Ravaging Times

chapter 235

[Lü Bu]: The rainfall is getting heavier.

[LB]: Looks like Cao Cao will soon issue a full withdraw. We can’t miss this opportunity.

[Zhang Liao]: Right. And with both of us leading the charge, there’s no reason why we can’t take Xiao pass.

[soldier]: Sir! Advisor Chen Gong has returned!

chapter 235 Flooding Xiapi

[Gao Shun]: We came to help you, Chen Gong. Why did you retreat?

[Chen Gong]: Didn’t I tell you to guard the Si river, Gao Shun? Why did you leave your post without my order?

[LB]: Calm down, you two.

[CG]: Hmph, calm? How can I be calm with a weather like this!

[CG]: All of our resources are at Xiapi, my Lord, we can’t leave them there!
[soldier]: Sir!

[soldier]: The water level has suddenly rose around our base, my Lord. The roads are all mud and slush – rations transports can’t keep up!

[ZL]: Don’t worry, it is the rainy season after all!

[CG]: No, that’s not it!

[CG]: Guo Jia must have deployed troops around the Si river for a reason. How stupid of me that I just realized that the rising water level is his doing!

[CG]: With our entire army mobilized, my Lord, our supply line will be cut when the flood reaches Xiapi!
[CG]: With the Cao army before us, the flood behind us, and food shortage within our midst, our morale will collapse immediately!

[LB]: We’ve been had! Listen up! Retreat to Xiapi before the water level rises higher!

[?]: Tell our nearby divisions to retreat to the city as soon as possible!
[?]: Hurry! Inform the three divisions that left earlier today!

[CG]: Yuan Shu has dispatched some troops, my Lord. I will go and discuss further strategies with them!

[LB]: Ok, hurry!

{sfx: loon~}

{sfx: sha~ sha~}


[Wei Xu]: The water level has risen again. Get back in, hurry!

{Lü Bu’s subordinate, Wei Xu}
[WX]: So much rain this year it’s crazy.

{sfx: sha~}

[soldier 1]: What’s that noise?
[soldier 2]: Sounds like water.

{sfx: loon~}

[soldier]: Flo… flood is coming!

[soldier]: Run!

{sfx: hoon~}

[guard]: It’s too late, General Wei, get in quick!

Wood posts? They are embankments.

[WX]: The flood is here. Seal the gates!

[WX]: You are the Grand Administrator, Chen Deng! Why didn’t you investigate unusual objects around the area!

[Chen Deng]: They are embankments, Wei Xu, nothing unusual.

[WX]: Wh… what did you say?
[CD]: Cao Cao’s men built those embankments.

[Xu Huang]: We’ve been waiting for you.

{Xu Huang}
{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: pa~}

[WX]: Stop! What are you doing?

[WX]: How dare you! Don’t you know that I’m Lü Bu’s brother-in-law? Let me go!

[Sima Yi]: You’re quite gutsy yourself.

{Chen Deng}
[SMY]: You even dared to lie to my brother.

Si… Sima Yi!

[SMY]: So you just became his brother-in-law. That makes things even easier.

[WX]: Wh… what are you up to?

[SMY]: What do you think?

{sfx: sha~ sha~}

{sfx: sha~}

[soldier]: Sir! Yuan Shu’s army is up ahead!

[captain]: Shouldn’t they already be deep in southern Xu, Advisor? Why are they here?
[CG]: Don’t go any further. Stay here.

[captain]: Halt!
[captain]: Formations!

[?]: Is it Chen Gong?

[CG]: Correct! Why is your army here, Sir?

[?]: We are on our way home, get it?

[CG]: Commander Yuan Yin, how could you retreat?

{Yuan Shu’s younger clan-brother, Yuan Yin}
[Yuan Yin]: Your side is about to lose, Chen Gong, how can you make us cover for your retreat?

Wh… what? How does he know?

[Xun Yu]: Chen Gong, I have always had a good relation with Emperor Zhongjia. How could I just stand idly by?

[XY]: Hence I made a detour to Shouchun after my return to Capital Xu, and helped the Yuan clan with their trouble.
[XY]: If you think I’m talking nonsense, we could just go to Shouchun and have a debate.

[YY]: Chen Gong, we have already made a non-aggression treaty with Cao Cao. We won’t be helping Lü Bu anymore!

Goodness, so you have seen this coming…

[XY]: Brother Chen, Lü Bu is now a trapped beast. His days are numbered.

[XY]: Instead of waiting for your death, why don’t you leave Lü Bu and save yourself?
[XY]: With your unparalleled talents you should be serving the country, not to aid evil in its cruelty.

[XY]: Working in hell is not for everyone, after all.

[CG]: Ha.

[CG]: Haha…hahaha,

[CG]: Bullshit, bullshit!

[CG]: It’s not over until it’s over!

[CG]: Listen up! Back to Xiapi!

[CG]: I’m telling you, Yuan Yin, you can’t trust Cao Cao!

[CG]: Soon you will suffer the consequences. That’s my heartfelt advice!

[YY]: Xun Yu, you can’t let him live!

[XY]: No, let him go.

[XY]: I’m still waiting for him to change his mind.


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