Ravaging Times

chapter 173

Many things in history are unclear and unaddressed.

In the summer of that year, Sun Ce‘s army defeated Liu Yao‘s coalition.
Liu Yao escaped to Pengze.

After that he and Ze Rong turned on each other; they faught, and the defeated Ze Rong fled into the mountains, only to be killed by civilians.

Due to the strain of these events, Liu Yao died from sickness in the same year.

chapter 173 What Is Loyalty

At the moment, many cities of the Eastern region are surrendering to Sun Ce.

[Huang Gai]: Still no answer from Liu Yao’s eighth legion?

[?]: Their new condition for surrender is an autonomous territory.
[?]: Perhaps we should just accept that now, and deal with them after we conquer the whole Eastern region.

[HG]: You’re right. Even though we’re in control of this area, not everything’s settled. Your suggestion is worth considering.

[HG]: As long as they don’t go to Liu Biao’s side, we can reach some sort of compromise.
[?]: So… the ninth and tenth legions asked for the same thing?

[Sun Ce]: Old man Huang, isn’t that planting the seed of trouble?
[HG]: Our next target is Wu county’s Yan Bai Hu, and we still have to be wary of Liu Xun

[official]: Now is the time to recover from the fighting. Everything else can wait.

[SC]: Zhang Zhao was able to collect the necessary funding within these few days, but you people…

[?]: Bo Fu, you can’t compare the value of human lives and money.

[Zhou Yu]: But more will die the longer we wait.
[SC]: (My) Savior is here.

[ZY]: If you want a fight, better do it now. Bo Fu, you have my vote.
(the word “vote” is seriously anachronistic in the context of this story)

[SC]: Your words always save me the trouble of persuasion.

[?]: Oh, about the task I gave you…

[?]: We now have Jingxian’s popular support. But…

[Zhou Tai]: Not this guy.
(“can’t keep this guy’s heart”)

[SC]: Taishi Ci,

[SC]: your boss is gone. Do you want a new job?

[Taishi Ci]: I know you’re in a hurry, but don’t bother wasting your time on me.

[SC]: I’ve made arrangements for your family.
[SC]: Your mother thinks rather highly of me.
(“admire”, but sounds awkward to my knowledge; older people do not real y “admire” younger people)

[TSC]: Why do you want a simpleton like me then, since you’re so skilled?
[TSC]: Just kill me! Or you’ll regret it later. I have a big appetite.

[SC]: Let me teach you.

[SC]: If I were you, I’d pretend to surrender first; you can then kill me at the right moment after gaining my trust.

[SC]: As long as you don’t mind what the world thinks; just swallow your pride and learn when to strike. That would be wise.
(“sleep on haystack, taste gullbladder”; refer to story of Gou Jian during the Warring Periods)
[SC]: Besides, every living man has his value.

[SC]: How pitiful would it be if he has the skills but not the chance to shine?
[SC]: Even if he chooses death, it should be meaningful.

[SC]: My subordinate Ling Cao sacrificed his life for my successful entrance to the Eastern region. Even after his death he inspired my army to defeat Liu Yao. If you also have this ability…
[Han Dang]: Son of a bitch!

[TSC]: Enough. Your “famous words” are making me sick.

[SC]: Taishi Ci, all conflicts are caused by dogmatism.

{sfx: cha~}

[SC]: Only history can determine if that belief is right or wrong.

[SC]: I’ll give you another chance.

[SC]: You can kill yourself, be a worthless Loyalist.

[SC]: Or you can go gather some forces and let’s fight it out once and for all.

[SC]: You must be thinking, “How can I exact revenge without an army?”

[SC]: Conveniently there are a few legions located near us. I trust that they’ll listen to you.

[SC]: See that list of names. I bet you can’t refuse.

[HD]: Bo… Bo Fu, you’re…

[SC]: Wouldn’t it be easier to deal with the difficult problems when they’re all lumped together?

[TSC]: Stinking brat, enough of your games!

{sfx: zing~}

[ZY]: I assure you he is serious.

[SC]: Please don’t flaunt Loyalty in front of me.

[SC]: The term Loyalty has its own inherent meaning.

[TSC]: So… what is it?

[SC]: Bring your troops, then you will understand.

{sfx: pong~}

[TSC]: Door oh door, what have I ever done to you?
(“…do you hold a grudge against me”)

[?]: Who’s there?

[TSC]: You guys really are here.
[?]: Oh!

[?]: Tai… Taishi Ci, you’re still alive?
[?]: Look! Taishi Ci is back!

[?]: Excellent, we were just trying to figure out who should be the leader!

[?]: We pretended to surrender to Sun Ce, but our intent is to keep the military command.
[?]: We’ll show him what’s what when the time is right.

[TSC]: Gou Jian‘s determination is commendable.

[TSC]: So do you all understand what Loyalty means?

[?]: You spoke our minds!
(“we are waiting for just this sentence”)

[TSC]: No, I was just asking.

[TSC]: Fine then, you guys go gather the troops;
[TSC]: since Sun Ce is now too busy appeasing the various cities,

[TSC]: we’ll let Heaven’s Will teach him the meaning of Loyalty!

What is Loyalty?

And what is Lineage?
(here the connotation of “door” is one’s initial allegiance; I think the point is that Taishi Ci initially serves under Liu Yao, but is there really a “contract” that keeps him from serving someone else…)



  1. [?]: So… did the nineth and tenth legions “asked” for the same thing?

    [TSC]: You guys really are “really”.



    Comment by Ki Shodar — March 5, 2009 @ 9:21 am

    • 1. What’s wrong with it?

      2. Oops. Was deciding between “really are here” and “are really here” and confused myself. XD


      Comment by merc — March 6, 2009 @ 7:52 am

  2. 1 should be either:

    So… did the ninth and tenth legions ask for the same thing?


    So… the ninth and tenth legions asked for the same thing?


    Comment by Ki Shodar — March 6, 2009 @ 7:30 pm

    • Oh the tense thing! Take the shorter one then. Easier for the bubble. XD


      Comment by merc — March 8, 2009 @ 8:19 am

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