Ravaging Times

chapter 119

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

Outside of Puyang, endless battlecries are heard everywhere.

{shouting: kill~}

{shouting: kill~}

{shouting: kill~}

{shouting: kill~}

[Xiahou Yuan]: Infantry, attack from the back!
{Xiahou Yuan}

{Zang Ba}
[Zang Ba]: Defenders, go forward!

[captain]: Formation! Go!

[scout]: First camp on the left!

[scout]: Second camp on the right!

chapter 119 Good Teacher And Beneficial Friend

[scout 1]: Rumors of Cao Cao’s death have been spread to Juan and Chang regions. Results will show in three days!
[scout 2]: Report! Our main army is moving, accompanied by the Yellow Turban army from Runan, waiting for Advisor Chen Gong’s command!

{Gao Shun}
[Gao Shun]: Everything’s going well, though it’s unexpected…

[GS]: that Cao Cao’s remaining force can hold out for this long!

[ZB]: Xiahou Yuan! Dismount and surrender!

{battle horn sfx: wu~ wu~}

[ZB]: Battle horn? So Gao Shun’s coming too!

{sfx: long~}

[GS]: Third camp, attack up front! Fourth camp, come with me!

[soldier]: General Xiahou, the enemy is attacking from the south!
[XHY]: Oh no! It’s The Ambusher. This guy will hurt our troop morale…

[ZB]: The Ambusher is leading the vanguards personally. We will win this for sure. Everybody attack!

[XHY]: The enemy number is too high, send word, retreat for five li!
/* “li” is a distance unit */

{inside the city}

{shouting: kill~ kill~}

{Yu Jin}
[Yu Jin]: Cao Hong! Miao Cai cannot beat Gao Shun and is retreating!

{shouting: kill~}

{Han Hao}
[Han Hao]: Cao Hong! I can’t hold my position much longer, think of something!

{Cao Hong}
[Cao Hong]: Yu Jin, hold on to the highest station point, then signal Miao Cai!
[YJ]: Are you deaf? He’s retreating, we have no reinforcement!

[HH]: Cao Hong! Ground… ground position is lost too!

Ground position? Lost…

Dian Wei…

[CH]: Dian Wei, What’re you standing there for? Rush up here!

[Dian Wei]: Where is my Lord?

[captain]: Cao Cao is dead, General Dian you have no way out, just surrender!

{shouting: surrender! surrender!}

[YJ]: Dian Wei! Death over humiliation!

{sfx: dang~}

{sfx: peng~}

Dian Wei…!?

[captain]: Heh, even Cao Cao’s strongest warrior is like a sheep under the halberd of the God of War.
[captain]: Smart birds would choose the tree they rest on; General Dian is a fine example for the Cao army!

[captain]: One more thing, there’re no more Cao Cao’s troops inside the city!
[soldier]: Cao Cao is dead!
[soldier]: Cao Cao is dead! Surrender!

{sfx: pa.}

[DW]: Understood.

[soldier]: Hahaha! Dian Wei surrendered! You guys should too!

{shouting: surrender! surrender! surrender!}

[DW]: My Lord is calling me.

[DW]: Yes, Dian Wei knows what to do.

[DW]: But… where is my weapon?

[DW]: The enemy is powerful; I need one weapon for every one of their generals.

[DW]: To kill ten… I need ten weapons!

[soldier]: He… he stood up again!

[HH]: Dian Wei…
[CH]: gone mad?

[soldier]: Weapon? I have…

{sfx: cha~}

So do we!

{sfx: cha~ cha~ cha~}

{breathing: gah~}

[DW]: Thanks!

{sfx: pa~}

[DW]: I…

[DW]: I found the weapons!

{outside of the city . forest}

[general]: They’re walking very slowly; a trick?
[Chen Gong]: Those who surrender must first weight their gain, but it seems that disagreement still exists on their side.

{Chen Gong}
[CG]: I bet Guo Gong is with them, and there’s also… a close associate of his.

[CG]: Give him a warning!

{sfx: xiu~}

{sfx: pa~}

[general]: Nice move! Guo Gong’s messenger knows a thing or two!

[?]: Didn’t even see the blade leave the sheath…
[?]: You’re saying… that’s the extinct Qin-warrior blade style?

[CG]: The First Emporer once sent Xu Fu out to sea to find Magical Herbs, and many famous Generals went with him.
/* “magical herbs” ~ “ambrosia” */

[CG]: But their ships never returned, thus their blade style was lost; upon seeing it today,
[CG]: I am glad to see their descendents still alive, and I also realized that you are farsighted.

[CG]: Xuzhou is near the sea, and the only people capable of doing oversea business are…

[CG]: the opportunists of the Sima clan.

[Sima Yi]: The Sima clan, representing Cao Cao’s army and General Guo of Yuzhou,
[SMY]: requests for your surrender, Advisor Chen Gong.

[soldier]: Hahaha! What’s this boy talking about?
[soldier]: He must be so scared he’s saying things backwards.

[CG]: What does the Advisor Team think?

[general]: They can’t think beyond Advisor Chen’s three-hundred and seventy-six rounds, right?

[general]: But, if even the Sima family has surrendered, Advisor Chen Gong must have a response.

[CG]: Advisors, I called you all here for this, please continue calculating.

[advisor 1]: Allow me. Round three-hundred and seventy-seven! Defeat Cao Cao and Xuzhou will soon be ours; the first step to building the empire!
[advisor 2]: We can even use Xuzhou’s sealine to expand our influences to other cultures.
/* “northward to Liaodong (near Korea penninsula), southward to South Sea” */

[CG]: Besides calculating the enemy’s next step, an Advisor must also think like a businessman.

[advisor 2]: Master Chen will share his knowledge even on the battlefield, we’re always learning!
[advisor 1]: Right, being Master Chen’s colleagues, we will soon be as smart as the Eight Geniuses!

[CG]: Lv Bu is powerful because he’s been in many battles; powerful Advisors also learned to respond to sudden changes; same idea.

[SMY]: Congratulations, you all have taken the second step toward thinking like a Genius.

[SMY]: Unfortunately… also the first step into the enemy’s trap.

[soldiers]: Phh!

Ha ha ha!
Ha ha!

{sfx: pa~}

[SMY]: Hold it, they’re not laughing at you.
[San Chuan]: Hai!

[SMY]: Master Chen Gong, I have a question.

[CG]: I love teaching the talented!

[SMY]: Don’t regret it.


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