Ravaging Times

chapter 30

[?]: Amazing.
[Wang Gang]: Lü Bu might not be their match.

[Meng]: But isn’t it strange? Look!

[M]: None of those soldiers feel the need to help him despite his disadvantage.

[M]: Is it out of fear? Or complete faith in his abilities?

chapter 30 The Killing Haze

[Zhang Lei]: You’d be dead had it not been for sheer luck.
[Guo Ang]: Whatcha think? Wanna go again?

[Lü Bu]: One-armed and one-legged. It’s impressive how you defied a fate of worthlessness and trained yourselves into strong fighters.

[ZL]: You were once the foster son of Ding Yuan before you defected to Dong Zhuo. All shameless men are impressed by how much you crave fame and fortune.

[?]: How dare you!

[ZL]: Young Mister Dong, what is Lü Bu’s intention for joining Dong Zhuo’s army?

[LB]: Young Master, do not be swayed by slander.

[LB]: My loyalty to foster father is true…
{sfx: ka}

[Dong Huang]: Then you better be careful.

[LB]: What?

[LB]: Lü Bu! I said be careful!

[ZL]: Too late!

{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: pong~}

[LB]: Nice!

[LB]: What a nice feint!

[GA]: Lei, this guy’s troublesome!
[ZL]: Not to worry. There’s no one who can’t be killed in battle…

[LB]: Scary. I’m starting to get worried.
[LB]: Instinct tells me to kill you now, or the next person to die will be me.

[GA]: You’re right!

[LB]: This again?

[LB]: Too bad…
{sfx: pong~}

[LB]: I’ve figured out its weakness.

[LB]: I must target you first, boy!
{sfx: dahn~}

{sfx: cha~}

[LB]: Then attack you…

{sfx: pong~}

[LB]: below the waist.

[GA]: Oh shit!

[LB]: If you could take this blow,

[LB]: I’ll spare your life!

[?]: Ang!

{sfx: hoo~}

{sfx: dahn~}

{sfx: pong~}

[M]: Oh no!

[LB]: Faced with a powerful enemy,

[LB]: you’d help your comrade instead of fleeing…

[ZL]: Go!

[LB]: What an idiot!



{sfx: dahn~}


[ZL]: I… I blocked it!

[LB]: Too bad…

[ZL]: I…

[ZL]: I can’t stand up anymore.


[M]: Lei!
[Sima Lang]: Don’t go!


[DH]: No wound on the surface,
[DH]: but the internal damage has been done.

[LB]: You’re left. Go grab a weapon.

[GA]: Unnecessary. I’ll beat you with my bare hands.
[GA]: Come on!

[?]: With your one arm? What a riot!
[?]: I could beat you if you don’t have a weapon!
[?]: General Lü told you to get a weapon, so get!

[?]: Dream on!

[GA]: Ahahaha!


[GA]: How dare you laugh at me?
[GA]: Have you forgotten who killed Xu Lin?


[GA]: Scared?
Even though it wasn’t me.

[Wen Chou]: Was it you?

[GA]: Who’s there?

[?]: Th… they’re the fake Lü Bu!

[LB]: So the weary birds have retired.
(the idiom refers to government officials quitting their job to retire to their home town)



{sfx: dahn~ dahn~ dahn~}
[WC]: See that?

[WC]: Your Lü Bu clones are all dead!

[WC]: My army will be here soon! Back off if you want to live!

[WC]: No response? Dong Zhuo’s men have turned deaf.

[WC]: Another man with halberd. Could it be…

[LB]: Yes. And coincidentally, my name is also Lü Bu.


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