127

(I need to read this over, no time right now)


[Yuan Shu]: Now that the world is in chaos, so many people are trying to get rich by gaining the favor of the ones in power!

{sfx: pa~}
[YS]: Many… but not sincere enough.

[YS]: Our clan rules over a million soldiers, expanding northward to Hebei, and southward to Henan.

[YS]: This feeling… is like the approaching of a new dynasty.

chapter 127 Three Visitors

[Yuan]: The praises keep coming.
{sfx: ding!}
{General of left (division), Yuan Shu]

[YS]: Outside…
[official]: Messengers of favor-seekers.

[YS]: If they want to seek favor, then they must first bring me some pleasant surprises.
[YS]: Tell them to go home and figure out what Sincerity means.

[Liao Lan]: My Lord!

[YS]: Didn’t I say no more visitors?

{Liao Lan}
[LL]: No, it’s about Xindongchen’s traitor Huang Shan.

[YS]: What? The frontline needs more troops? This Huang is really something, huh!

[general 1]: This Huang really doesn’t know what’s good for him, fighting against the number one clan of this world.
[general 2]: My Lord, maybe it’s time to use the troops of the Ji clan.

[LL]: No need,

[LL]: he has already been assassinated!

[LL]: Even his neighboring allies are coming to surrender.
[?]: This enemy that has troubled us for a long time, now gone in an instant.

[YS]: Thanks to my powerful reputation!

[LL]: Luoyang…

[YS]: Then… dismissed.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Lord Yuan lets them all go, aren’t you afraid…

[YS]: I treat people earnestly, and if you want to assassinate me, why wait?

[LYH]: I admire lord Yuan’s great tolerance very much.

[YS]: Liao Lan told me that you Handicapped Warriors saved my brother at Luoyang.

[LYH]: Then you must’ve heard about the trouble we caused at Xuzhou, yes?

[YS]: I know.

[YS]: Cao Cao is a petty man, so the Sima clan will be in serious trouble.

[YS]: Honestly, the Tian clan has always been unfriendly with your clan, thus it’ll be hard to keep a foothold on Cao’s side.

[LYH]: In order to show our sincerity, my master told me to remove the traitor Huang Shan under your name.

[LYH]: In addition, our clan has prepared gifts, hoping to discuss the future with lord Yuan.

[YS]: Favor-seekers and their sincere words.

{sfx: ding!}
[YS]: Music to my ear.

[YS]: You all should go and rest.
[Lao Da]: Thank you, my lord.

[YS]: Liao Lan, stay for dinner.
[LL]: Yessir.

[YS]: So… so much.
[servant]: Won’t fit anymore, enough.

[LL]: External enemy is gone, and even the wild beasts outside the city are all dead.
[YS]: Nephew’s harvest is quite good.

[Sun Ce]: My Lord would forgive my father’s offense, and even take me in…
[SC]: I can’t stop saying how thankful I am.

[YS]: Honestly, at that time I was really jealous of Wen Tai’s loyalty…
[YS]: Whenever I think of it, I feel ashamed…
{note: Sun Jian, whose courtesy name is Wen Tai; when he was alive, he held the position of “the General who Destroys Insurgents”, and received the title “lord of Wuchen”}

[SC]: Nonono… please don’t be critical of yourself, my Lord.

[YS]: Today I met a messenger, who presented me with a very sincere gift.

[YS]: You are young and skilled, nephew, you should go and make something of yourself.

{Sun Jian’s eldest son, Sun Ce}
{note: Sun Ce, whose courtesy name is Bo Fu}
[YS]: Bo Fu, have you thought about reclaiming the past glory?

[YS]: I wanted to restore the Eastern region, but I lacked the funding…

[YS]: Now that someone is willing to provide the funding, I can’t think of a better commander for the job.

{sfx: pa~}

[YS]: Don… don’t cry, please get up.

[YS]: Heaven and earth are my witness, that I always treat people earnestly.

[SC]: Uncle Yuan, how can Bo Fu ever repay your kindness! Wah…
[LL]: Bo Fu, stop… stop that!

[YS]: Won’t speak his mind even when he’s drunk.

[Nameless Advisor]: No, those who wants to leave will leave eventually.

[YS]: Those who wants to come will come anyway, please sit!

[YS]: Care to eat some more?
[Nameless]: I’ve always been good at cleanup.

[Nameless]: Those from the Sun clan never forget to exact revenge. I fear my Lord’s earnesty won’t make them soft.

[Nameless]: They sent the messengers because they know they cannot attack the mighty Yuan clan head-on, and I think someone is trying to plant a trouble seed here.

[Nameless]: My Lord, this is Cao Cao’s diminution tactic, aimed to let two tigers fight each other.

{house of Sun}

[Sun Fu]: Thank you for escorting him back, General Liao.

[servant]: Cook, prepare some drunkenness-reducing tea.

[SF]: Liao Lan has left.
[SC]: I know, and the Handicapped Warriors are also in the city.

[SC]: You can go now, I’m not drunk.

[SC]: And, I think Yuan Shu has figured out that this is a diminution tactic.

[Shan Wu Ling]: Why’re you still afraid?

[SC]: Right, my Advisor has arrived.


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