Ravaging Times

chapter 303

{outskirts of Shouchun}

[?]: Three troops have already proceeded far into Xuzhou ever since the Yuan army took Qingzhou.

[?]: Our defense at Xuzhou is too weak. Cao Ren‘s troop has just been withdrawn, so they did not confront the enemy.

{flag reads: Cao}
[?]: With our forces there in a defensive stance, their three troops went straight south.

[?]: A few days ago another troop was spotted near Xiapi.

chapter 303 Out Of Nowhere
(“Heaven sends down a surprise troop”)

[?]: That position is right where our supply line to Xuzhou is.

[Xiahou Dun]: Li Dian‘s message says his rations transport is cautioning against using that route.
[XHD]: So it seems this month’s supply will have to be sent using the southern route.

[Zhang Liao]: General Li is right to be concerned. Liu Bei might have left Xuzhou, but his influence is still felt in the area.
[ZL]: The Yuan army could move unimpeded because they have the support of the rebelling masses.

[XHD]: Winning territories is easy; winning hearts – not so much. It takes more than a day to cultivate the latter.

[XHD]: Looks like taking and keeping Shouchun will be more work than we thought.

[?]: You’re too enthusiastic, Yuan Rang.
{Xiahou Dun, courtesy name Yuan Rang}

[Cao Cao]: But that’s not part of your duty.
[XHD]: My Lord.

[CC]: As a high ranking military officer, you should let others worry about appeasing the civilians.

[ZL]: I admire your willingness to oversee all operations, my Lord.

[ZL]: Since you’re here, I have good news to report.

[XHD]: Or it may be bad news for those of us who’re hoping for promotion.
(not sure)

[Cao Chun]: I’m ashamed to report that I’ve failed to eliminate Zhang Fei!

[CC]: Now everyone will have finally learned that there is always someone more skilled out there.
(“(always) another mountain taller than this”)

[?]: If Zhang Fei is already this powerful, I’m really looking forward to meeting that Guan Yu.

[?]: Halt!

{Xu Chu}
[Xu Chu]: My Lord, spies, many. They, may be, Sun Ce‘s men.

[XC]: We’re near, Lujiang. Be careful, my Lord.

[CC]: I expect them to be cautious. They’re worried that we’ll attack them because Sun Ce has just passed on.

[XHD]: We should take caution as well, since Sun Ce’s death hasn’t been verified.

[XHD]: Not to mention their numerous strategists and deadly schemes. We can’t lower our guard.

[CC]: Sun Ce…

[CC]: is really an extraordinary talent. Too bad he’s so headstrong

[CC]: His death may be better for us, but… what a pity.

[?]: My Lord! Another troop wants to join us!

[?]: That’s great!

[?]: Sir, Liu Xun‘s remaining sixth battalion from Lujiang has come to officially request your acceptance.
(“request enrollment”? “request your leadership”?)

[XHD]: Perfect timing. This addition will compensate our troop shortage.

[?]: Take them to see Liu Xun.

[?]: Everyone stay put and prepare to be checked in!

[?]: Team captains, please step out!

[?]: It’s good enough.

[?]: Go.

[?]: Whoa!

{sfx: foo~}

[?]: Target their main troop!

[?]: Fire!

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: cha~ cha~}

[XHD]: Wha…

[?]: My Lord, their cavalry is coming!

[Cao Chun]: Tiger and Leopard Cavalry!

[Cao Chun]: Forward!

[Cao Chun]: Protect our Lord!

[Cao Chun]: (He’s) just a small fry.

[Cao Chun]: Die.

{sfx: cha}

{sfx: pa~}

{horse galloping sfx}

[XHD]: What do you think?

[ZL]: We’ve been separated from our main troop.

[?]: Formations!

[CC]: Who do you serve?
(“which road you came from” ~ “where do you hail from”)

[?]: It’s fate…

[?]: that Cao Cao is here.

[Sun Ce]: (Dear) Heaven,

[SC]: you do still look out for the Sun clan.



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