Ravaging Times

chapter 330

In September of year 200, the Yuan army has surrounded Cao Cao‘s main force at Guandu.

Due to the enormous size of Yuan clan’s military, they were able to send multiple troops deep into Cao Cao’s territory to continuously engage the opponent’s defenses.

chapter 330 The Reality Of the Military Oath

[Gao Lan]: Haha, the Cao army is again burning the city it’s leaving behind.
(“…again burn city retreat”)

[?]: To concentrate their defenses by pulling back, the Cao army has lost four cities one after another.

[?]: Our army has sent multiple troops southward to occupy major road ways.

[GL]: Good. We’ll be able to split their territory once we reach Runan.

[GL]: Xu You‘s information certainly is reliable.

[GL]: Now we can seal off Cao Cao’s supply line completely.
(“…rations’ route”)

[GL]: It’ll be difficult to aid their troops with us deep in their central territory.
(“my army deep in Cao Cao’s abdomen land, enemy side difficult to aid”)

[GL]: Cao Cao will soon be without food or a chance of victory.
(“…only has rations exhaustion (then) defeat”)

[GL]: No matter how many Geniuses he has, our Chief Controller outshines them all!
(“…under the chief controller’s abilities, in the end be dim without light”)

[GL]: Forward, men of Hebei!
(“…us Heibei people,”)

[GL]: Today we stand up!
(“have stood up”, at first I thought “are on the rise” is more shoutable, but the connotation is kind of off, as if suggesting their numbers are increasing (which may be implied if their status is rising, but still); compared to how they were used to be mocked as “cavemen”; reminds me of those Geico commercial)


{Runan Province}

[?]: It’s the ninth day!

{Liu Pi}

[Liu Pi]: Was that report for real?
(“that intel real?”)

[?]: Having been within their midst for years my subordinate knows Jia Xu can back up his bold claims.
(“my subordinate lay-in-wait Cao’s side many years, knows Jia Xu’s grand statement very well. statement said, definitely has a grasp”)

[LP]: Defeat Liu Bei in ten days, but it’s been nine days and still no sign of…

[?]: Jia Xu is too self-important to let his reputation suffer. I…
(“Jia Xu proud, will never destroy many year’s reputation…”)

[?]: General Gong Du’s messenger says they have spotted Li Dian‘s army up north.

[?]: It moves slowly – looks to be a rations transport!

[LP]: Shit, we’ve been had!

[?]: Master, could he’ve been after something else with his military oath?
(maybe I can say “bait-and-switch” here? not sure)

[LP]: My, my. He made us stick to defense while he…

[LP]: Notify Gong Du to go first. My troop won’t be far behind!

Jia Xu’s rations transport is heading for Guandu!

{southern city of Runan}

[?]: Liu Pi is mobilizing…

[Liu Bei]: With ten days as the limit we’ve been holding tight, knowing what he’s capable of.
(“…we know his formidable, thus unwavering guarding”, this “he” is Jia Xu)

[Sun Qian]: Jia Xu’s move is timely to ease Cao Cao’s rations shortage.
(“…this move certainly is a timely rain”)

[SQ]: By leading away his army, Jia Xu’s base will have a weaker defense. My Lord, do you wish to dispatch a troop for a coordinated attack?
(“…tasked army gone out, rear base army less…”)

[?]: No. Jia Xu is treacherous. His scheme may be a double-edge sword.

[Zhang Fei]: He’s the Third Genius after all; how could he leave Runan alone?

[ZF]: This area is Cao Cao’s choking point. It mustn’t be lost so easily.
(“…Cao side’s throat, should not casually lose”)

[LB]: A trick?

[ZF]: Not sure. But… it hasn’t been ten days yet.
(“I ain’t clear…”)

[LB]: So you recommend we stay put, third brother?

Goddamnit, that guy’s military oath is already capable of subduing the enemy without a fight!

[?]: Hurry. The scout says Gao Lan’s army is heading this way!

[?]: General, over there…

{Li Dian}
[Li Dian]: That was fast…

[?]: Watch out! The rebel army is coming!
(“…revolting peasant army”)

{flag reads: Gong}

[Gong Du]: Look, it really is the rations transport!
{leader of revolting peasants of Runan, Gong Du}

[GD]: Liu Pi will be here soon. We’ll attack first!

[?]: Should we prepare to fight them, General?
(“…enemy arrive, fend against them?”)

[LD]: Ignore them. Pick up the pace!

{sfx: shoo~}

[?]: Whoa!

{sfx: pa~}

[?]: Their first wave’s down!
(“tripped the front army”)

[?]: Trip-line, Circuit Commander;
(“…front side got tripped,”)
[?]: they were ready for us!
(“they already had preparation”)

[?]: Circuit Commander, up… up there!

We fell for it!


[Jia Xu]: Tell Li Dian to keep going.

[JX]: Then notify the rear division to attack Liu Pi’s base while he’s out!
(“…Liu Pi gone out, attack his main city”)

[JX]: Is Liu Bei still inactive?
[?]: Yes.

[JX]: Good. Everyone follow me.
(“…entire army…”)

Liu Bei, I did take a military oath to attack you.

Too bad that was merely what I said out loud.

The target in the written version, however, was Gao Lan!
(“written in military oath, is attack Gao Lan”)

Someone says, there are three friendships which are advantageous.
(the translation in in the linked source should say “upright” instead of “uplight”)

He also says, and there are three which are injurious.


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