Ravaging Times

chapter 122

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

{Puyang’s north gate, Cao army’s last staging ground}

{shouting: kill~}

{sfx: peng~}

[general 1]: Five hundred more men for the General up front. If he still can’t take them down, I want his head.

[general 2]: I doubt five thousand would make a difference! Those guys seem like they’re getting stronger…

chapter 122 What if . There’s More

[Yu Jin]: Han Hao, change shift.

[YJ]: As agreed, it’s time for you guys to rest.
[soldier]: General Yu, but your men…

[YJ]: If the commander is as valiant as Han Hao, having only a small force is no concern!
{spit: tu!}

Keep to the rules and morale can be stablized even in a losing situation.

[Cao Hong]: Fifty men to the left, thirty men to the right!
[CH]: Everyone else to the back!

[CH]: Hold the line! Our reinforcement will come soon!

What reinforcement…?

A decision-maker would always think about how to win, no matter how sizable the enemy force is.

{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: pa~}

[HH]: General Xu, your… your old wounds are opening.
[Xu Chu]: Old wounds, not, excuse, for defeat!

[XC]: If, I groan, my wealth, all yours!

Even with the last breath, a valiant fighter…

will not speak of defeat!

What is the meaning behind this moving imagery?

It is the aesthetics of the shameless battlefield; pure, sad, but stunning.

{sfx: pa~}

Flowers are blooming, though the breeze of Spring is weak.

Sad, but stunning…

Like the enemy?

[soldiers]: Fro… from the back? Im… impossible.
[soldiers]: This far… who is it…

[Xiahou Dun]: Everyone is worth their salt, except the Army Protector is slacking off.

If this is… a ploy…

[XHD]: If…

[Lv Bu]: If Cao Cao is able to escape…

[LB]: He will go to Yuan Shao. However… the likes of Yuan Shao…

[soldier]: Report! We lost many men in the back, it seems there are more enemy forces lurking in the city.

[soldier x]: So there are more ambushes besides the Handicapped Warriors?
[soldier y]: Puyang is a big city, I don’t see why not.
[general x]: But if our army has seen such a sizable force, why didn’t anyone report it?

[LB]: It’s alright, stop digging.

[LB]: Cao Cao’s already gone, but if he seeks help from Yuan Shao,
[LB]: he’s as good as dead!

[LB]: Runan’s Yellow Turbans should’ve arrived by now.
[general y]: The rations officer should be reporting too.


[messenger]: The Ye… Yellow Turbans defected!

[messenger]: Advisor Chen Gong is being besieged, the situation is dire!

[messenger]: And Xun Yu’s army on the outskirts are attacking many of our camps!
[soldier]: But… but we still have reinforcement in Chenliu!

[scout x]: Report! Li Dian’s army set an ambush on the way, and General Zhang Miao’s force was blocked!

[scout y]: Report! Yellow Turban’s division force defeated our army near Changyi!
[scout z]: Report! Enemy forces showed up at the north gate!

[scout z]: And their numbers keep increasing! Their leader is Xiahou Dun!

[LB]: Impossible… Zang Ba is outside, Gao Shun is inside, how…

[general]: My Lord! Gao Shun and Zang Ba went out to pursue Xiahou Yuan’s troop!

[LB]: Luring the tiger out of the mountain? Then… there must be Cao’s forces on the west side?

[general x]: My Lord, do you mean Yue Jin?
[general y]: Oh no! Our forces here are mostly scattered to deal with the various enemy divisions…
[general z]: My Lord! What shall we do? Please give your orders!

[LB]: Time passed and the situation changed, now we are surrounded, but in the south there’s still…

[soldier]: Report! Enemy forces showed up in the south; they’re putting out the fire and heading this way!

[LB]: There is a route connecting the south and the north gate, and our backing…
[LB]: Wait…

[LB]: Any news about the Tians?

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: peng~}

[Dian Wei]: Fifteen.

[DW]: Fourteen for you all…

[DW]: one for LV BU.

[LB]: What else?

[Cao Cao]: What else?

{south gate}

[Tian]: And that fool even let me handle the backing support.

[CC]: What else?

[Lao Er]: If lord Cao has given us the protection assignment, why hire the Handicapped Warriors?

[CC]: That was Xun Yu’s idea, and I had no objection.
[T]: Talents should be used, but is lord Cao really that trusting of people?

[T]: Or is it that… lord Cao had something else in mind?

[CC]: Wars can be tedius, and I always like pleasant surprises.
[CC]: And also, I want to make a declaration…

[CC]: As an effective ally, mister Tian is now an honored guest.
[T]: Thank you, my Lord!

What if…

there’s more…


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