Ravaging Times

chapter 128

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

{banner reads: Sun residence}

[Sun Ce]: Even with our former subordinates, that’s no more than two hundred people.
[SC]: And with so little funding, we can’t do much even if they come back.

[Shan Wu Ling]: Funding isn’t an issue, the main thing is that Yuan Shu agreed to let you take charge.
[SC]: Those who gobbled up the Sun clan, many of them are Yuan Shu’s allies.

[SC]: In other words, Yuan Shu was also responsible for the Sun clan’s breakup.

[SC]: To retake the Eastern regions…

chapter 128 Righteousness . Sympathy

[SS]: Is just a mean to comfort me.

[SWL]: Right, within these months, Yuan Shu has been using you to put down many of his enemies!

[SC]: I just hope to do my best.
[SC]: Now he finally says thanks.

[SWL]: But you have to know that he is not about to send troops.

[SC]: But I believe that you have an idea to force his hand.

[SWL]: You know Yuan Shu is a voracious man. Why would he keep you knowing that he wouldn’t give you troops?
[SC]: What do you mean?

[SWL]: I heard that the Sun clan has a treasure.

[SWL]: Don’t play dumb, a day before someone was killed outside the city because of it.

[SC]: Haha, even when we were young, nothing escapes little-sis’ keen insight.
[SWL]: Don’t tell me that the Sun clan is guarding it from the wrong hands.

[SC]: So the company of Cao and Tian is interested in this too?

[SWL]: You have two options: you can give it to Yuan Shu, in exchange for a military foothold in the Eastern region.
[SWL]: Or you can give it to lord Cao, and let him retake the Eastern region for you.

[SC]: Haha, Cao Cao would do that for me? Why would he cross Yuan Shu?
[SC]: And he’s not even a match for the Yuan clan.

[SWL]: Then you only have the first option.

[SC]: Don’t jump to conclusions.

{sfx: zheng~}

[Lao Da]: Someone submits under the rule of his enemy in hope of restoring his clan;
[LD]: someone takes in the descendent of a dead man in hope of obtaining the treasure.

[LD]: Who wins? Who loses?

[Lao Er]: Milady’s working on it, what do you think?

[LE]: Lao Da, we’re being watched.

[LD]: Heh, where’s that successor of mine?

[LE]: Where? Is there a need to report to a former leader?

[LD]: True, no one could keep him still.
[LE]: Haha.

[LD]: Haha, Lao Er, your grin is so ugly.

[Nameless Advisor]: Make him pay.

[Nameless]: As long as we don’t make a move, Cao Cao will force the Sima clan to send more funding to us.
[Nameless]: That’ll keep the Eastern region at peace, my Lord; no need to worry, as he won’t have a chance to do anything.

[Nameless]: Then… when Sun Ce is desperate, he will definitely give THAT THING to us.

[Yuan Shu]: Frankly, comparing Sun Ce and that thing,
[YS]: I really like that boy, but unfortunately…

[Nameless]: Unfortunately when a talent is put beside a profittable venture… how will my Lord weigh their value?

[SC]: Walking on the border between self-interest and righteousness,
[SC]: we have no choice, and that’s life.

Right, that’s life.

{sfx: ka!}

{sfx: pa~}

[SC]: There’s always something unfathomable in this world.

{sfx: pa pa.}
[Liaoyuan Huo]: Then how will you resolve that?

[SC]: I could use another helper, care to join us?

{sfx: peng~}

[SC]: Please sit!

[SWL]: That Lao Da!
[SWL]: I thought those mass murderers all look like him…

[LYH]: Sorry to disappoint milady.

[LYH]: Pleased to meet you, Sir Sun Ce.

[SC]: The honor is mine, leader of the Handicapped Warriors.

Next morning.
{Shouchun army gathering ground}

[soldier]: Yessir, the news was given out this morning.
[captain]: Many were promoted.

[captain]: Quite a few from the Sun clan.
[official]: Does it mean a mobilization is coming?

[messenger]: Get ready, legion one to Wancheng, legion two to Lujiang.
[captain]: Th… that soon? We haven’t finished breakfast yet!

[YS]: I spoke to Bo Fu yesterday, and I’ve decided to support him as best I could.

[YS]: As long as we all work together, restoring the Eastern region will be within reach.
[YS]: I hope you two can aid Bo Fu, and attacking his enemies from two sides is the best way.
{note: Sun Ce, whose courtesy name is Bo Fu}

{Sun Jian’s former subordinate Huang Gai}
[Cheng Pu and Huang Gai]: Thank you, my lord.
{Sun Jian’s former subordinate Cheng Pu}

[YS]: Speed is vital in war, I speak for Bo Fu today, wishing you all success.

[HG]: Promotion my foot!
[CP]: Why send us to Wancheng if we’re supposed to take the Eastern region?

[CP]: He’ll look honorable by giving us troops, but he just wants us to put down the rebels…

[CP]: Bo Fu! We’re being split up; you’re on your own from now on.

[YS]: Will there be a problem?

[Nameless]: What’s to fear? They are asking for our favor.
[Nameless]: These two are talents, so we should use them wisely in the future.

[YS]: Right, this move can kill two birds with one stone.

[Nameless]: This is also for the grand scheme of taking the Eastern region, and we should ask the Sima clan to send more funding.

[Nameless]: The opponent isn’t easy to deal with.
[YS]: Haha, Sun Ce will have to wait a few years!

[Nameless]: Oh right, do you want to look at the gifts, my Lord?

[soldier]: Be careful.
[servant of Sima clan]: Two thousand coat of armor, please check.
[record keeper]: Two thousand, check.

[soldier]: That’s a lot, these favor-seekers are really generous!
[soldier]: So it seems our Lord gained a new investor.

[soldiers]: Look, look.

[soldier]: Gorgeous.

[soldier]: Just came yesteday.

[servant]: Two hundred jin of healing medicine, and also…
1 “jin” = 0.5 Kilogram = 1.1 pound;
the medicine is literally “gold injury medicine”, a very common term in Wuxia novels,
but I don’t know the conventional English translation
[SWL]: This is fine, send them all in!

[SWL]: Tell your Young Master… that I said thanks!
[servant x]: Yes… ma’am.

[servant y]: Did you find out who she is?
[servant x]: Only that her last name is Shan.

[servant z]: Shan? Could she be… the niece of that Tian…

[Sima Yi]: Do you remember, that the Tians once tried to befriend the Sima clan…

[servent w]: You mean she is…
[SMY]: Shan Wu Ling, my fiancee.


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