Ravaging Times

chapter 113

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[Xiahou Dun]: There is a wild dog on the ground.

[XHD]: There are three eagles in the sky.
{outskirts of the west city}

[XHD]: Nothing else besides those.

chapter 113 A Man As Well As A God

[XHD]: So where is Lv Bu’s troop?

[Li Dian]: Our Lord… could something have gone wrong?

[Xiahou Yuan]: But didn’t the scout say Lv Bu’s main army is coming through the valley?

[XHD]: No army is coming, but an Advisor is.

[XHY]: Advisor? Guo Jia?
[Yue Jin]: He’s all better already?

[XHY]: Mm?

{horse neigh}

[XHY]: Advisor Xun… why would you come here?
[LD]: Unless… something happened at Juancheng?

{Cao Cao’s military advisor, Xun Yu}
[Xun Yu]: No, Juancheng is fine. How many men are here?

[YJ]: The four of us have about twenty thousand men.
[XHD]: There are about one thousand ready to start fire in the west city.

[XY]: Send word, regroup and head for Yanzhou!

[?]: Wh… what!?

[XY]: Our Lord has been ambushed! And you all have fallen for Chen Gong’s tricks!

[XY]: Did you hear me? Lv Bu’s main army is still at Puyang!

[XY]: Lv Bu mobilized his men to lure you all away, but his main army has returned to besiege the city.

[XY]: General Xiahou Dun!
[XHD]: Here.

[XY]: Go break through the north gate with your cavalry and save our Lord!

[YJ]: But… but our troops entered the city through the main gate, so I say we should go through there.
[XHY]: And if we join forces with our men at the south gate, we should be able to defend Puyang against Lv Bu.

[XY]: Our Lord must’ve already entered the city, and Lv Bu is planning to burn the city!
[XHY]: !

[XY]: Do you trust me, Li Dian?
[LD]: Yes!

[XY]: Listen up! Xiahou Dun will go save our Lord, while Li Dian and I will head for Chenliu!
[LD]: Five thousand men, come with me!

[XHD]: I go save our Lord, but what will you do at Chenliu?

[XY]: Just do what I said!

[XHY]: Brother! What now?

[XHD]: Like I know.

Is there… another way?

{north gate of Puyang}

[?]: They say either Crouching Dragon or Fledgling Phoenix would get you the world.

[Cao Cao]: I say… they’re both men. And amongst men there is…

{sfx: peng~}

The Lv Bu!

is beneath my feet!

Human lives are mine to tread on.

Mine to toy with!


{sfx: peng~}

am the God of War! The God of men!

Even if this is the strongest man I’ve met,

But, today…
he can’t compare!

[Lv Bu]: I haven’t given you permission to come up here!

{sfx: peng~}

It’s exhilerating, but unfortunately…

[Xu Chu]: Lv, Bu, die!

unfortunately in this world…

{sfx: peng~}

I can’t find another worthy opponent.

{sfx: ta!}

{sfx: peng~}


[LB]: God is in flight.

{sfx: peng~}

[LB]: Cao Cao…

[LB]: Anti-hero Cao Cao, I see you as…

[Yu Jin]: Oh no… NO!

[LB]: an insignificant being!


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