Ravaging Times

chapter 132

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[guard 1]: You mean… this asylum is full of high-classed men of the Yuan clan?
[guard 2]: Of course, who’d build this big of a house for common folks?

[guard 2]: They may be crazy, but they still have titles; so they must be locked up to stay out of trouble.
[cook]: Where is the man who ordered this noodle?
[guard 3]: He went home to sleep; just give it to me.

[guard 1]: I heard that these sirs are really hard to serve.

[guard 2]: This is the busiest job in town, and our Lord purposely gave the job to the Sun clan…
[guard x]: Even though our Lord favors the Sun clan, but… wouldn’t this indirectly drive them away?

[guard x]: He wants them as hostage, and he wants them to leave; what is our Lord thinking?
{sfx: ka~}

chapter 132 The Madness Strategy

[madman 1]: Ha!

[guard 1]: This… this guy is…?

With a blade in hand,
I swear to kill Lv Bu!

[guard z]: I remember now. He used to be a defense captain at Shouchun; his name is Yuan Yi.
[guard w]: Right, that year at Hulao Pass he met Lv Bu and got sick. Now I see that he ended up here.

[guard z]: They all become that way once they meet Lv Bu.

[guard z]: For the sake of morale, no wonder our Lord had to “keep him in”.

[madman 1]: Criminal Dong has told me about Lv Bu’s weakness, and now I can definitely defeat him.

[madman 2]: A load of crap! Didn’t you say you already killed Lv Bu?
[madman 1]: Pal, haven’t you heard of the Lv Bu impersonators?
[madman 3]: Where’s my son Xiang Yu’s killer?

[madman 4]: Where’s my brother’s killer?
[madman 1]: That Sun said, these men here are our captors!
[guard k]: This… this is…

[madmen]: What’re we waiting for? Charge!

[guard j]: Oh no, tell the patrol that there’s a mutiny at the asylum!
[guard m]: How do I get out? The exit is blocked!

[madman 1]: No sign of Lv Bu…

[madman 1]: He must’ve been frightened away by my fearsome name.
[madman 1]: Sun, let’s go find that coward!

[Sun Fu]: Once I leave by the south gate, Lv Bu will pretend to be our forces and attack the city.

[madman 1]: Hold them here, my brothers! I’ll return after I kill Lv Bu!

[guard a]: There’re some men heading for the south gate!
[guard z]: South gate? Oh no, today’s guard is…

[guards]: Move aside! Do you know what you’re doing?
[madmen]: Hahaha, finishing you off of course!

{south gate}
[captain Chen]: The Sima clan wants to leave?

[C]: All I know is that your second caravan is still on its way here.

[C]: You can’t leave before they arrive, plus it’s also getting late;
[C]: and I haven’t received any special message, so don’t make it difficult for me.

[Lao Da]: Strange, Yuan clan’s messenger hasn’t arrived?
[LD]: Mister Guard doesn’t know anything, you must be new, right?

[C]: How… how do you know?

[soldier]: Ca… captain Chen!
[C]: What’s the matter?

[soldier]: He… he’s back!

[C]: Who?

[madman 1]: My good brother, you’re here to welcome me!

[C]: Brother Yuan, are you fully recovered?

[madman 1]: Hah! Do I look sick to you?
[C]: But… they said you contracted a contagious disease, and got sent home!

[madman 1]: This is extremely important. I have a special message for you!
[C]: Message?

[C]: Is it ok to let them go?
[madman 1]: Don’t worry, I’ll take full responsibility. Just go deploy the troop.

[madman 1]: Block the gate, prepare for battle.
[C]: Ba… battle?

[soldier]: Captain Yuan, a troop is coming!

[madman 1]: Is there a flag?
{sfx: long~}
[soldier]: It’s General Liao!

[Liao Lan]: Guard, how dare you let people out without permission!
[LL]: Open the gates now, I’m going to pursue them!

[madman 1]: Quite gutsy, aren’t you! You think that disguise is going to fool me?

[C]: Brother Yuan, who are you talking about?
[soldier]: Captain Chen, this is bad for our first day on the job.

[madman 1]: Guard this gate, I’ll go down to fight Lv Bu!
[C]: Lv… you mean Lv Bu got in the city?

This guy is…

[SF]: They are in confusion now; let’s get away as the night falls.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Just like you said, a madman has his uses too.
[SF]: Yuan Shu really brought it onto himself this time.

[LD]: The Shan clan’s tactic is more amazing than that of the Sima clan, right?
[LYH]: I don’t want to comment on this sort of thing.

[LYH]: But I am a bit of uneasy…

[LD]: Don’t worry, everything’s according to plan.
[LD]: He’s here.

{sfx: peng~}

{sfx: pa~}

[Sun Ce]: Destination… Wancheng!

[servant]: Young Master Sun, General Sun is out!
[SF]: Good, let’s go!

[LYH]: Wancheng?
[LD]: You should go find Sima clan’s caravan, and tell them to change course to Wancheng.

[LD]: I’ll wait for you there.

[servant]: Liao… Young Master Zhao, we’re all here.

[LYH]: Lao Da didn’t see him, right?

[servant]: Young Master Sima? Wasn’t he with you?

Zhong Da…!

[Yuan Shu]: They’re heading for Wancheng, then…

[LL]: The caravan has the written pass, so they would be heading there too.
[YS]: But Sun Ce still has to pass some checkpoints.

[LL]: I’ve counted the patients at the asylum, and those who are related to the three checkpoint guards are missing.
[LL]: So they’re planning to use people instead of a written pass, just like what they did here.

[?]: Rule Enforcements have always been problematic in the Yuan clan; if that’s the case, it’d be pointless to chase them.

[YS]: No more discussions. Sun Ce has left, and so did the Sima clan.

[madman 1]: Lv Bu! You think you can impersonate my Lord and fool me?
[C]: My Lord, I had no idea, this… I really had no idea…

[YS]: Yuan Yi’s mutiny is undeniable; now I can take his military command without any objections.

[YS]: Based on their escape route, I bet Cheng Pu has already taken Wancheng.

[general]: Only… only been a few days, my Lord must be kidding!
[general]: If that’s true, let me take my legion to Wancheng, before they settle down…

[official]: No, our Lord has already broken a promise to Sun Ce over Lujiang, it’s not good for the reputation if he does it again!

[YS]: Yes, I agree.

[YS]: Send a notice, give Wan to Sun Ce.
[madman 1]: Lv Bu, just kill me; I’m not afraid of you!

[YS]: You’re still a man of the Yuan clan, so I won’t kill you.
[YS]: And if it wasn’t for you, how could we have lost so “reasonably”?

[YS]: There were two strategies; to put it bluntly, I completey lost the first one.

{sfx: ding.}
[YS]: To put it nicely…

[YS]: I have laid the perfect foundation for Advisor’s second strategy.

The first strategy is the bait;
the fish that bites it will realize that the second strategy is the hook.
The fish has been caught.

[Shan Wu Ling]: I treated you well, why’re you trying to get away?
[SWL]: Besides, the Sima clan caravan is going to Wancheng,

[SWL]: why not go together?

[Sima Yi]: Having stayed with milady for a few days, I may have some idea about what milady’s thinking, and I doubt we’re going that way.

[SWL]: Right, if the Sima clan finds out about my ambition, then this “marriage” would be…

[?]: Men like to marry simple housewives, and with someone as talented as milady, perhaps the Sima clan won’t be able to handle it.

[SMY]: But I dare to say, my Young Master knows how to deal with a feisty woman.

[SMY]: I’m afraid of blood, can you keep my body in one piece?
[SWL]: As you wish.

{sfx: ge~}


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