Ravaging Times

chapter 216

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

{sign reads: … restaurant}
Same as always, so does the plan.
{sign reads: … inn}

[Ma Yong]: Business is good, eh boss?
[owner]: It’s all good as long as there’s no fighting.

{Ma Yong}
[MY]: Speaking of which, the two sides have been quite friendly ever since Lü Bu’s promotion.

[owner]: Of course, the Imperial Uncle dares not to offend Lü Bu now that he is General-of-the-Left.

[owner]: But the Imperial Uncle deserves more of our…
/* simplified */
[MY]: Watch your words.

chapter 216 Uprooted

[owner]: What for? Everyone in Xuzhou prefers the Imperial Uncle.

[owner]: So if I were Lü Bu I’d be worried seeing how the populous supports the Imperial Uncle.
[MY]: You mean he intends to eliminate the Imperial Uncle?

[owner]: That’s only a matter of time. But who knows what they’re doing lately.

[?]: Make way! Military rations coming through!
[?]: Make way!

[owner]: Look, Lü Bu is sending more gifts to the Imperial Uncle.

[MY]: No news of Xiao Meng, but the other topic is pretty interesting.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: You mean the relation between the two sides are getting better and better?
[MY]: Yup. It’s peaceful, and the flow of people have increased a lot.

[LYH]: Sir Zhang accepted our funding and recruited many men. But he sent them all away yesterday.

[MY]: So Imperial Uncle intends to leave instead of seeking revenge?

[LYH]: Yes. I heard Sir Zhang just returned from Jingzhou,

[LYH]: where Imperial Uncle Liu Biao personally escorted him out the city; pretty close they are.

[LYH]: Things are getting clearer.

[LYH]: Let’s go. Time for our patrol.

[civilian]: Please stay, Imperial Uncle!
[civilian]: Everything will change if you leave!
[civilian]: Please reconsider, Imperial Uncle!

[civilian]: Governor Tao Qian gave Xuzhou to you, how could you…
[civilian]: You can’t fool us. We know you planned to leave!

[Liu Bei]: His Majesty has already appointed Lü Bu as the governor of Xuzhou. It would be treason for us to do things our way.

[LB]: Besides, I’ve always been an eyesore to Lü Bu;
[LB]: and if we start fighting all of you will get hurt.

[LB]: I should make my exit when the tension is low.

[LB]: I’m sure you wouldn’t want to go through the pain of separation for this.

[LB]: If you want… you can blame me for being weak.

[LB]: Go home. One day…

[Guan Yu]: Only he can make people believe that.

[?]: But he meant it.

[Zhang Fei]: Speaking of which, do you really believe what that “Zhao Yun” says?

[ZF]: That man is two-faced. I don’t know what he’s up to for joining us.
[GY]: Believing in Lü Bu is more dangerous, isn’t it?

[ZF]: Why?
[ZF]: We’re one of a kind. I know what he wants.

[soldier]: Second master, third master, enemy at the gate.

[?]: How many?

[soldier]: I… I can’t tell, but a lot.
[soldier]: They showed up when it got dark.

[soldier]: Not just at the north, the east gate too!

[GY]: So?
/* as in “how about this” or “what about this” */

[ZF]: Brother…

[ZF]: I take back what I said.

[ZF]: Send someone to warn our Lord. Prepare to retreat!
[ZF]: Take what we can and dump the rest!

[?]: Hurry, go up and guard the gate!

{gong sfx: don~ don~}

{gong sfx: don~ don~ don~}

[LYH]: So it’s true that Lü Bu has intended to get rid of Liu Bei.

[MY]: Then you should go now, boss. I’ll look for news of Xiao Meng.

[?]: Left side!
[?]: Surround them!

[MY]: What’s going on, it’s past curfew!

[MY]: I take that back.
[LYH]: Hoo.

{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: cha~}

[LYH]: Ma Yong!

Up there!

{sfx: ta~}

[?]: I’ve been waiting.

[?]: Gotcha.

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: pa~}

[MY]: Boss! Look out!

[?]: Get them!

[?]: You are,

[?]: the first,

[?]: to avoid my shot.

{sfx: shoo.}


[MY]: Look out!

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: pa~}

[?]: Again!

{sfx: pa~}

[?]: Gotcha.

{gong sfx: don~ don~ don~}

[?]: Team two has just been sent away, third master, we don’t have enough guards!
[?]: Only five hundred or so at the east gate!

[ZF]: Damnit!

[ZF]: Damnit.

{sfx: long~}

[Lü Bu]: To fool the enemy, you must fool yourself first.
[LB]: But this was too easy.

[LB]: Too bad, Sir Zhang…

[LB]: too bad we’re one of a kind.
/* distorted? “you can blame it on us being the same kind of person” */

The strange kind as seen in historical text:
“More brave than wise.”


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