Ravaging Times

chapter 106

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

{Xuzhou . west hill}

[Yue Jin]: Look, it’s raining on the southern parts.

{guard captain of rations, Lu Feng}
[Lu Feng]: If you hadn’t told me about it, I’d think a god has come.

[YJ]: Anything can happen in the world of warfare. This excursion to Xuzhou has truly opened my eyes!

[?]: Here they come.

chapter 106 Dragon Swirls Around the West Hill

[?]: The ambush is ready.
[?]: Though originally it was for transporting rations, and now…

[LF]: Thanks.

[YJ]: Don’t mention it.
[YJ]: Old Lu, you’re going to receive a high mark today.

[YJ]: Once Tao Qian’s remaining troops are destroyed, our men at Xuzhou can then focus all of their energy on fighting Lv Bu.

[LF]: Look.

[?]: The scout has arrived.

[YJ]: Tao Qian’s reinforcements are coming this way, just as the Advisor predicted.

[soldier]: I hear horses, it’s the cavalry!

[?]: They’re coming! Heading for the rations transport at great speed!

[?]: Archers, get ready!

[LF]: Strange, they’re a mess!

[YJ]: You’re right. A vanguard cannot possibly be that disorderly!

{sfx: long~}

[LF]: Xia… Xiahou Yuan!?

[soldier]: Is anyone there? Please help General Xiahou!

[captain]: Yue Jin, the enemy has mixed with our troops, sh… should we still fire?

[YJ]: We must save Xiahou Yuan! Drill-Shaped formation, straight into their cavalry!

{shouting: kill~}

{shouting: kill~}

Xiahou Yuan had been attacked, but we heard nothing of his defeat. They were using guerrilla warfare to buy time.

Good gracious, by using Xiahou Yuan as a human shield,
he keeps our archers from firing. This commander has some serious talent!


[LF]: Yue Jin, this man is mine!
[LF]: Enemy officer, one-on-one!

{sfx: cha~}

[Zhang Liao]: Now it is!
can’t translate the possible word-play
duel ~ do something by oneself

{sfx: dang~}

[YJ]: Damnit!

[ZL]: And this…


{shouting: wah~}

[ZL]: is a sneak attack.

[soldier]: General Zhang, it’s just like you predicted.
[soldier]: Cao Cao’s rations transport really is here.

[ZL]: Why wait? Team two, charge!

{shouting: kill~}

[captain]: Yue Jin, the enemy troop is within reach of the transport carts!

A talent…

Too bad Heaven is jealous of talented men!

{shouting: kill~}

[ZL]: Listen up! Burn these rations!

[?]: They’re here.


Wh… what?!

These carts…
are full of soldiers!

[?]: So… so there are…

[?]: Mister, your prediction skill sure surpasses that of Guo Jia.
[Seventh]: Actually, I wouldn’t have known where Zhang Liao was if the transport hadn’t appeared.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Then what is your next step, mister?

[Seventh]: Since the wind has turned, the rations transport will be going through Makeng Valley to avoid the fire.
[LYH]: Got it.

[LYH]: Rations are a necessity to Cao Cao, and if he loses them…
[LYH]: he would definitely be defeated, and Lv Bu will take the opportunity to occupy the territories of Yan and Xu.

[Cao Bao]: Listen up! Head for Makeng Valley immediately for a sneak attack!
[Seventh]: General Zhao, that man…
[LYH]: Haha!

{Xuzhou . south hill}

[Sima Yi]: Mister Guo, you used the transport as bait for Tao Qian’s reinforcements. Therefore whoever comes shall die.

[captain]: Advisor, a battle has broken out on the west side, but… but…

[SMY]: The wind has turned, so Xuzhou’s rations transport has changed their route through Makeng Valley.

[SMY]: And the one who will face your ambush on the west hill is a scapegoat… Zhang Liao.

[SMY]: But if Zhang Liao is attacking your transport in secret, it must mean that… Lv Bu is also aware of your backup rations!

[SMY]: If Lv Bu knows that too, what else would he prepare?

[SMY]: If Lv Bu knows the Crouching Dragon has seized your rations… how will you clean up this mess then?

[SMY]: That’s the last puzzle, as my parting gift to you.


[SMY]: May you remain strong and healthy.

[soldiers]: Quick! Over there!

[SMY]: Don’t thank me. I had to collaborate with Crouching Dragon in order to defeat you, really…
[SMY]: nothing to brag about!

[soldier]: Where did they go?

On that day, Guo Jia finally collapsed…


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