Ravaging Times

chapter 367

[?]: Oh.

[?]: He’s here! The doctor’s here!

[?]: The Miracle Worker is here!

chapter 367 Of Medicine and Painting
(“good medicine good painting”)

[?]: Doctor, allow me.

[?]: Everybody looks spirited. Much better than last time.
[?]: This way. One after the other.

[?]: Open up.
[?]: Good.

[Hua Tuo]: Don’t work the fields for a few days. Remember to rest well.

[?]: Next.

[?]: Thank you so much, doctor.
(“…labored you”)

[?]: Here, for your troubles, good sirs.
(respectfully referring to the men as “big brothers”, not necessarily older than the old man)
[?]: Thanks.

[?]: Who knows how we’d survive these days if it weren’t for you guys.

[?]: The epidemic of this year didn’t kill anyone from our village. Doctor Hua is surely a gift from the heavens!
(“…godly man”)

[?]: Doctor Hua is a master of medicine, far superior than those swindling alchemists.

[?]: Right you are, good sir. The plague affects so many for so long. Our lives are unspeakably hard.
(“…long and far…”)

[?]: Oh, if his surname is Hua, could he be…

[?]: Brother Liao, the doctor has completed the diagnosis.

[?]: Okay. We’ll be back in a few days.

[HT]: Looks like the herbs to treat this plague can only be found in these parts.

[HT]: I want to check the other side.

[HT]: Jingzhou’s big and full of bandits, Doctor. Better take caution.

[?]: If anything happens…

[HT]: Weren’t the bandits chased away by Liu Bei?

[?]: Ha, not chased away. They joined him.
(“…heard the wind and submitted”)
[?]: Even so, bad habits die hard. We should still be on guard for bandits.

[HT]: Hoo. Got it.

[?]: Master, Hua Tuo is here.

{Master Water Mirror, Sima Hui}
[Water Mirror]: Ha.

[HT]: I’m here to visit you, Master Water Mirror.

[WM]: Why haven’t you left?

[HT]: They said you haven’t recovered from an illness. So…

[WM]: I’ve been healthy for a while.

[WM]: Having been here for this long, you should’ve realized…

[WM]: that someone lured me to this place to trick you to come here.

[HT]: You and Cao Cao have a sincere friendship. He certainly wouldn’t be suspicious of me coming to visit you.

[?]: Fortunately they know how to treat a guest.

[?]: I cannot disobey my master’s order, doctor Hua.

[HT]: Liao Hua, would he allow me to leave?

[Liao Hua]: Haha, don’t make my job difficult.

[WM]: The way things look now… the Cao army will march deep into Wuwan…

[?]: but on such a deadly passage…

[WM]: would Guo Jia survive without you?

[WM]: Guo Jia’s illness kept him weak. He wouldn’t be here today if it hadn’t been for your care.

[WM]: His wish has been fulfilled at the battle of Guandu. Merciful was the heavens.

[?]: Ingenious. He even accounted for that factor.

[WM]: Gong Jin, Shi Yuan, and… the one who lured you here – Kong Ming.

[WM]: Plus Liu Bei and Sun Quan. This alliance has been preparing for action while the war between Cao and Yuan was happening.

[WM]: In addition, he needs you to solve another problem in Jingzhou…

[HT]: Correct. The endemic disease.

[?]: I even took care of Jingzhou’s yearly plague.

[?]: This way if Cao Cao’s army heads southward, they may contract the illness…

[?]: One side has the remedy while the other doesn’t.

[?]: Even the smaller Jingzhou army would be more than a match for a sickly one.

[WM]: Cao Cao will be stuck if the fight lasts till winter…
(“…forward backward not possible”)

[WM]: My calculation thus far has barely scratched the surface of their strategy…
(“my prediction merely their strategy’s skin and hair”)

[WM]: The real…

[?]: Master, seventh master has sent another messenger.

[?]: By my master’s order, here’s mister Zhang’s painting as a gift to Master Water Mirror.

[HT]: Mister Zhang, the Peach Garden painter?
[WM]: That boy sure knows how to apologize.

[WM]: Now that we could do nothing else, might’s well keep calm and spectate.

[WM]: Kong Ming isn’t here. Why don’t you serve as the curator in his stead. You might spot a brilliant move within the painting…

[WM]: Oh.

[?]: Haha, just like me, you’ve become enthralled by the setup.
(not sure)

One flat cake.

Next to it stood three beggars.


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