Ravaging Times

chapter 461

It takes a hero to put aside renown.

It takes a hero to shine brightly to their last light.
(not sure, it could be to be amazing themselves or to allow someone else to be amazing; might depend on context)

[?]: Liu Bei’s troop has pushed our men to the breaking point!
(“…continuously encroaching, our army already crumbled”)
[?]: Our troop down the hill has been cornered!

[?]: General, look!

chapter 461 The Last Shot
(“final arrow”, but “shot” in English also means “chance/try/trial”)

[?]: Chen Fu and Xu An’s troops have all surrendered!

[?]: General, several of Liu Bei’s troops appeared at the same time. They must’ve been coming from different directions…
[?]: But this kind of maneuver is extremely risky, it completely…

[?]: Yes. It completely disregards Lingling’s strongest line of defense…

[?]: General, the enemy is here!

{army movement sfx}

[Guan Ping]: This is Han Xuan’s last unit of reinforcement. Take’em all!


[?]: With their main force beaten, Han Xuan will dig in at Changsha.
(“…dead defend chang sha never out”)

[?]: The path has been cleared for our supply line.
(“road already cleared, military supplies transport should [have] no problems”)

[Liu Bei]: A clever take-down of two commanders. Mighty fine credit to go to the boy.

[?]: I’m willing to surrender. Let… let me down…

[?]: Haha, that boy’s still as crazy as ever!
(“…this boy no change…”)

[?]: But now that we’re in need of talents, it may be best that he returns.
[?]: I feared that it’d only be a matter of time before he’s exposed.

[Kou Feng]: My Lord, Kou Feng has returned.

[LB]: Thank you for these hard years behind enemy lines.
(“numerous years insider, hardship suffering”)

[KF]: My time at Wuling was only a year. Unlike in previous years when I was always on pins and needles.

[KF]: As expected, Sima Yi ordered me to give Liaoyuan Huo my full support.

[LB]: Unfortunately, Liaoyuan Huo is now Zhao Yun.

[LB]: Since you’ve returned, you need not go back.

[LB]: My son,
(“good son”)

[LB]: it’s been too long since we last drank through the night.
(suggestion for saying “drinking without reserve”?)

{sfx: pa~}

[KF]: Father, Liu Feng has returned!
(Kou Feng changed his surname to Liu after becoming Liu Bei’s foster son)

Yes, he has returned. But we are still short of talents before we could expand…
(the syntax is vague here, so I can’t tell if the other meaning is saying Liu Feng is not talented enough)


[?]: Maintain the circle formation. Do NOT scatter!
[?]: Our Lord’s troop has arrived!

[?]: Prepare to switch formation from defense to offense!

[Liu Du]: What, still can’t defeat them?

{governor of the Lingling commandery, Liu Du}
[LD]: Why couldn’t our southern elites make a dent in their northern army?

[LD]: The difference in skill level is staggering…

[?]: Urgent report from our forces at west river!

[?]: Liu Bei’s other troop has bypassed them!

[?]: Impossible! How could they get past the west river?
[?]: No wonder Liu Bei’s reinforcements could disregard our defenses there!

[LD]: If the west river is gone, then…

[LD]: Lingling’s northern side is vulnerable. Notify Xing Dao Rong immediately!

[Xing Dao Rong]: What? West river…

Everyone was stunned. It was more shocking than the duel between two god-like warriors!

{west river}

[?]: Several encampments were wiped out over night!

[?]: A naval force that claimed to be unbeatable even by the Sun clan… gone too.

[?]: Orders from the vanguard: cross the west river immediately!
[?]: Yessir!

[?]: The river is filled with dead soldiers, just like last time.
[?]: Who knew the battle of Red Cliff could be repeated. Scary, scary!

[?]: I remember how Cao Cao’s forces tried to ambush Jiangxia’s base thinking that their elites have been sent away.

[?]: Unexpectedly, the invader was wiped out by Jiangxia’s counterattack.

[?]: Young Master Liu Qi was sick that day. So who was in charge?

[?]: I don’t know. I only heard that he came recommended by Advisor Zhuge Liang, and that our Lord hanged on to his every word.

[?]: Look, that’s him!

[?]: So the man who broke this line of defense is that vanguard commander?

[?]: Yes. He is known among the troops of Jiangxia as…

[?]: the nameless adviser.
(or could be “the unrenowned adviser”)

[Guan Yu]: It’s impossible to defend against an unknown.
(“no name person…”, I could translate it to “dark horse” in context, but the shallow wordplay in this chapter is about name/renown; better suggestions welcome)

[GY]: Someone who gave up on renown has long been ready to give his all for a heroic cause.
(slight distorted?)

[GY]: You might have no renown, grandpa…
(“even as no name”)

[GY]: but the reality is that what you’re doing…

[GY]: still amounts to nothing!

[GY]: An unknown old soldier bragged about his lethality within a fifty-step range.

[GY]: An aging hero lamented the meaninglessness of his life.

[GY]: I don’t stand shoulder-to-shoulder with an old soldier in battle,

[GY]: but I hope that a dying candle can light up the world!

[GY]: What I see before me is justifiably an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

[GY]: This one last step- I’m saving it for you!

His point drove home like an arrow, and as loud as thunder…


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