Ravaging Times

chapter 314

[?]: Fifth cavalry engaged!
(“…enter formation”)

[Liu Bei]: Fending off over ten thousand cavalry riders with a mere few thousand infantry men – that, Supervisor Han, is Cao Cao‘s elite force.

[?]: What do you suggest, Imperial Uncle?

[LB]: I have commanded Cao’s soldiers before at Xuzhou. I know a thing or two about their formation movements.

chapter 314 Bound By Friendship
(“Imperial Uncle has friendship/comradeship ties” or “is sentimental”)

[LB]: The forward flank will dig in their heels, followed by assaults from the two wings.

[Han Meng]: What you’re saying is similar to Commander Yan’s prediction. We can cooperate.
{Yan Liang’s Army Supervisor, Han Meng}

[LB]: Then I await your order, Supervisor.

[HM]: There is an opening on the left side. The enemy might be coming for us.

[HM]: Please take care of this part of the field, Imperial Uncle.

[LB]: Yessir.

[Yan Liang]: Boy,

{sfx: ping~}

[YL]: don’t get in my way!
(“don’t block my road”)

[Xu Huang]: Ugh.

[YL]: Kill!

[?]: Sir! Xu Huang’s troop is trapped!

[Guo Jia]: Maintain formation. Remain calm at all cost.
(“don’t become chaotic no matter what”)

[GJ]: Middle flank, go help Xu Huang.

[YL]: Where d’you think you’re going!
(“where are you running to”)

[?]: Cavalry, charge!

[?]: Sir! The middle flank is retreating!

[GJ]: Right wing.

[?]: Right flank, go!

[?]: Target the enemy’s backside,

[?]: behind the cavalry!

[?]: Sir! The enemy has sent forth another troop!

[?]: Their midway is wide open, leading our main army forward!

[HM]: Commander Yan has been lured forward. This troop is targeting his backside.

[HM]: Listen up!

[HM]: Don’t let them go around!

[HM]: Archers, get ready!

[HM]: Fire.

{sfx: shoo~}

[?]: Nock!

[?]: Fire!

[?]: Fire!

[?]: Sir! The right wing has collapsed! The rear flank is moving in to aid them.

[GJ]: Left wing.

[?]: Left flank, go!

[?]: Commander Yan! Army Supervisor orders you not to advance too far!
(“…go too deep”)

[YL]: Hoo.

[YL]: Big deal! With our mighty formation of archers,

[YL]: the enemy will only be courting death!

[YL]: Brace yourselves, let’s take down Guo Jia before nightfall!
(“…take Guo Jia’s head”)


[?]: Assault from an enemy wing!
(“enemy wing formation coming”)

[?]: Ready the archers!

They have already lost a division last time, yet again…

[?]: Nock!

Trying to break into the enemy line by brute force? That’s not how the Cao army fight.

What is Guo Jia trying to do?

[GJ]: Liu Bei,

[GJ]: I’ve been waiting for you.
(“waiting for you so long”)

[GJ]: Fire,

[GJ]: if you dare.

[?]: Get ready!

[Mi Zhu]: Wait…

[MZ]: Wait, my Lord!

[?]: Imperial Uncle!

Second brother!

It’s second brother!

[?]: Imperial Uncle, what’re you waiting for?


Why doesn’t Yuan Shao‘s army open fire?
(“…shoot (us with) arrows?”)

Guo Jia’s art of war is really bizarre!

[Guan Yu]: Turn!

[?]: Imperial Uncle, the enemy has changed direction!

[LB]: Don’t shoot!

[LB]: I say, don’t shoot!

[LB]: Not a single shot!

[GJ]: Just like I thought.

[GJ]: That fool still values friendship.

[GJ]: But once he returns, will Yuan Shao value honor?

[?]: Sir, our right side…

Liu Bei…

What are you doing?

[YL]: I… see!
(“so… it is like this”)

“Guan Yu, Liu Bei… so then…”

Yan Liang felt a chill down his spine, and his troop went into disarray.


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