Ravaging Times

chapter 261

What is the peak in one’s lifetime?

It is achievements on the outside.

And self-cultivation on the inside.

On that day the people who gathered on the open field also arrived at a peak.

chapter 261 The Cultivation Of God of War
(I can’t find this entry in the dictionary, probably a blend of “character”, “build”, and “cultivation”)

No one backed away. Instead, the crowd grew bigger and bigger.

(Because) Everyone saw it as the peak of their career.

How could they stand back when fate gave them this chance?

They waited silently for their golden moment.
(“they waited to have gold painted on their faces”, like given a gold-star in class)

But the higher their expectation, the harder their disappointment.

Life is always inconceivable.

[Lü Bu]: Lord Cao,

[LB]: I’m willing to surrender!

[LB]: Did you hear me?

[LB]: You command the world, lord Cao; no obstacles can stop you!

[LB]: Countless warriors follow you, and your resourcefulness tops all!

[LB]: Long have I admired you,
[LB]: but I had to fight back because I was forced to!

[LB]: I rebelled because ministers of the former reign added fuel to the fire. It was not my intention.

[LB]: You have swept away the dark clouds, lord Cao, and I can see the light again!

[?]: Is… is that really Lü Bu?
[?]: I thought I was looking at some scum.
(“someone of the ninth level”, bottom of a list; lowest rung)

[?]: Yeah, where has all that battlefield fearlessness gone?
[?]: He’s a coward. How disappointing!

[LB]: Your troubles were not my fault, great lord, and today I submit.
(not sure)

[LB]: Dominating the world is no concern if you always use talented people.
[LB]: I’m willing to be your minion and help you suppress all opposition!

[LB]: I will dedicate myself to restore peace to Great Han!

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: God of War, Lü Bu? Don’t make me laugh!

[?]: Where is your mighty image?
[?]: You look half man half dead (ghost)!

[?]: As a warrior you should have the demeanor of a warrior!

[?]: Caring only about your own life, aren’t you ashamed to face your dead followers?

[LB]: You are right, I am but a simple fighter.

[LB]: I have only ever learned to swing a weapon, but never about morality.
[LB]: Fortunately for me your words today have opened my eyes, brother!

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Who the hell is your brother?

[?]: I’m your grand-daddy. Call me right if you want a lesson!

[LB]: Grand…

[LB]: Grand-dad… spare me.

{burst into a laugh}

[?]: Hahaha, he actually said it!
[?]: Haha, is he really Lü Bu?

[?]: I knew he was a brute, but I didn’t know he’s like this!
[?]: Hahaha, it’s too funny!

[?]: God of War Lü Bu…

[?]: is an animal. Your grand-daddy can’t teach you!

[LB]: Ha… ha…

[LB]: You are right!

[LB]: The animal hasn’t evolved. He must be trained slowly!

[LB]: Sorry for my incompetence, sorry for the trouble, grand-dads!

[LB]: I beg you all!

{sfx: pong~}

[LB]: Please spare me, grand-dads!

[LB]: I don’t want to die!

[LB]: Don’t want to die!

[LB]: I beg you, grand-dads!

[LB]: Spare this brute’s life!

[LB]: Let this animal live a while longer, learn a little more!

[LB]: Did you hear me, lord Cao?

{sfx: pong~}

And then the sound of his kowtow went on and on,

while the scene went silent around him.

Suddenly everyone understood something.

And they felt a chill in their hearts.

They only hoped for a quick resolution –

so that this grotesque phenomenon can disappear.

Everyone waited.

There is no longer any arrogant smile at the scene;

only stern footsteps.

[Cao Cao]: Is a true hero unafraid of death?

[CC]: What are you?

[CC]: Is this the Lü Bu Amongst Mortals that everyone reveres?

[CC]: A hero does not fear death.

[CC]: I say that’s only what simpletons think is a hero.

[CC]: It’s but another masterpiece by men of letters.

[CC]: They don’t understand a very important logic.

[CC]: What good is reputation if you are dead?

[CC]: A true hero understands that one can accomplish much more by staying alive.

[CC]: In the past we had Gou Jian surviving as a peasant, and today we have Lü Bu begging for his life.

[CC]: Your courage

[CC]: surpasses all the shallow men here.

[CC]: It surpasses the reputation which they hold dearer than life.

[CC]: Of all the heroes (in the world), who is more fearless than you on the battlefield? And who more unafraid of death?

[CC]: And of all the heroes (in the world),

[CC]: who dares to trample on their pride like you have?

[CC]: God of War, Lü Bu,

[CC]: you truly embody the essence of brains and brawn.
(“proven the truth of intellect and bravery”)

[CC]: A paramount state of cultivation.
(not sure)

[CC]: Too bad we walk a feudal path;

[CC]: a shallow path.

[CC]: Winner takes all. A pitiful reality.
(“win, a king; lose, a criminal. we sigh at that”)

[LB]: I know what you mean.

[LB]: So then,
[LB]: use my petty achievements to showoff your glory.

Everyone present there are still seeing, in their minds, the swinging of Lü Bu’s sharp blade. They cannot wait for him to die.


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