Ravaging Times

chapter 213

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[Guan Yu]: Say, if Sima clan is through, so goes your group.
[Liaoyuan Huo]: Yes. The era of Handicapped Warriors is over.

[GY]: True. They wouldn’t last much longer anyway.
[LYH]: You know it all, second master, so…

[GY]: Since big brother is willing to take you in, I shall welcome you as well.
[GY]: But what do I call you exactly?

[LYH]: Liaoyuan Huo has passed, second master.
[LYH]: Like old times,

chapter 213 Hold It . Save It

[LYH]: just call me Zhao Yun.

[GY]: Fine. I ask you, Zhao Yun, what do we do with Liu Xun?

[LYH]: Release him. He would be too ashamed to return to Yuan Shu, so he will station at Lujiang for good.

[GY]: Right. That way Yuan Shu’s Lujiang division would have to be wary of him.

[LYH]: This favor might double our gains later when our Lord decides to attack Yuan Shu.

[GY]: Zi Long.
/* Zhao Yun’s courtesy name */
[LYH]: Yes?

[?]: Good choice.

[?]: Well thought out.

[Pang Tong]: You would bury the people killed by Lü Bu’s army. You’re pretty nice.

[PT]: This would make you look even better, wouldn’t it?

[PT]: But it stinks.

[PT]: Doesn’t it?

[Liu Bei]: There shouldn’t be other people on this ravaged battlefield.

[LB]: Are you going away, or going through?
/* word play on word order; need help with a better vocabulary! */

[PT]: Excuse me?

[LB]: In the face of danger, some would retreat,

[LB]: while others would keep going.

[PT]: Then I’m the latter.

[LB]: I advise you, mister, don’t go any further unless you’re not afraid of the stench.

[PT]: Right. One must brave the stench when doing things like this.
/* connotation: bad reputation */

[LB]: That sounds loaded. You must’ve had such experience.

[PT]: I bet… you are a conqueror too.

[LB]: And you are a military advisor.

[boatman]: Oh.

[PT]: Too bad I’m just a teacher.

[LB]: And I’m never wrong about people.

[PT]: It stinks.

[PT]: Goodbye.

[LB]: More dead are up ahead. It might be a difficult journey.
/* word play… */

[PT]: Away, avoid the disasters that are coming;
/* word play */

[PT]: onward, through the treacherous path.
/* word play */
[PT]: One must move forward to find the source of the stench.

[PT]: Am I right, Imperial Uncle?

[LB]: Wait, may I have your name!

[PT]: There must be a reason for your hesitation.

[PT]: Are you after the upstream Jingzhou as well?

This man…

[boatman]: Your long face yesterday,

[boatman]: where has it gone now?
/* distorted */
[boatman]: It seems,

[boatman]: that you now understand seventh master’s words.

[PT]: For all these years I’ve passed a wrong judgment, and made a wrong move.

[PT]: Seventh chose well.

I was right.

It was you –

You culprit.
Chinese: http://www.gmw.cn/01wzb/2000-06/04/GB/2000%5E1752%5E0%5EWZ3-0431.htm

English: http://www.art-antiques.ch/resource/tombart.html
“When Confucius said, ‘The inventor of burial figures in human form deserves not to have any progeny,’ he was condemning him for the use of something modelled after the human form.”

After some thought, I’ve decided to change it to first impression meaning instead.

Now if I just…

Hold it.

{sfx: shoo!}

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: pa~ pa~ pa~}

Hold it.

Save it.
Save it.

Save it for Zhong Da.
/* courtesy name of Sima Yi */

I remember the day when I met him again,

there were a hundred times more bodies floating on the river.


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