Ravaging Times

chapter 192

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

Truths are casually discussed in a conversation.
Principles are angrily cursed upon during bloodshed.

[Chen]: Dormant for years, but in one move he converted many bugs to beasts.
[C]: Sixth master really opened my eyes this time.

[Yuan Fang]: But there are too much differences amongst these participants, and their only goal is to get power.

[YF]: In conquerors’ lands these men cannot be dominated once disagreement ensues.

[C]: That is why First master likes to cultivate in secret. I heard that Gongsun Zan is screaming for help but no one cares.

chapter 192 First Of the Eight Geniuses

[YF]: Your master said that, right?
/* “teacher” */

[C]: My master has always praised your patience, First master.

[YF]: He also sneers upon my actions.

[C]: Ha, that depends on your definition of the Greater Righteousness.

[YF]: So your master is also beginning to be troubled by its vagueness?
[C]: Yes. If the Greater Righteousness really exists, my master would gladly stand aside.

[YF]: The so-called Greater Righteousness can only be built upon killing. That is the historically undisputed truth.

[YF]: Kill for mercy is a slogan, while kill for power is a method. And the slave-mentality is the pawn of Benevolence and Righteousness.

[C]: I’m afraid your definition is completely different from the one advocated by historians, First master…

[YF]: History writers have always been flattering bastards.

[YF]: Don’t forget, history is written by the victor. And only they have the power to write a bunch of crap.

[YF]: Back when the First Emperor of Han declared rule, didn’t they describe him as greatly accomplished, and destined for the throne?
[YF]: Yet who was also described as mighty, merciful and righteous, but ordered the execution of many loyal supporters that contributed so much to his empire?

[YF]: Who described him as decisive, back when the First Emperor of Han betrayed Xiang Yu?
[YF]: It’s funny how the ignorant masses are just there to be exploited, for they only care about mere survival.

[YF]: While the Liu clan’s great cause is but for two things – glory and wealth.

[YF]: Righteousness is the means beforehand, while Kindness is for the aftermath.

[YF]: And by whatever means necessary is the so-called “Justice”.

[soldier]: Is there more? Get them quickly!
[soldier]: Hurry! Send them to the main camp near the woods!

[civilian]: Officer, I beg you, this is all we have…
[soldier]: Bullshit. Each man should do his part when the country is in need. This bit of food is no big deal.

[Xiahou Dun]: Asking didn’t get us much, but these are all ours if we just take them.

[XHD]: See, the rations problem is solved.

[officer]: The good reputation that we tried so hard to build around here has now been ruined by you, master Dun.
[officer]: What if our Lord reprimands…

[XHD]: Which is more important? Reputation or the overall situation?

[civilian]: Qingzhou army men, you sons of bitches!
[soldier]: Hell, you want to die? Shut your mouth!

[XHD]: What’s the use of reputation if one is dead?

[XHD]: Don’t worry, just reward them afterwards.

[YF]: People live like dogs in these parts.

[YF]: Those who want to accomplish big things cannot afford to save their faces all the time.
[YF]: Kindness on the surface, but ruthless inside. That is the True way of go.
/* last part a bit distorted */

[YF]: Men who cares so much about reputation, men like my father, will be devoured by history sooner or later.

[C]: My master once said, you have long since wanted to start somewhere else. Your conflict with your father… is actually…

[YF]: Xiao Chen, you really talk too much…
[C]: Haha, my profession demands that I ask about everything.

[YF]: Then if one day I manage to rule the world, what would you write, historian?

[C]: No flattery but the facts. And if I am killed because of offending you, my son will carry on my work.

[YF]: Haha, don’t worry, Xiao Chen, I’m not that kind of man.
[C]: My master also said, First master’s schemes are long-term types. Those who can’t live long enough might never see its result.

[YF]: Haha, then tell your son to live a long life.

[C]: I will take your advice, First mater, and name my son Shou.

[YF]: Xiao Chen, longevity is no match for Heaven’s Will.
/* distorted */

[C]: Then hope Heaven is long-lived and just.

[YF]: Let me teach you one more thing…

[YF]: Fate is unpredictable.

[YF]: Anyone would die if Heaven demands it;
[YF]: and Heaven sparing one’s life definitely has its meaning.

[YF]: Who says a wicked man now…
[YF]: won’t become a kind ruler later?

[YF]: Everything is just the beginning of this era.

[captain]: Wicked Cao is crossing the river!

[captain]: The water is not deep, go get him!

[soldier]: Where you think you’re going, wicked Cao!

[soldier]: Oh?

{sfx: po ci~}

[soldier]: Help… help me! This water is deep!

[soldier 2]: No… no way! Why isn’t he sinking?
[soldier 3]: What the hell?

[?]: Our Lord is here!

[Zhang Xiu]: Shit! Forget about capturing…

[ZX]: Fire! Kill him!

[Cao Cao]: Xu Chu.

[Xu Chu]: Yessir.

[CC]: Tell me another joke.

[XC]: There was, a fool,

[XC]: who thought, he could kill,

[XC]: my Lord. But instead…

[XC]: he,

[XC]: is in,

[XC]: big, trouble.

[CC]: Yes. Where is Justice…

[CC]: if I don’t pay him back?
/* “revenge” */

In reality, the so-called Justice is slowly becoming meaningless.

[YF]: Wear kindness on the face, but ruthlessness should be in the bones. The right lord that your master advocates for lacks just that.
[YF]: I’m afraid he will not get far in Xuzhou while others would get it all.

[C]: I will report whatever you say to my master.

[YF]: Though I heard that life is treating your master well these days.

[C]: These days he is always sleeping, and he eats a lot. A sweet life.

[YF]: Yes. Rest now while he still can.

[YF]: Eventually, the crouching dragon will become the fatigued dragon.
[C]: Haha.
Truth exists. But the Truth of this land will forever exist in a gray area.
/* could be better */

When people are still discussing over the Truth, someone is thinking toward the future.

He looks far into the distance, seeing a strong foundation, after conquest, for a kingdom in the north.


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