Ravaging Times

chapter 346

[?]: Right flank, can you lend us two teams to fend off the enemy?
(“…enemy too many…”)

[?]: No, the enemy has come inside our ranks. We can’t budge!
(“…already entered our formation…”)

[?]: Captain, the head of the formation has been broken. They’re starting!

[?]: Look out! The enemy formation is launching!

chapter 346 Win Some, Lose Some
(“even though lost but it is just like a victory”)


[?]: With the formation lead broken, the eight troops can fight like a whirlwind.
[?]: Cao Cao‘s cavalry is no longer useful!

[?]: Sir! Cao Cao’s left flank has also collapsed!

[?]: So it begins.
(“launch/start formation succeeds”)

[?]: The Cao army held on for a while, but in the end they still could not withstand our powerful formation.
[?]: The eight troops are pushing inward toward Cao Cao.

[Yuan Fang]: In the end, Feng Hou’s Eight-Unit Formation still beats Master Sun‘s art of war.

[YF]: What about the sting?
(sting operation?)

[?]: They have entered the core, Chief Controller.

[?]: They’ve followed their target for a while; must be locked on to him by now.

[?]: Unfortunately only two of the eight remain.

[?]: Look. A signal.

[?]: He’s found Cao Cao!


[?]: They’re going to do it!

[?]: I say: measure the enemy strength by the terrain.
(Cao Cao commentary on Art of War, chapter 4, line 18)
[?]: With their formation in action, we’re weak against them.
(Cao Cao commentary on Art of War, chapter 4, line 19)

[?]: Team leader to my left, listen up!
[?]: Scatter near the enemy, then reshape to formation!
(not sure)

[?]: Left flank to the left, scatter!

[?]: The middle is wide open. Perfect opportunity!

[?]: Go!

[?]: Finish him, sting!

{sfx: ping~}

[?]: He… he’s not Cao Cao!

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Chief Controller, that man’s not Cao Cao!

[?]: My, my. They’ve played us for this long!
(“…followed half-a-day just discovering (we’ve) been played”)

[YF]: Look to the right…

[YF]: It’s too late.

[YF]: The Redhare cavalry… is too fast for us to catch up.

[YF]: I must admit, Master Sun’s art of war is the best at getting away. Feng Hou is no match at that.

[YF]: But so what if you do get away?

[YF]: I’ve said before, the Battle of Guandu is already over.

[?]: Cao Cao, you’re done for!
[?]: Dismount and surrender!


The gesture for action?

[?]: What more do you have, Cao Cao?

[?]: You truly are the number one warrior of the Yuan army…

[Zhang Liao]: You’re in lockstep with my every move.

[Zhang He]: Perhaps it’s because we men of Zhang share a common ground.

[ZL]: Whatever. I won’t surrender.

[ZL]: My troop may be defeated, but it’s not a total loss for us.

[ZL]: Suppose we couldn’t go on, it’s still over for you lot!

[ZH]: Lord Cao says: stall?

[ZL]: Correct. We’ve stalled long enough to achieve our goal.

[ZL]: My Lord said, if you guys are not there…

[ZL]: what will be at Yangwu?

[ZL]: We share a common ground, right?

[?]: What’s he doing here?

[?]: Bad news, Chief Controller!

[?]: While you’re fighting in Gushi…

[Yang Qing]: they’ve burned the rations depot at Yangwu!
{Yang Qing}

[YQ]: And the arsonist…

[YQ]: is… is one of us!

The third fire burned the crucial point.



  1. Awesome translation w/ map. Thanks a bunch!


    Comment by ravagereader — October 16, 2011 @ 9:49 am

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