Ravaging Times

chapter 151


[seller]: No way, that’s too cheap!

[seller]: And how can we deliver it in only five days?
[buyer]: How about six-tenth the price, and deliver in eight days?

[seller]: Absolutely not! We already lost money last time!

chapter 151 Lies And Truth

[Zhang Lei]: Cao Cao sent someone over again?
[servant]: Yes, and their demand this time is ridiculous!
(“their requirements are over the line”)

[servant]: Is it like this over at your sector too?
[ZL]: Ay, no better…

[ZL]: …Is Young Master here?
[servant]: He’s working inside.

{abacus sfx: pa pa pa}

[businessman 1]: How does it look?

[Sima Yi]: He delayed payment again?
[businessman 1]: Yes, he owes us thirteen hundred thousand.

[SMY]: A net loss.

[businessman 2]: Mister Sima, we can’t keep this up for long.

[SMY]: But what can we do? He holds a bargaining chip.

[servant]: You can’t barge in, officer!
[officer]: Not even your Young Master dare to disrespect me; how dare you?

[officer]: Sima Yi! Listen up!

[officer]: Your lives wouldn’t be so peaceful had my Lord not protected Yanzhou. Be grateful, how can you hesitate to supply this tiny bit of military fund?

[SMY]: Didn’t I tell you to fulfill all of lord Cao Cao’s demands?

[businessman 3]: But… but didn’t you say…
[businessman 3]: Oh, right, I forgot.

[ZL]: Mister Yang, please handle the rest for Young Master.
[Yang]: Ok.

[SMY]: Lei, another one without return value.

[ZL]: You should take a break.

[SMY]: Still no news of Huo?
[ZL]: Who can stop him if he wants to leave?

[SMY]: Don’t Let the brats know about what happened to Xiao Meng.

[ZL]: The brats will grow up at some point. They will see through the lies…
(“paper cannot wrap a fire forever”)

[SMY]: Lei,
[ZL]: Yes.

[SMY]: Cancel the marriage, and send Ms. Sun home.

[ZL]: Wh… what?

[SMY]: She’s still young, no need to waste her life here.

[SMY]: And if they see this as our gesture of good will, they might return the favor later.

[ZL]: But, Huo…

[SMY]: How about it? New leader…


The leader of Handicapped Warriors never lasts long at his post.

The same can be said about the Emperor…

{Huaying county}

[official 1]: Is that… edible?
[official 2]: Not too bad. I ate some before when I was a refugee.

[Dong Cheng]: Li Jue and Guo Si‘s in-fightings have gotten out of hand. Officials are in a power struggle, making His Majesty the center of all the misery.

[DC]: We would have all been killed in the chaos had you not rescued us, General Yang.
[Yang Feng]: No, it is my duty as an officer.

[DC]: Since we’re on the run… General Yang, do you have a plan for the future?
[YF]: It is said that Luoyang is being rebuild. We can return to the old capital.

[YF]: Then His Majesty can make an announcement, calling for the various lords to help him.
{“General who Advocates Righteousness”, Yang Feng}
[YF]: “The Han dynasty lives; it can thrive again!”

[DC]: His Majesty will remember General Yang’s heroic deed.
{“General who Peacefully Creates a Gathering”, Dong Cheng}

[YF]: Then… I will go and make the preparations!

[Liu Xie]: So Yang Feng appears to have the will to hold me hostage.

[LX]: The high ranks want power, the low ranks want power… Never ending.
{Han Xiandi (emperor title), Liu Xie}

[DC]: There must be some talented Loyalists in this big world; as long as Your Majesty is safe, Imperial Han can be restored.
[DC]: Your Majesty is still young, you have many days ahead…

[LX]: So I’ve heard, over and over, ever since we moved to Changan.

[official]: Your Majesty, this… this is Huaying’s special…

[LX]: Sometimes a man just won’t speak his mind. I really miss…

[LX]: the time when Dong Zhuo entered the capital, his HEARTFELT TRUTH.

In 195 AD, Li Jue and Guo Si fought amongst themselves while Li Jue’s subordinate Yang Feng secretly escaped Changan with Xiandi Liu Xie.

Afterwards Li and Guo realized that it is not beneficial for them if Liu Xie moves eastward.

So they called a truce, reunited again to try to capture Liu Xie.
{flag reads: Li}

[scout]: The enemy is coming!

[YF]: Everybody get ready!

[YF]: Please get on the carriage, Your Majesty, we’re leaving!

[general]: Hurry! Team two to the front!
[general]: Team three cover the rear!

[soldier]: Call the rear team’s General Xu!

Sometimes I wonder, what role did the Emperor of Zhou played during the Warring Period?

Was he the king of the world? Or a listener to shallow words?

Was he a proud Son of Heaven?
Or a spectator of a declining society?

[?]: Cheer up.

{sfx: pa~}

[official]: How dare you!

[?]: Why sit and wait for death, when you can stand with your head up!

[?]: The First Emperor of Han was once a Marquis, yet his world,
The shallowness from men of letters is no match for the hard truth from men of action!

[?]: was obtained through conquest too!

An emperor’s world had to be conquered, and that is the root of the irony.


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