Ravaging Times

chapter 16

[Meng]: So you’re Dong Zhuo’s nephew Dong Huang?

chapter 16 Two Fools

[M]: He’ll have your hide for stealing what belongs to him!

[Dong Huang]: He’s busy enough as is. Now with the move, he has no time for you.
[DH]: And it’s not like he’s short on women. I bet he’s already forgotten you.

[DH]: Instead of resigning to a lonely fate in the harem…

[DH]: why not join me, the heir-apparent?

[DH]: I’ll delight you more than my uncle could!



[DH]: Bitch! Let go of my finger!
(“lowly mistress! release open your mouth”)
{sfx: hoo~}

{sfx: pa~}

[DH]: Interesting. No wonder uncle brought you back.
[DH]: Like the women of Xiliang- unyielding!

[DH]: Drag her onto bed!

[DH]: Yes! That’s what I’m talking about!
(“…I wanted this feeling”)

[DH]: Listen, woman! What belongs to uncle belongs to me! How dare you resist?

Not only will I resist, my viciousness will blow your mind.

Look at that sickening face,

go to hell!

[?]: First Master, you can’t touch her!

[?]: She’s your uncle’s woman. Don’t do something that’ll break our Lord’s heart!

{sfx: pong~}
[DH]: Let go!

[?]: Young Master, he’s the Controller Commandant of Cavalry!

[DH]: So what? Having uncle’s trust doesn’t give you the right to be a busybody!

[DH]: You’re just a dog that belongs to uncle and me! Piss off!

[DH]: Did you hear me! How dare you get in my way!
{sfx: pong~}

[?]: First Master, it’s my duty…
[DH]: You have plenty to do, why pick on me?
[DH]: You wanna show off your importance by challenging me?
(“don’t think you now have important use that you dare challenge me”)

[?]: No, First Master, I have no such intention!

[DH]: No such intention?

{sfx: pong~}

[DH]: Your rank was supposed to be mine…

[DH]: But everything changed after you came into the picture! You detestable piece of shit!


[?]: Yo… Young Master, please stop!

{sfx: huff~}

[?]: I’m but a lowly servant. I only do what pleases the master…

[?]: Our Lord has twelve sons, each plots to succeed our Lord.
[?]: You being his favorite, is it worth it to lose that advantage over a woman?

[?]: Our Lord treats you better than his own sons. That’s no small feat!

[?]: The world is full of women…

[?]: I’ll get you anyone you want, First Master, even if it kills me!

[?]: He’s got a point, Young Master. Be patient.

[DH]: Fine. A man’s word is his bond. Listen carefully…

[DH]: I want this woman waiting in my room after we reach Changan!

[DH]: Don’t eat your words now. Let’s go!

[?]: What a temperamental young master to serve.

[Meng]: Who knew a wolf like Dong Zhuo would have such a loyal dog!

[?]: Damn it! Dong Huang got in first! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
[?]: We can’t lose to him, seventh brother! Let’s go in!

Here we go again!

[?]: Cough!

[?]: As long as I’m here, you’ll be fine.

Suddenly, the backside view of this “dog” touched me a little bit…

Or perhaps it was what he had just said…

[?]: How dare you block me, servant?
[?]: Don’t you know who I am? Scram!
[?]: Your rank doesn’t make you better than me!
(“don’t think as cavalry controller commandant allow you eyes [see] no person”)

Just like that, the Controller Commandant stood outside for the whole night…
while Dong Zhuo’s sons came one after the other.

Each time he would receive a beating.

It was only until…

the last one had left…

before he collapsed…

This person…

What am I thinking about?

[?]: Our chief’s killers are here! Hurry up!
[?]: After them! Avenge our chief!

[?]: Cut them off from both sides!

[?]: Block their left side, quickly!

[M]: Brother Huo, we can’t escape like this! Put me down and run!

[M]: You know this is the wrong way, don’t you?

[M]: Brother Huo, did you hear me? Stop!


{sfx: sha~}

[Liaoyuan Huo]: No one can get you if you’re down there!

[LYH]: What’re you doing? Let go of me!

[M]: You… you…

[LYH]: As long as I’m here, you’ll be fine.

[M]: Let go of me! You’ll…
{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: zing~}





[?]: He killed so many men using just one hand? Is he human?

[?]: Get’im! We’re our chief’s elites!

Birds were fly upward,

while men were falling downward.

Like a giant he separated heaven and earth,

yet it’s funny how he could not separate himself from a person with no blood relation to him…

And for that person,

he let his hand be cut up by the rope.
(“…skin scraped blood shed…”)

And for that person, he fought off endless waves of enemies using just one hand.

He could have escaped easily on his own.
{sfx: pa!}

{splash~ splash~}

Now he’s doomed…


Water was flowing. So was blood.

A waterfall of blood- like a red drape.

{sfx: cha~}
Until a spear pierced the arm that won’t let go…


{sfx: pa~}

Let go!
(“give up”)

Let go!

You fool!

{sfx: cha~}


{sfx: pong~}



{sfx: pa pa pa pa pa}

{sfx: huff! huff!}


(might be a visual wordplay on “fire”, but where’s the fire?)

[M]: Huo, are you okay! Wake up!

[LYH]: Look… I didn’t let…

[LYH]: let go!

[M]: Fool! You big fool!
[M]: You fool!

[LYH]: Let me go… Xiao Meng!
[M]: I won’t, I won’t!
[LYH]: I… I feel sick!
(“…gross/repulsive”; could be he is nauseated from Meng’s manhandling of his injured body, or the “inappropriate” affection of another man)

[M]: Fool!

[?]: Correct! He is indeed a fool.


What was I thinking about…?

Liaoyuan Huo.


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