Ravaging Times

chapter 373

{Outskirts of Jiangxia}

[?]: Sir! Liu Biao’s troop is here!

[?]: A small one, about two thousand strong!

chapter 373 Weak Leaders and Broken Men
(“weak generals and handicapped soldiers”)

[?]: Sun Quan had looted Jiangxia of its civilians.

[?]: Huang Zu’s troop is returning to a near-empty city, so he won’t come out to engage us when he’s got Sun Quan to guard against.
(“…dead-set on guarding and not come out”)

[Zhang Wu]: What do you think this troop is like?
{Zhang Wu}

{Chen Sun}
[Chen Sun]: We’re not sure who the commander is. Looks like it’s just a small force from a neighboring area.

[ZW]: A motley crowd, hastily put-together. They must’ve gotten stupid because of our surprise attack.

[ZW]: How could their loser of an army stand up against our well-trained force?
(“…hundred-battle-hundred-loss troops… hundred training mighty army…”)

{horse neigh}

[ZW]: Let’s carry forth Advisor Guo Jia’s plan to its intended effect!

[?]: Prepare for battle!
(“our troop, prepare”)

[?]: Beat the crap out of these peons!
(“…kill til they’re mush”)

[?]: Traitors Zhang and Chen’s troop is coming-

[?]: we must hold on for the sake of Jiangxia!

In year 207, a plan left by Guo Jia to first take Jiangxia was put into motion.
Zhang Wu and Chen Sun, two of Cao Cao’s sleeper agents in Jingzhou, revolted against Liu Biao while Jiangxia’s capital city was weak. They marched their troops toward various towns in Jiangxia.
(see reader MLee’s comments)

Because these two officers commanded a significant number of soldiers, Jingzhou couldn’t respond in time and suffered dearly.
(see reader MLee’s comments)


[CS]: Huang Zu’s main force is inside the city, so they can’t rush back.

[CS]: Listen up, have no fear- they’re but weaklings and cripples!
(wordplay on “leftover/surviving/remnant/handicapped”; pun lost in translation)

[CS]: Surround the enemy and attack!

[?]: Boss, Chen Sun’s here!

[CS]: Who’re you?

[Zhang Fei]: A weakling.
(“weak general”)

{crowd gasp}

[ZF]: Indeed.
(“very weak/inferior”, I’m tempted to translate this as “no shit”, but probably going overboard XD)

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: En… enemy commander has broken through our formation!

[ZF]: Huff.

[ZF]: Oh.

{sfx: pong~}

How… how could he avoid Dilu’s kick!

[ZF]: Nice horse. Keep!

[?]: Yessir.

Who’s this!?

[Zhao Yun]: A cripple.
(“handicapped soldier”; wordplay lost in translation)

{sfx: cha~}

[ZY]: Truly.
(“very handicapped”)


{sfx: pa~}

{crowd gasp}

[ZF]: Zhang and Chen are both dead. Give chase while we have the upper hand!

[?]: Chase them out of Jingzhou in one push!

[ZF]: Haha, underestimating the enemy is definitely a fatal weakness of the Cao army.

[ZY]: Yes, but had we not witnessed that same kick by Redhare, one of us would’ve fallen today.

[ZF]: A fine steed means fast legs. The ride feels not so far off from second brother’s Redhare.

[ZY]: Redhare had died of old age. Should this one be a gift to second master?

[ZF]: Second brother wouldn’t choose another ride when he has Redhare’s offspring.

[ZF]: But big brother’s old yellow might need a replacement.

[ZY]: Yes.

We are ready for a new beginning.

It is here…

that I saw the light of dawn.


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