Ravaging Times

chapter 166

When it comes to strategies, how many people understand the meaning of resourcefulness?
(still not sure; dictionary’s translation just doesn’t sound right to me…)


[?]: A total loss of fifteen thousand men…

[?]: Including the five border cities south of Lujiang.

chapter 166 Brawns and Brains

[?]: The situation there is dire, so I’ve called in reinforcements from Hefei.

[Yuan Shu]: Then for the time being, Ji Ling‘s troop must remain at south of Lujiang to defend against Liu Biao?

[?]: Yes, and our armies at Huainan must defend against Xuzhou‘s Liu Bei; therefore we can’t give Ji Ling more troops. We need another method to dispel Liu Biao’s army.

[YS]: Then transfer Liu Xun back from Jingkou.

[?]: No, he’s in too deep. If he comes back now, we can’t predict how Liu Yao‘s counter-offensive will end up…


[?]: Sun… Sun Ce has breached Dongan!

[?]: Impossible! Sun Ce’s army is small, how can he breach Dongan that fast?
[?]: Right! They are double the size of Sun Ce’s army. Even if half of Dongan’s forces went to Jingkou, the other half can still…

[?]: The other half were sent to attack Qichun, but they were ambushed on the way, already… annihilated!

[?]: And Liu Ye, who was guarding Dongan, surrendered the city to Sun Ce!


[Liu Xun]: It’s too late.

[LX]: “Sowing discord among the enemy”. We fell for it.

[LX]: Back to your posts. Zhou Yu is already long gone.

[LX]: Dongan’s lost, and so are the shores. We can’t go back. We have to keep guarding here.

[LX]: Achieving diminution without suffering any casualties. That boy Zhou Yu really is a genius…

[LX]: Our sneaky actions this time ruined Ji Ling’s mission, and if he reports to our Lord…
[LX]: We”ll be in hot waters if our Lord decides to hold someone responsible.

[?]: We have enough resources to keep this territory. Lord Yuan can’t really do anything to us if we stay.

[LX]: Liu Ye told you to say that, right?

[?]: He said he doesn’t want you to serve the wrong lord and become an enemy to the world.

[LX]: Liu Ye…

[LX]: some “friend” you are, stinking brat.
(not sure what tone he’s using)

That year Liu Xun settled around Jiang and Huai regions, forming his own influence. He was fine even after Yuan Shu’s fiasco.

{the city of Dongan . harbor}

[?]: The shipyard has indeed delivered on time. That mister Huang is really worth doing business with.

[?]: Right now Yuan Shu’s main force has been split into three groups. Ji Ling is forced to remain at south of Lujiang, and he must keep Qichun’s Liu Biao army in check;
[?]: while Liu Xun is stuck in Jingkou, and he must also deal with Liu Yao; and their force at Huainan must defend against Xuzhou’s Liu Bei.

[?]: Yuan Shu may have a bigger army, but he wouldn’t know what to do with us.
[?]: So it seems…

[Sun Ce]: my plan to take the Eastern region,
[SC]: can proceed without any nagging concerns.

How many warmongers understand the suffering of the people?

[SC]: I accept your good-will in the name of my father.

[Zhou Tai]: The common folks around the Jiang and Huai regions are thrilled to hear that the Sun clan can start over. So in response to their desire, we’re here to serve you.
{Zhou Tai}
{Jiang Qin}

[SC]: The common folks may be suffering, but they understand that they must act proactively to obtain a long-lasting peace.
[SC]: I will give it my all to restore Imperial Han, so as to relieve them of their suffering!

[Zhou Yu]: Don’t worry, you have the people’s support. No obstacle can stand in your way.

[SC]: All thanks to you.

[ZY]: No, this is Heaven’s Will.

{high-five sfx}
[SC]: Zhou Yu,

[SC]: you are my “Heaven”!

{Xuzhou . Xiapi}

[Zhang Fei]: This year’s tax revenue is quite good, except someone refuses to pay on purpose.

[Chen Deng]: Whatever, the Chen family never had to pay.

[Mi Zhu]: Although Xu Dan did pay a lot.

[ZF]: I heard that he’s drafting for us in Xiaopei, a commendable act if you ask me.

[Guan Yu]: Xiaopei? Any news of Lü Bu?
[ZF]: He’s still in a slump. Ever since his bluntness at that banquet, the people of Xuzhou avoid him like the plague.

[GY]: But we have to stay on guard against this man.

[GY]: Yesterday an Imperial herald came to see our big brother. I think Cao Cao wants to use us to eliminate Lü Bu.

[MZ]: Or at least start the spark.
[ZF]: So what? I can barely wait.

[GY]: Our big brother didn’t tell us, so I think that fool doesn’t like it.

[CD]: An open attack can be countered; but an underhanded move is hard to defend against.
(a Chinese proverb, some translate it to be “false friends make bitter enemies”,
http://www.4english.cn/proverb/500pro.htm (see #154))

[CD]: Nobody said you have to do the dirty work.

[CD]: I have a great candidate for the job.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: I finally understand why the Chen family doesn’t have to pay taxes.


[CD]: The Chen family has always been good at maintaining the fighting force of Xuzhou.

[LYH]: Right, there’s no free lunch.

[CD]: Please take a seat.

Birds of a feather,

flock together.
(I have combined two separate parts of a Chinese sentence into one English saying; http://www.4english.cn/proverb/500pro.htm (see #86, the version that I learned, mister Chen had a variation here)


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