Ravaging Times

chapter 381


Liu Biao, the governor of Jingzhou, passed away in year 208.

chapter 381 Behind, the Golden Oriole

{banner reads: to the deceased}

{Liu Biao’s General-in-Chief, Cai Mao}
[Cai Mao]: The dead has passed on. My condolences, Cong-er.

[CM]: Jingzhou has no leader now that our Lord has left us.

[CM]: According to his will, you should inherit Jingzhou for the happiness of the people.

[Liu Cong]: Yes.

[LC]: But… General Cai…

[LC]: How did father die?
{Liu Biao’s second son, Liu Cong}

[CM]: Our Lord is old. He died of illness.

[?]: Hold it, our Lord has always been healthy.

[?]: How could he suddenly die of illness?

[?]: Besides, by rites…

[?]: No… nothing…

[CM]: According to our Lord’s will, his second son Liu Cong shall inherit the great undertaking.

[CM]: And with respect to His Majesty’s wishes,
[CM]: our Lord has always been loyal to Imperial Han, we should consider the big picture…

[?]: You bastard! Our Lord devoted his life to Jingzhou. How could you surrender to traitor Cao!

[?]: Yes, not to mention His Majesty we know today is but Cao Cao’s puppet!

[?]: What do you mean by that, sir Zhou?

[?]: His Majesty is His Majesty, how dare you disrespect him!

[CM]: Make yourself clear, sir Zhou.

[Zhou]: Our late Lord would never stand with traitor Cao!

{banner reads: to the deceased}
[Z]: How dare you disobey our Lord’s wishes at a time like this?

[Z]: You’re abandoning loyalty and righteousness if you surrender to Cao Cao.
[Z]: Besides, it’s not like we’re not capable of fighting Cao Cao…

[Z]: Wha-

[Xiahou Dun]: Capable?
{Cao Cao’s General-in-Chief, Xiahou Dun}

[XHD]: Fighting Cao Cao? How’re you capable?

[XHD]: I’m already here in Jingzhou.

[?]: Xiahou… Xiahou Dun!

[?]: How… how could he be here?

[XHD]: We took a boat ride down the Han River.

[?]: Han River… boat ride?

[?]: We deployed heavy defenses along the shore, how could…

[?]: Wang Gu, why are you with him?

[Wang Gu]: The flooding of Han River had destroyed our defenses. With reinforcements in Xiakou,

[WG]: how could we fend off Cao Cao’s navy of two hundred thousand…

[?]: So when our Lord passes away,

[?]: you let him into the city!

[?]: You men may be afraid, but I…

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: One… one swing…

[XHD]: Nice sword.
{Cao Cao’s officer, Xiahou En}

[Xiahou En]: This is Prime Minister Cao’s Qinggang Sword.

[XHE]: It’s used to execute insubordinate subjects.

[XHD]: Liu Cong.

[LC]: Here.
{Liu Biao’s third son, Liu Xiu}

[XHD]: Jingzhou will not fall into the hands of a corrupt subject. Defend it for your father’s sake.

[LC]: Yes… yessir.

[XHD]: Cai Mao, follow the treaty.
[CM]: Yessir.

[CM]: Listen up. We cooperate with His Majesty. Nothing’s changed!

[?]: Yessir!

[XHD]: Divide our forces. Half will defend the city;

[XHD]: as for the other half…


[?]: My my, they finally started the blaze.

[?]: This fire is blocking our main troop.

[Cao Ren]: Listen up. The other three troops will take a detour.

{Cao Cao’s General-in-Chief, Cao Ren}
[CR]: Avoid the smoke and perform a pincer attack on Xinye. Two from the left, and one from the right.

[CR]: The secondaries shall march into Jingzhou as soon as the fire is extinguished.
[CR]: The main troop will follow the original path to suppress all the counties of Jingzhou.

[CR]: My Lord, Liu Bei the praying mantis may try to halt our chariot for the past few days…

[CR]: But he definitely wouldn’t expect…

[CR]: that Xiahou Dun the oriole has already sneaked up from behind.

The Golden Oriole strikes from behind; the Roc flies to the southern sea.


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