Ravaging Times

chapter 163

Liu Yao used to be the minister of Yangzhou, and the governing office was set at <a href=”Shouchun. But after Yuan Shu occupied Shouchun, Liu Yao had to move to the other side of the Long River, and take up defense.


[?]: This year’s gain is pretty good.
[?]: Yeah, lots of merchant ships.

[?]: We should begin storing food while the price is dropping.
[?]: Sir, the inspection team has boarded the ships.

chapter 163 Praying Mantis Hunts the Cicada
(this is first part of a Chinese idiom, meaning that when you only focus on your prey, you forgot that you are also someone’s prey; see chapter 164’s title for the second part)

[?]: Oh, more merchant ships?
[?]: Yes, Danglikou is short on rations. The timing is perfect.

{minister of Yangzhou, Liu Yao}
[Liu Yao]: Have you heard anything about Sun Ce‘s invasion of the Eastern region?
{note: Liu Yao, younger brother of Liu Dai, who was the former minister of Yanzhou}

[?]: It’s strange. Initially some said Sun Ce died, but now some are saying he’s coming for the Eastern region. Our spies are still checking the credibility of those reports. It seems that this is the enemy’s distraction tactic.

[?]: Though everyone already knows that Sun Ce wants to start over.
[?]: But there’s always that chasm between the Yuan and Sun clan. I think Yuan Shu will watch instead of interfere.

{Taishi Ci}
[Taishi Ci]: My Lord, I think Yuan Shu will be the one to make the first move.

[LY]: Yuan Shu? I heard he’s busy playing Emperor. Like he’ll have time for us.

[?]: Right, Shouchun borders Xuzhou to its north and Jingzhou to its south, which are both territories under men of the Liu clan. If he’s going to declare himself the Emperor, he’ll at least have to go through those two Imperial Uncles.
[?]: Besides, if Cao Cao tells the Emperor to order the elimination of that rebel, Yuan Shu will face enemies on three fronts.

[LY]: You’re still not experienced enough, Zi Yi.
{note: Taishi Ci, his courtesy name is Zi Yi}

[?]: Little Taishi, you… still have a lot to learn.
[TSC]: Hoo, if my home isn’t here…

[?]: My Lord, there’s trouble!

[?]: Yesterday, yesterday…

{man overboard, splash sfx}

[soldier]: The ships that came in the harbor yesterday are suddenly on fire, and they’re heading for the shore!
[soldier]: The forests around Danglikou are all burning!

[general]: My Lord, those merchant ships!

{sfx: pong~}

[TSC]: That… is no merchant ship.

{sfx: hoo~}

{flag reads: Sun}
{sfx: pong~}

It’s… the Sun clan…

[?]: Sun? It’s Sun Ce’s fleet!

[TSC]: Attacking head on? Are they crazy?
[?]: Yes. We’ve already put in the defense measures. They can’t land this way.

[?]: Sound the alert!
[?]: Sound the alert!

{battle horn sfx: woo~ woo~ woo~ woo~}

{battle horn sfx: woo~ woo~}

[?]: They’re here! Prepare the fire arrows!
[?]: Burn their ships once they dock!

They are too fast, wha…

{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: pong~}

{sfx: pong~ pong~ pong~}

[?]: Hahaha! They’ve been stopped!
[?]: The water will rush in and sink them for sure!

{sfx: ka~}

{sfx: ka~}

{sfx: pong~ pong~}


[?]: The enemy has landed! Hold them off!

[?]: Sir! They’ve landed on the right side too!

[?]: Sir! They’ve broken through the left side!

[?]: Tell the troop from the mountains to get here!
[LY]: Tell Zhang Yin from Danglikou to send reinforcements!

[?]: The road between here and Danglikou is being surrounded by fire, my Lord, and the merchant ships from yesterday will be blocking the waterway…

It… it was all planned?

[?]: My Lord, the enemy is coming up here, please give your order!

[LY]: This is only a small harbor; let them have it!
[LY]: Sun Ce’s army is small. We’ll lure them inland and surround them there.

[?]: By our Lord’s order, retreat inland! Retreat!

[?]: Taishi Ci, don’t be rash!

[TSC]: Got it.

{flame sfx}

[Zhou Yu]: Hengjiangjin’s “Sun Ce army” must have landed by now.

[?]: The wind has made things dry and flammable. The shore is burned with just a few ships. Nice!
[Liu Xun]: Leave a few ships on the river to keep Zhang Yin’s navy in a bind.
[?]: Liu Yao is in for a big surprise once we breach Jingkou and send our forces inland.

[ZY]: Don’t forget, my Lord, we didn’t win. We lost to the fires at Jingkou.

[LX]: Understood.

[LX]: Rumors of our failed ambush have already been sent to the city of Dongan. Troops have been dispatched to rescue us.

[ZY]: Very good.

[Sun Ce]: Very good.

{the city of Dongan}

[?]: They show up right after the reinforcement leaves.
[?]: And Sun Ce fell for it, coming here with his entire army.

[?]: Don’t deploy too many men at the gate. Let them come in.

[?]: Come in to die!


the weather is nice.
(“color/shade of the sky”, not exactly climate/weather. I think the term may also refer to the nighttime darkness)


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