Ravaging Times

volume 17

Back Cover Couplet
A landslide is like a rout; barely alive at the end of the road

Previously on Ravages
Sun Bo Fu wages war in the east; Yuan Gong Lu secretly targets the throne

Ravages Afterword
Sometimes a man could get to high places without any effort.
Sometimes a man would forever be overlooked no matter how talented he is.
Had it not been the smart ruler Liu Bei, who would have expected Huang Zhong to live out his old age so gloriously?
War promoted many famous people, but it also buried many talented ones.
The nameless Advisor in this volume depicts that era.

Readers like me, Mou, don’t… don’t let me die.
I don’t want to either, but it’s to make my point above.

Next on Ravages
If history wants you to live like this?
Then you should keep on living.

Volume 18
Live a better life!


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