Ravaging Times

chapter 253

Are we saving the world?

Or are we taking the world?

Are we saving the people?

Or are we hurting the people?

chapter 253 Silent Words

Are we giving our lives? Or are we losing our lives?

[?]: We are the only ones left, General.

Are we blindly loyal?

Or just stupid?

None of the above.

[?]: It’s over…

[?]: Let’s surrender.

None of the above.

Because… our twisted morality,
has already destroyed everything.

[Mi Zhu]: This is Ma family’s eldest son…

[MZ]: I had wanted to take him under my wing, but who knew…
{Mi Zhu}
[MZ]: who knew he would leave us so soon.

[Liu Bei]: That’s nothing, Mi Zhu. You will get used to it eventually.

We are used to everything in this era.

[Zhang Fei]: Huff!
[ZF]: Huff!

[LB]: Look at how you have suffered.

[LB]: Aren’t you two the one-man-armies of today?

[Guan Yu]: Just for what you said, big brother,
[ZF]: damnit I almost died.

[ZF]: But let me tell you, it’s not that easy.

[LB]: Hoo.

[LB]: I have never misjudged.

[?]: Ah!

{sfx: ke!}

[Zhang Liao]: Untie me!

[?]: Tighter!
[?]: Don’t let him move!

[?]: Don’t…

[ZL]: Huff!

[ZL]: Liu,

[ZL]: no need to ask me. Lü Bu has already left.

[LB]: So why didn’t you go? You knew there is only death if you cover for him.

[LB]: You couldn’t leave your brothers, could you?

He saw through me. It is like this guy can read my mind.

Is that how someone judges character?

[ZL]: Nothing matters as long as my master escapes.

[LB]: Hoo.

[LB]: Zhang Liao, do you remember when your men kidnapped my family that day?
[LB]: Someone is doing the same thing today.

[LB]: I heard Cao Cao’s men say that thirty-two people were all captured at the east gate.

[LB]: Lü Bu is still inside the city, unable to escape.

[LB]: Cao Cao hates his guts. I bet the execution already took place.

[LB]: Lucky for you you ended up in my hands.

[LB]: But you will say you would rather follow your master than to live on borrowed time.

[LB]: Except…

[ZL]: Are you finished?

[ZL]: Men like you are worthless, but you sure top anyone at gibberish!

[LB]: Aren’t you lying too?

[ZL]: I am loyal to my Lord; may heaven be my witness! I rather die than surrender!

[LB]: Oh, that’s an interesting statement.


[ZL]: Interesting? Not as much as restoring Imperial Han and saving the world through kindness and righteousness, right?

[ZL]: What’s more interesting is to flock to criminal Cao Cao while wagging that tail of kindness and righteousness. Look at you, a man or a dog!

[ZF]: Fuck.

[ZF]: I told you, big brother, he’s no use left alive!

[ZF]: There is no shortage of talents in this world, second brother. I’ll kill this one and catch ten more for you!

[GY]: Zhang Liao, have you forgotten what Lü Bu said?

[GY]: If you keep living, you can…

[ZL]: Bullshit, it’s all bullshit!

[ZL]: Liu, you pretentious crook! There is no way you can persuade me to surrender and help you take the world!

[ZL]: I’m not like those ignorant men, and definitely not a greedy ingrate!

[ZL]: I’m sick of living already. Kill me if you want to!

[LB]: Zhang Liao,

{sfx: pa~}

[LB]: you are full of discontent, and quite forcefully said.
(not sure)

[LB]: It’s interesting that it sounds like you are scolding Lü Bu instead of me.

[LB]: I ask you-

[ZL]: Oof.

[LB]: No need to speak. Just let your heart answer.

[LB]: Because it is not shackled by morality, nor is it limited by language.

[LB]: It is what you think it is as long as you understand this pretentious law.

[LB]: Because men of this era are all like me, full of lies.

[LB]: They all talk of kindness and righteousness.

[LB]: I ask you,

[LB]: are you satisfied,

with a death,

like this?


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