Ravaging Times

series 3 finale

Chen Mou

The Last Pillar

Not Human series (3)

[Yang Yi]: You led a troop southward without permission, and you sabotaged the route!

[YY]: If I hadn’t discovered this so soon, our Kingdom would’ve been ruined in your hands!

[Wei Yan]: Slave Dogs! Drop the act. Didn’t you men wanted to kill me earlier?

[YY]: Earlier…
[YY]: Yes, the Prime Minister had already assigned me this task a few years back.

[YY]: Today you can’t even fly out of here!

[WY]: Is that so? He figured that I will revolt after he dies…

[WY]: That’s Zhuge Liang all right!

[WY]: Hahaha! Except you all made the wrong prediction this time!

[YY]: How can the Prime Minister make a mistake with my help?
[YY]: What the hell are you talking about, stinker?

[WY]: You want to know? Come here, I’ll tell you!

[YY]: Fine, say your rubbish.

[WY]: Oh man, you really came over, haha!

[WY]: You obey every command! Great! You really are a slave dog! You helped him well!

{sfx: pa~}

[WY]: Stay back!

[soldier 1]: Wei Yan, are you crazy! We can talk about this!
[soldier 2]: You are letting the Prime Minister down!

[WY]: With the way things have turned out, what else is there to talk about? Death, so what?

[WY]: Twenty years, for twenty years I have given this country my all! Except… except what have I gotten in the end!

[WY]: A capable commander will not overlook any chance, and will not hesitate when the time comes, for he may suffer from a missed chance. This is a basic maxim of military strategy!
[WY]: He’s well-versed in strategies, but he’s so full of doubts. For the six times out of Mount Qi he gained no new territory in return. I advised him many times, but what did I get? Right! A low rank!

[WY]: I am a skilled General, but he is so spiteful that he won’t give me any important assignment. Now look where we are!

[WY]: He thinks he’s so smart, yet what shit will his tactics do if there is no good commander! He still doesn’t get it after all these years!

[WY]: Now he wants to shut my mouth after he dies! Letting this man govern! Hell no! Over my dead body!

[Jiang Wei]: You are right, General! Had the Prime Minister listened to our remonstrations at all ever since the “Ma Su incident”?

[JW]: Six campaigns northward by the same route – who knew the Prime Minister could be so obstinate! Having caused so many losses,

[JW]: what else can we blame it on except the Prime Minister’s incompetence?

[soldier]: Jiang Wei! Where’s your basis for this accusation!

[JW]: Based on a verse…

[JW]: Know a man’s worth and use him properly, under the former Lord…
[JW]: Wei Yan became a Pillar!

[WY]: So it seems that only you understand me…

[JW]: No! This verse was written by the Prime Minister.

[JW]: You have always been treated poorly by the Shu Kingdom. The Prime Minister regrets it in his every waking moment…

[JW]: Your revolt is not your fault!

[WY]: Why are you telling me this?

[JW]: Know a man’s worth and use him properly! I, Jiang Wei, Supervisor of the Army, am willing to serve you!

[?]: Why the hesitation? Now is the time to achieve something great!

[?]: Pointless sacrifice should stop here!

[general 1]: Serve the country with your abilities and unite this world!

[general 1]: I am willing to follow you,

[general 1]: for the great cause!

[?]: How dare you men act so audacious when the Prime Minister has only recently died!
[?]: General Wei worked hard to get to where he is – why is it inappropriate to follow him!

[MD]: Didn’t realize there would be so many.
[?]: Instigator! The Prime Minister sure has misplaced his trust in you, Jiang Wei!

[YY]: How dare you join his revolt! Jiang Wei! You really are a traitor!

[WY]: But I didn’t revolt!

[WY]: If it’s true, why didn’t I head north instead of going southward with so few men…

[WY]: I… I just wanted to regain the military command, like…

[WY]: like in the old days when the Five Tigers could still challenge each other…
[WY]: like when we were serving our former Lord… to the best of our abilities!

[soldier 3]: General! Don’t lose hope! Can’t you understand how we feel?
[soldier 4]: Come on! There’s no turning back! Pick up your sword! Like how you used to be!

[soldier 5]: Can you really accept an end like this?
[soldier 6]: You can do so much better!
[soldier 7]: What happened to your dominating spirit?

[soldiers]: General!

[soldiers]: General!

[general 1]: Ma Dai! What are you doing!
[general 2]: Jiang Wei! Think of something!

{sfx: cha~}

[soldiers]: Jiang Wei! Which side are you on anyway?

[JW]: What do you think?

[JW]: Looks like Prime Minister’s concern was right!

[JW]: You men really do harbor hidden intentions!

[soldiers]: Fight with all you’ve got!

[JW]: Where do you think you’re going, traitor!

[YY]: Wei Yan, look at what you have caused…

[WY]: Idiots!

[WY]: You brainless idiots!

[WY]: Self-righteous idiots like me!

[supporter 1]: General!
[supporter 2]: General!
[supporter 3]: It’s not fair!

[JW]: I’m sorry, Wen Chang. Our country would be in danger if I didn’t do this!

[WY]: Is…
[WY]: is that verse… for real?

[JW]: Yes.

[WY]: The counter-part verse is…

[WY]: Be… belittle a man… and deny his talents…

[WY]: in Kong Ming’s army… Wen Chang… became…

[WY]: an Idler-!
(“useless General”)

{In 234 AD Wei Yan was said to have revolted against Shu and died in Hanzhong.}

{Two years later Yang Yi was charged for libel and died in prison.}

{Jiang Wei supported the Shu Kingdom alone for over twenty years, but because of the incompetent ruler, Chendu still fell into enemy hands…}

{That year he pretended to surrender in the hope of restoring the country, but he committed suicide when the scheme failed.}

{A good marksman could still miss, while a fool may give a wise man counsel.}
(“a wise man will miss something after one thousand rounds of deliberation; a fool will realize something after one thousand rounds of deliberation”)

{We each have our judgment on who the wise man is. Was Wei Yan a fool?}

{That has become a topic of many heated debates amongst later day historians of the Three Kingdoms period…}

In 263 AD, the Shu Kingdom ceased to exist.

Not Human (The End)


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