Ravaging Times

chapter 27

[?]: Hurry! Escape through here!
[?]: Forget the luggage, let’s go!

[?]: The road is blocked this way!

[?]: What do we do, elder?
(“alley leader…”, something like an elected person-in-charge of residents of a specific alley)
[?]: Oh, rumor has it there’s a secret passage through the City of Kings…

[?]: Stop crowding!
[?]: Stop crowding!

chapter 27 Engulfing Lü Bu


[Wen Chou]: Unbelievable.
(“see ghost”)

[WC]: Do you recall what I said, my Lord?

[Yuan Shao]: That even if there are ten Lü Bu, you’ll devour them all.

[WC]: Should’ve said ten pretty ladies had I known this would happen.
[WC]: Giddy-up.

{sfx: ta~}

[?]: So this is Wen Chou of Hebei!
[?]: Then the man with Liu Bian must be Yuan Shao.

[WC]: I heard that Lü Bu barged into one-eyed Liu Zong’s camp and killed him single-handedly.
[WC]: It boggled my mind how he was able to achieve that, but now I see how he did it.

[WC]: “Lü Bu” wasn’t just one man. So no wonder he was that powerful.

[?]: Do you all agree with my plan…?

[?]: Captain, our duty is to chase Yuan Shao into the City of Kings. This move might…
[?]: The goal is to eliminate Yuan Shao, right? Besides…

[?]: couldn’t Lü Bu’s ten commanding officers take on one measly Wen Chou?
[?]: This is our best chance to score top merit!

[?]: We’re supposed to be General-in-Chiefs, but our resemblance to Lü Bu turned us into idle body doubles.
[?]: I say we flex our muscles now and make a name for ourselves.

[?]: That makes sense!

[?]: So…

[?]: Wen Chou dies first, then Yuan Shao!
{galloping sfx}

[WC]: Lü Bu dies first.



{sfx: hoo~}

{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: cha~}


[?]: One… one hit… and down he went…
[?]: Not with a blade, but the backside of an axe…



{sfx: pa~}


[?]: The horse’s feces came gushing out too. What power…
[?]: So even its internal organs couldn’t handle the force…

[YS]: What an ugly way to die.

[?]: The captain was killed in one hit. Deputy captain, what…

[WC]: If this is Lü Bu…

[WC]: then even a hundred of them,
(“don’t say ten… even if a hundred”)

[WC]: will…

(“also engulf-able”)
{horse neigh~}

[?]: You once said,
(“I once heard you say”)

[?]: you wanted to be the governor of Luoyang after foster father unites the world.
(footnote says the same, simplified)
[?]: Sadly you fell in the line of duty.

[Lü Bu]: So, oath brother Xu Lin,

[LB]: I’ll burn Luoyang in your honor.

[LB]: Before you accept this offering, however… I’ve brought you your killers.

[?]: Release them.
(“push them out”)

[?]: Get over there!
[?]: You heard me?
{sfx: pa~}

[Meng]: First master.
[Guo Ang]: Deputy Chief Wang!
[Wang Gang]: Damn it. How many Lü Bu are there?


[Sima Lang]: Xiao Meng!

[SML]: You…

[Zhang Lei]: That’s right. He fell for Lü Bu’s trickery and revealed your whereabouts.

[M]: First master… I…

[SML]: That’s not what I’m saying…

[SML]: I was going to say, you’re so beautiful!
[ZL]: Huh?

[SML]: So we’ve all witnessed Lü Bu’s true strength today.
[SML]: This man is full of brains and brawn, a solid second adviser to Dong Zhuo. I knew we’ve lost the moment I was captured.

[SML]: Regrettably,

[SML]: the Triad of Clear Wind suffers because of us.

[WG]: Tsk.

[WG]: Had you not warned us to escape the burning of Luoyang,
[WG]: our Triad would’ve perished in the fire!

[WG]: We sacrificed a few dozen to save hundreds of our brothers. I wouldn’t call that suffering.

[SML]: Actually, it’s all my fault.
[SML]: If you didn’t have to save me…

{sfx: pa~}

[GA]: What are we, chopped livers?

[ZL]: Handicapped Warriors never miss the mark!

[ZL]: Besides, you don’t know what our crazy leader is up to.

[SML]: So it’s not over yet?
[WG]: Yes! As long as he’s around, we’re not afraid!

[ZL]: First Master is feeling better.

[ZL]: This is the only thing we could do now!

[LB]: Excellent. I’m itching for some action.

[ZL]: Yes. A little exercise will help.

Who knew we would be the first to take on Lü Bu!


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