Ravaging Times

chapter 404


[?]: Sir! Gan Ning and Zhou Tai’s troops have withdrew.

[?]: And we haven’t spotted any enemy troops nearby for days!

[?]: The Cao army must’ve lost enough battles to keep going.

chapter 404 The Number One Upstart
(“…small/young general”)

[Taishi Ci]: So our troops have been withdrawn as well.
[?]: Yessir!

[TSC]: Because of the encroaching Cao army, General Huang Gai has ordered our surplus forces to be transferred to Red Cliff for its defense.

[?]: Yessir. Five thousand have already left yesterday.

[?]: You may also return to the frontline, General.

[TSC]: Oh and didn’t our Lord order us not to allow outsiders inside the camp?

[TSC]: You big softie.

[?]: These Jingzhou refugees were supposed to be sent to the south.

[?]: The recent disturbances by the Shanyue tribe may have been instigated by the Cao army.

[?]: I was afraid for their safety, so I let them stay inside for a while.

[?]: Don’t worry, General. I’ll have them escorted out tomorrow.

[TSC]: No, a military order is inviolable. Escort them out now.

[?]: But it’s already dark, why not…

[TSC]: Sorry to put my foot down, but this is a key military position.
(“don’t blame my cruelty…”)

[?]: Understood. Right away, sir.
(“…subordinate accordingly act”)

[TSC]: How’s the situation with the Cao rebels?

[?]: Their hundred ships from last month have departed.

[?]: I haven’t found any Cao soldiers in the vicinity. After our previous ambush,
[?]: they must’ve boarded the ships in the dark and headed back to Wulin.

[TSC]: Has our insider confirmed this?
[?]: Yes, they have.

[?]: Let me go, let me go!

[?]: Who said you could wander around, boy!

[TSC]: What’s going on?
[?]: General, we caught a little interloper.

[?]: Wow!

[?]: Are you General Taishi?

[?]: I’ve been dying to meet you!

[?]: Get your ass back here, boy!

[?]: Wow, do you know how long I’ve admired you?
[?]: We grew up listening to the tale of the legendary brawl between you and Little Conqueror Sun Ce!

[?]: They caught me trespassing, but that was me trying to pay you a visit!
[TSC]: Aren’t you too young to enlist, little fella?

[?]: I’m thirteen, General. I just want to make a name for myself alongside you!

[?]: Your accent sounds like someone from Xinye.
[?]: Wow, you’re amazing, General Taishi!


[?]: Sir, the hundred vessels to Haihun have returned!
[?]: But they haven’t come to shore yet!

[?]: Damn it, there must be too many ships docked!

[?]: Tell them to cooperate and get those men off the ships.

{sfx: pa}
[?]: You’re so dutiful, General Wang.

[Wang]: Advisor Jia!
[Jia Xu]: Up and working before sunrise.

[JX]: Are you in charge of directing the flow of ships?

[W]: Nono, I saw my comrades coming home from fighting on the other shore, and I just want them to get on land sooner.

[JX]: Yes, they’ve suffered over there.

[W]: You’re right, Advisor. Thankfully Young Master sympathized with them and transferred them back.

[JX]: There are too many ships docked. Let the men off the ships once there are free space.

[W]: But it has been nearly two days. What’s taking so long?

[JX]: Chained ships are hard to maneuver, that’s why.

[JX]: Suspicious, General Wang?

[W]: What?


[W]: Advisor Jia, what…

[JX]: All right, Sun clan’s insider, your suspicion was absolutely correct.

[JX]: But it was too late. Thanks for notifying the southeast that our army has retreated.

[JX]: You know those hundred ships that haven’t docked…?

[JX]: They’re empty.

[JX]: And our troops on the offensive over at the other shore haven’t returned yet.

[JX]: Those ships are coming to load more men.

[JX]: You know what,

now is when my attack officially begins!

[?]: Look, a rope! It was lowered from here!

[?]: Oh no, this opening…

[?]: The enemy had sneaked in in the dark!

[?]: Hurry, alert the General!


[TSC]: Brat.

[?]: That’s why I admire you.
(“not ashamed/unworthy to be my admired person”)

[?]: Look at that lightning reflex.

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Oh no, them!

[?]: Unit two, formation!


[TSC]: Mobilize and retaliate!

[?]: Unit two, listen up!

[?]: The southwestern gate has a weaker defense. Attack there!
(“left lower gate’s people number less…”)
[?]: Yessir!

[?]: Well done.

[Zhang Liao]: Don’t get greedy now, Deng Ai.
(“don’t greed military-credit/merit/achievement…”)
[Deng Ai]: Yessir.

[ZL]: Leave this business

[ZL]: to the grownups.
(he could have meant “grown ups” or “the higher ranking officer”)

Deng Ai committed this advice to heart. Many years later, he would use the same trick… to end the Shu Kingdom.


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